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Cavaliere Anthonly Lascio

Cav. Anthony Lascio Chapter - PIP 1
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Ancestral Marriage Records  by Cav. Anthony Lascio
An Immigrant Church by Cav. Anthony Lascio
A Passion for the Past  by Jennifer Floro-Khalaf
Brief Italian Word List handout of presentation by Linda Fortunato Davenport
Charting Your Family by Cav. Anthony Lascio
Chicago's First Italian Church by Cav. Anthony Lascio
Down Memory Lane by Cav. Anthony Lascio
Favorite Books - April 2003 - a collection of favorite books of our members
History of PIP by Cav. Anthony Lascio
How Deep will you Dig? by Cav. Anthony Lascio 
Italy ... In Person  by Cav. Anthony Lascio
Italy's Military Records
  by Cav. Anthony Lascio
Italy's Notary Records  by Cav. Anthony Lascio
Non Catholic Italians?  by Cav. Anthony Lascio
One Country....Many Parts  by  Cav. Anthony Lascio
Passport to America by  Cav. Anthony Lascio 
Putting it on the Net Handout  by  Lisa Perkins 
Sites of Interest - February 2003 by Jenny Floro Khalaf (with additions)
Notes from Deanna Spignola's talk Oct 2003 
 Surname Book Review article by Cav. Anthony Lascio
That Infamous Informant by Cav. Anthony Lascio
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