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Cavaliere Anthonly Lascio

Cav. Anthony Lascio Chapter - PIP 1
April 2000

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PIP Chapter #1 Chicago Meeting Report 
by Cav. Anthony Lascio #1051

On the mild Spring evening of Wednesday, April 19th, PIP Chapter #1 Chicago met for the 30th time since it’s inception seven and a half years ago at it’s usual hangout, Suparossa Ristorante Italiano in Woodridge, IL. Forty-four (44) eager and interested local Italian genealogists gathered for a tasty Italian family style dinner and the beneficial program which followed. 

Many of the attendees brought their own personal artifacts to share with the group. These items were displayed with the usual library of materials brought to each meeting by the Pip Leader. The Chapter #1 library is growing and now includes all the Italian genealogy books, both hard and soft cover, which have been published plus a variety of pamphlets and assorted research guides. Also included are local resource referrals, Lascio’s published columns, a binder of immigrant passenger ship photos and English to Italian translated letters to request civil and church documents.

Leader Anthony Lascio #1051 opened the meeting by asking first timer NICK BRASILE to introduce himself.  Nick is from west suburban Aurora, IL.

Anthony then spoke about the upcoming POINT Conference detailing the specifics including some of the topics to be presented.  About a half dozen attendees expressed interest in the Austin, Texas event.  Anthony reported that Chapter #1 collected and sent $165.00 to Lin Brinkman #1388, Chapter #10's leader to assist toward the organizing this second POINT Conference.  Everyone applauded. Also mentioned was  reference in the latest Pointers Journal to new PIP chapters in Santa Barbara, CA (#23) and Salt Lake City, UT (#24) with the prospect of the 2002 POINT Conference held there. What an opportunity to tie in with the LDS library.

It was then announced that a new book has been added to the Chapter #1 library, the MORTON ALLAN DIRECTORY OF EUROPEAN PASSENGER STEAMSHIP ARRIVALS.

JIM SCARNEGIE, the COOLLIST Master, was introduced and spoke about a plan to shift our Chapter #1 subscriber email link up from COOLLIST to eGROUPS explaining all the benefits and advantages.  The attendees voted to make the change.

LISA PERKINS came forward to explain the revisions and improvements on Chapter #1's web site.  It has been expanded to include a tool box containing Lascio’s Fra Noi Italian Newspaper genealogy articles, an Italian/English and vice versa translator, and Italian family group sheets for downloading plus a search site map.  She also spoke about proposed changes in the future.  Lisa received a rousing round of applause for her dedicated work as webmistress in producing and maintaining our top notch web site.

The evening’s main event was the pre announced program “BRAINSTORMING  ITALY’S RECORD SOURCES”. The format was to separate of the full group into four mini groups representing Italy’s four major geographic regions; NORTH, CENTRAL, SOUTH and SICILY. We have no one with roots in Sardinia. Each group appointed a “captain” who lead the open discussion concerning everyone’s research experiences whether in person or via correspondence as they sought archival records from the resources of church, civil, diocesan and provincial.  After the allotted time period had elapsed, each captain gave a brief report summarizing the mini group’s sessions.

ALEX DeVOLPI who lead the North mini group reported that his group concentrated on problem solving and strategies; methods of collecting information; hiring a professional genealogist and it’s cost effectiveness versus the cost of traveling to Italy oneself; the advantages of tracing ancestry backwards from yourself through parents and so forth rather that jumping right into the fray in Italy first; and surprising response from large cities in Italy versus small towns.

JAMES SCARNEGIE  who captained the Central Italian genealogists reported as follows: LDS records are not all cataloged and obtaining assistance from a Mormon Church “insider”; some Italians used their middle names not their given names therefore genealogists should check out middle names as they research archives; a desire of the mini group to continue to share their experience with others from their region in the future; utilizing the Chicago Italian embassy; accessing Italian military records; and the cost factor when requesting records from Italian sources.

The South of Italy was summarized by Capt. DAN NIEMIEC #2304 who related his group’s discussion highlighting the following: absence of microfilmed church records from Southern Italy; an experience of what occurred when relatives mass mailed requests to Italy for information and the resulting backlash; Italian genealogists; the 10 year descent indexes; a document which may have been for tracking an individual’s town to town movement; and using a letter from an American priest to an Italian priest for credibility purposes.

The final report was provided by RICHARD JACOBS #2827 who headed up the Sicilian contingent of genealogists.  This mini group questioned sending a little money to Italy’s record sources as an incentive to obtain the desired information before the regular fee after the results were received; how to treat the Italian record keepers and building proper relationships to obtain results; many of Italy’s records are already filmed but not yet released by LDS due to the privacy factor or lack of ecclesiastic authorization; a personal experience viewing civil records in Palermo in the process of being “computerized”; some reluctance by Italian archivists to permit microfilming, primarily the bishops of certain dioceses; and the best method to utilize the LDS catalogs by starting out on a larger scale (Italy) and working down to the smaller geographic areas as provinces and comunes.

Each Captain did an outstanding job leading his mini group and reporting on the brainstorming session.  The full group was enthusiastic about this concept and asked the Chapter leader to schedule this again.  There also was interest in sitting together by region at future dinner meetings.  Lascio wished everyone a BUON PASQUA and announced the next meeting date; Wednesday, July 19th at 7:00 P.M. once again at Suparossa.  


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