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Cavaliere Anthonly Lascio

Cav. Anthony Lascio Chapter - PIP 1
February 2000

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PIP Chapter #1 Chicago Meeting Report 
by Cav. Anthony Lascio #1051

On an extraordinary mild late Winter evening of Wednesday, February 23rd, forty-six (46) gathered for the twenty-ninth (29th) time to partake in a delectable family style Italian dinner and then participate in a lively genealogical meeting at Superossa Ristorante Italiano in suburban Chicago's Woodridge, IL. This was the rescheduled January 19th meeting which was not held because of the chapter leader's unavailability due to snowbirding on the Alabama gulf coast.

Leader Cav. Anthony Lascio #1051 opened the meeting with the usual welcome and a Felice Anno Nuovo, stating it was the first get together of the new millennium. The following first timers were announced and each provided a self introduction: Sherry Bucaro, Kathy Levy, Cathye Ferro Mickley, Ray and Prudence Marose.

The initial order of business was a presentation of the National POINT Conference in Austin, Texas and a voluntary free will collection for the benefit of the host, PIP Chapter #10. Attendees were most generous contributing $128.00 at the meeting with anticipated additional donations coming from those who were not present. A spontaneous survey revealed about a half dozen PIPsters were definitely planning to attend the conference with a similar number seriously considering attending. Registration forms were distributed.

Anthony read an article from the Family Tree genealogy newspaper announcing a conference on July 20-21-22 hosted by the second most significant genealogy library in America, The Allen County Library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

The group was asked if they had received their Winter issue of POINTers and the Year 2000 Annual Directory. Many had yet to receive theirs.

The announcement, question and problem portion of the meeting resulted in a potpourri of topics presented by a variety of attendees.

Jenny Khalaf #3902 gave a report for the absent Lisa Perkins, PIP Chapter #1 web site foundress. The site has been updated with additional surnames and a new resource section. Individuals were asked to indicate what resources they could list on the site. Jenny then spoke about her own web site, which is a follow up to her publication, Jenny's Web Notes, which contains 802 Italian references to the Internet.

Next Chris and Patti Marsicano #2414 related about two months ago, a gentleman from Italy was surfing the net and discovered the Chapter #1 web site. He saw his surname Avigliano listed by both Chris and PIP Leader Anthony Lascio, made contact and discovered both Chris and Anthony, with roots in Vaglio Basilicata, Potenza, Basilicata, are related to him. Lascio has the Avigliano surname in three of his lines and Marsicano twice. His name is Rosario Avigliano and Vaglio Basilicata is his Italian birthplace. Over 300 e-mails have traversed the Atlantic between Marsicano, Lascio and their new found relative who now resides in the city of Potenza, a few miles from Vaglio. Sig. Avigliano has offered to help both local PIPsters with their Italian research and he is seeking information on some of his relatives who emigrated to America. What an outstanding discovery and once again proof that Tom Militello's POINT concept is a winner, not to mention the value of PIP chapter members listing their surnames on the Internet.

Bob and Audrey Allen #1772 announced that through the Elderhostel organization, they will be traveling to Puglia, Italy this year to teach English for two and a half weeks to Italian grammar school children. What an exciting venture. We wonder how much Italian Bob will learn from the children.

Linda Fortunato #3769 reported that LDS has the Brindisi di Montagna films available.

Debbie Tiritilli Peters #3842 happily announced she is now a four star connection.

Linda Messina Holda #2055 distributed an Italian/English occupation list. She also sought signatures on a petition to keep the name Petrillo on Chicago's Band Shell in Grant Park. The mayor of the city has announced a new band shell and does not wish to put the Petrillo name on the new structure. Many attendees signed.

Karen Bucaro #3774 is seeking old POINTer magazines.

Paul Carenen #1683 talked about the video of Chapter #1's Local Genealogy Conference in 1995. The question was raised on the PIP coollist by someone who heard about the conference and wished to see the videotape.

While on the subject of a local genealogy conference, Rose Ulizzi Ducato #1812 opened a discussion about having another local conference. There was no resolution to the matter at this time. Anthony stated if another conference is ever considered, it certainly would not be scheduled in a year to conflict with a National Point Conference.

Patricia Powers #2531 made reference to a one day course on Benito Mussolini and Fascism to be held at the Italian Cultural Center in Stone Park on March 18th.

Dick Jacobs #2827, one of our two Mormon family members, offered to conduct a basic genealogy class for any new PIPsters who are just getting started and unsure how to begin research.

The final presentation was a short Italian language game initiated by the group leader. Lascio asked the group words all pertaining to genealogy in either English or Italian and urged the attendees to respond with either the Italian or English equivalent.

The very informative meeting was adjourned at 10:00 PM with the announcement that our next gathering will be Wednesday, April 19th once again at the Suparossa location.


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