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Cavaliere Anthonly Lascio

Cav. Anthony Lascio Chapter - PIP 1
Feb 2001

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(Since 1992)

Meeting Report

by  Cav. Anthony Lascio #1051


On a typical cool but dry Midwest winter evening forty-four PIPsters attended the 33RD gathering of Chapter #1 for a delicious family style Italian dinner and a lively and informative meeting at Suparossa Ristorante Italiano in Woodridge, IL.

Among those in attendance were six first timers including: Marge Durkin of Chicago, Linda Gessner of Bolingbrook, Meredith Russell of Niles, Anne D’Agostino of Plainfield, Frank Scalise of Mt. Prospect and, and Ray Mannarelli of Des Plaines.  All self introduced themselves followed by a welcoming round of applause by the attendees.

 Pip Leader Anthony Lascio #1051 made several announcements regarding:

  1. A Newberry Library Workshop on Passenger Lists presented by John Philip Colletta on  Saturday, April 21

  2. A review of the Italian Privacy Law and it’s affect on Italian American genealogists                        seeking information from Italy

  3. A capsule review of a new book on teaching your kids their family history entitled "To Our Children's Children" by Doubleday, $16.95, authored by D.G. Fulford

  4. Informed the group that he had written the history of one of Chicago’s original Italian emigrant churches, Santa Maria Addolorata, which was the subject of his current column in Fra Noi, Chicagoland’s Italian-American newspaper. If anyone had ancestral roots in that parish they may find the column worthwhile,  historically speaking.

Following the preceding, the evening’s program was introduced. Tony informed the group of the personal background of our own Chapter’s Lisa Perkins who presented a program entitled, “Putting It On the Net”, a presentation on how to put your own family history and genealogy on the Internet.  Lisa discussed: suggested Internet reading materials,  free software available, and web sites.  She also reviewed the pros and cons of placing your genealogical research for the world to see.  Many questions were raised by the audience and each was answered effectively and specifically.  Lisa’s presentation lasted about forty-five minutes and was extremely informative and well done.  This was the very first time our group’s web site “webmistress” had made a public speaking appearance but one would never know it.  

Lisa was the first Chapter #1 member to conduct a presentation before the group at one of our meetings, but will not be the last.  Chapter #1 members had previously expressed a desire to improve the previous meeting format by having members who possess a specific genealogical expertise to share their knowledge as group presenters in the future.  Tony asked for future volunteers to contact him via email or phone. At least three people raised their hands. The Chapter Leader stated that he would desire at least two of Chapter #1's four per year meetings offer a member presentation.

The subject of professional speakers was also addressed now that some funds are available to pay for their fees. Two specific individuals were suggested. The Chapter Leader will make some local contacts and report back to the group at a future meeting.

Individuals asked questions as; where can ship pictures be seen on the Internet; can LDS microfilm or CD’s be purchased; how do you write to the church in an Italian town if the church name is unknown; what were the burial customs of our ancestors; how far back into history can one expect to successfully conduct research; where can language translators be found on the Internet; a first timer expressed being overwhelmed by thousands of ancestral surnames he discovered while reading  LDS microfilm and he wished to know how such a monumental  undertaking could be overcome; and finally, where can one find Italian zip codes?

The evening’s group question for open discussion was offered, “How far back into history have you researched and what obstacles prevent you from researching further?” Most of the attendee’s research has progressed to the 1800's or the 1700's.  Two reported penetration into the 1600's and one claims undocumented success back to 1540.  The general response indicated if informed  no more records were available upon attaining a specific year, they would 1) switch to another branch of their family tree; 2) revert backwards to fill in unfinished business, i.e., gathering data on previously researched ancestors to develop sibling groups, and 3) begin writing a family history.  No one stated they would give up and discontinue their genealogy avocation.  All viewed their efforts as important to pass on to their children, grandchildren and other family members.  They felt this project was a lifetime commitment.  Well said by one and all.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:56 P.M.

The next gathering of Chapter #1 will be Wednesday, April 18, 2001 7 P.M. once again at Suparossa in Woodridge, IL.


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