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Cavaliere Anthonly Lascio

Cav. Anthony Lascio Chapter - PIP 1
February 2003 Meeting Notes

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PIP Chapter 1

Notes from February 16, 2003 Meeting

by Lisa Perkins Pointer #4779



On February 16, 2003, about 31 members of Pointers in Person Chicago Chapter 1 began their quarterly meeting at 7:00 pm at the Suparossa Ristorante Italiano in Woodridge Illinois.  The following new members were recognized and welcomed:  Frank Zanazaro whose ancestry is from Naples, Gayle Zanazaro, John Cavallone, Prudie Marose and Sharon Reif whose ancestors are from Sicily, and Cathy Ranieri.  After the welcome, we broke for a sumptuous dinner of Pasta con aglio, meatballs, salad, garlic bread and ice cream.  We were even treated with a glass of wine compliments of our speaker of the evening, Linda Fortunato Davenport (Pointer #3769)!


After dinner Lisa Perkins (#4779) reported on POINT News items.  Sadly announced was the tragic loss of POINT member Jacqui Suker (#4454), one of the extraordinary members of the committee that ran the Salt Lake City POINT Conference.  Lisa held up the POINT Annual Directory and Italian Surname Database and gave a brief description on how to use it.  She explained that this directory was available to all members of POINT and encouraged all in attendance to join if they were not already members.  Lisa announced  the next POINT biannual conference to be held on October, 2004 in Kansas City, Missouri.  Linda Messina Holda (#2055) discussed that the hosting chapter is looking for those interested in speaking at the convention.


The next item on the agenda was PIP Chapter 1 News.  Lisa Perkins explained that  a group of folks have been meeting to prepare for each meeting in the hopes of making every meeting this year interesting and informative.  Lisa asked for the group to keep our member Leah Mariotti Reed (#4416) in their thoughts as she recovers from her recent knee surgery and of course to continue thoughts for our chapter founder, Anthony Lascio (#1051).


Following was a discussion of up and coming genealogy events in our community.  Deanna Spingola (#2393) mentioned the DuPage County Genealogy Society meeting the following Saturday as well as a beginning genealogy research meeting at the Naperville LDS Family history center the following Wednesday.  Lisa announced that the Computer Assisted Genealogy Group of Northern Illinois will meet on Saturday March 15 presenting the topic "Software On Parade:Ancestral Quest (AQ) Live Demo, Personal Ancestral File (PAF) Live Demo".  She announced the next meeting of the nearby PIP Chapter 27 on March 1 at the Schaumburg District Library.  Also on March 1, the Chicago Genealogy Society will hold its next meeting at the Newberry Library, with the subject of  "RESEARCHING YOUR SCOTTISH HERITAGE"


Italian Cultural Events in the Community were followed.  Lisa announced upcoming events for the Calabresi in America Organization held at the Italian Cultural Center "Casa Italia" in Stone Park .  Linda Messina Holda spoke about the Sicilian American Cultural Association's last meeting where a discussion was held regarding preserving Italian dialect.  The next meeting will cover important Italian Woman.  Linda also mentioned that she attended the Chicago Genealogical Society's last meeting where Dan Niemec (#2304) gave an informative discussion related to Italians in Chicago.


A list of new web resources was provided by Jenny-Floro-Khalaf (#3902), webmaster of,  and presented to the group.  The list was provided for review after the discussion and will also be posted on our website at


Jerry Farenga (#1763) stood up and discussed the results of the survey that we passed out at our October 2002 meeting.  Jerry assured us that the planning committee will study these as they plan for future meetings.  Surveys were passed out to those who were not at the last meeting and collected.


In response to the member surveys, Jerry introduced our guest speaker, Linda Fortunato Davenport, to lead a discussion on reading Italian civil  records.   She tested us with her list of  "20 Words to Know and You are an Italian Translator."  Understanding such words as  "atti",   "comparso",  "fu",  "mese" and 16 others, which are usually found in almost all documents, will make you an instant Italian Translator.   Linda captivated us as she lead us through her handouts of  sample birth (atti di nascita), marriage (atti di matrimonio) and death (atti di morte) records, and pointed out the words on her list.  Even those of us with much experience found the exercise fun. She was a hit!  To see the entire list of 20 words, visit the PIP 1 web site .  She also recommended the use of the Family History Library Publications "Genealogical Word List:  Italian" and "..Latin" which can be ordered at for $.50 each or by calling 1-800-537-5971.


Debbie Peters (#3842) shared with all an article "The Second Coming of a place called "Little Italy"" by James Pluta about the Chicago Italian Neighborhood of Taylor Street from the January 2003 issue of Illinois Magazine (  The article discusses the metamorphosis of the neighborhood, known as "Little Italy" which was once "was completely Italian through the end of the 1950's".  Italian surnames mentioned in the piece include Fulco, Perry, Bernardoni, Rinaldi, and Chiarugi.


After Linda's lively discussion Lisa wrapped up the meeting by announcing that the next meeting on April 16, 2003 will be a "Book Night" and asked all members to bring 1 to 3 of the books that they have found to be very helpful to them in their research.  All should be prepared to briefly explain at least one of their books and to make them available for members to view during the final "mingling time" of the evening.


The meeting adjourned at about 9:15 but many folks lingered until our reservation expired at 10:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted by Lisa Perkins Pointer #4779


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