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Cavaliere Anthonly Lascio

Cav. Anthony Lascio Chapter - PIP 1
July 2001

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PIP Chapter #1 Chicago 
Meeting Report
by Cav. Anthony Lascio #1051

On the warm Summer night of Wednesday, July 18, thirty-three Italian genealogists gathered at Suparossa Ristorante Italiano in Woodridge, IL for the thirty-fifth meeting of Chapter #1.

After the welcome, Leader Anthony Lascio #1051 asked the first timers to introduce themselves.  They were Christine Williams of Aurora; Rosemary Ryant of Lombard; Marge D’Amico of Glendale Heights; and Chuck and Gloria Otto of St. Charles.

The business portion of the dinner meeting consisted of soliciting volunteers to make presentations at future meetings; mention of the Brigham Young University Molecular Genealogy Project; a brief note regarding the popularity of genealogy on the Internet among older Americans; and a pitch for POINT membership.  Frank Scalise reported on his volunteer project to index all the oral histories in connection with the “Chicago Italians” project of 1979-1980 housed in the Italian Cultural Center Library.  His list contains 114 surnames of Italians who gave interviews for the project.  The list was placed in the Chapter #1 library for members to check for relatives.

Program topic for this meeting was an open session forum with emphasis on immigration.

Anthony asked those gathered for personal experiences with the Ellis Island web site.  Debbie Peters #3842 reported the many surnames spelling errors she encountered.  Others spoke about towns which were badly misspelled; a reminder that Italian women traveled under their maiden name; being unable to access the site; getting erroneous manifests; not being able to see the manifest after proceeding through all the steps; ages of aliens are one year older than actual because of the method Italians use to calculate birthdays; and ship names not matching the manifests.

Anthony conducted a short “Who Want’s to be a Millionaire” question and answer game with the theme of ‘Italian Immigration”.  There were no prizes.

Linda Messina Holda #2055 reported on her trip to Sicily earlier this year and how discovering relatives lead her to a genealogical breakthrough, via a nickname.

First timer, Gloria Otto inquired about tracking down secondary records in Italy, i.e., census and military.

A number of attendees asked questions and others reported on the current status of their research.

The Chapter #1 Web site was referred to along with it’s current list of all the Chicago area Italian feasts scheduled for the Summer.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:00 PM

Jenny Floro  Khalaf #3902 acted as recording secretary for this meeting.

The next gathering of Chapter #1 is scheduled for Wednesday, October 17 @ 7PM at Suparossa’s once again.  A guest speaker from our group will give a presentation. Details to be announced.

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