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Cavaliere Anthonly Lascio

Cav. Anthony Lascio Chapter - PIP 1
June 2006

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PIP1 June Meeting Report

For our PIP1 quarterly meeting we gathered on 21 June as usual at Suparossa Ristorante in Woodridge, IL.  Participants, including a couple of newcomers, shared their interests and recent discoveries obtained either by research or personal communications.  Some of our discussion revolved about registration of aliens in the United States during wartime 1940-44, for which INS has records.
Thanks to the Piccin's, we are linked to a nearby Naperville Italian affinity group, which maintains the web site  Those who visit the site will find that the area Italian-American club is an "organization for those who wish to further their appreciation of the Italian Heritage, or love of Italian culture, and support their fellow members on a personal, professional and social basis."  For those of us in the suburbs, this is an easier venue for such activities.  I see their event calendar includes picnics, a trip to the Milwaukee Festa Italiana, wine and dinner precedding opera, Ravinia music, pizza fest, and wine tasting.

We will be pleased to reimburse the registration fee of $165 for two of our chapter members, Patti Tolone and Gracia Bittner, for attending the Los Angeles national POINT meeting in Los Angeles on 6-8 Oct. 2006. The two attendees will pay the remainder of their travel, housing, and meal expenses; so we are very pleased to be able to afford reimbursement of their registration fee.  Their registration fees will be refunded at the December PIP1 meeting, when they make their coordinated report of the presentations and events that take place at the annual POINT meeting.

Thanks to Dan Niemiec and the near-north, Schaumberg chapter of PIP 27, another individual can have their registration fee reimbursed, and Elizabeth Esterly has volunteered.

Although our meeting attendance has not matched some of those in previous years, we have an interested core of individuals that frequently attend, socialize, and share their genealogical experiences.  Despite the near-instant availability of information on the Internet, their little substitute for the drama and excitement of being able to hear about or relate recent discoveries.  There is much to be learned and shared of a very personal nature about family history.

We are always appreciative of the members of PIP1 who support our web presence on a continuing basis.

Our next get-together is scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday in September, the 20th at 7pm, Suparossa as usual. The three members who plan to attend the LA POINT meeting are requested to coordinate as well as possible on which talks they will attend, and to tell us a little about their individual goals.  One member should volunteer to be our "chapter representative" for any decisions that need to be made on our behalf. 

Other topics for the September meeting are yet to be determined, and suggestions are always welcome. Still a future topic is DNA tracking as an aid to genealogy; it's a fascinating subject, but we'll need to find someone reasonably knowledgeable.

You can pencil in 21 December for the last PIP1 gathering in 2006.  At that time we'll expect reports from the members who attend the national POINT meeting.

--Alex DeVolpi


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