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Cavaliere Anthonly Lascio

Cav. Anthony Lascio Chapter - PIP 1
October 2002

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Minutes from PIP Chapter 1 Meeting
October 16, 2002
by Lisa Perkins POINTer #4779

Approximately 35 members met at Superossa Restaurant in Woodridge Illinois on October 16, 2002 at 7:00 pm.  The meeting was a celebration of the chapter's 10 year anniversary.  Two new members were present, Robert Tenuta & Laura Seran.

The leadership of the chapter has been relinquished by our founder, Tony Lascio.  The new leadership will be handled by a commitee.  The new committee members are Lisa Perkins, Leah Mariotti Read, Laura Dunne, Alex Devolpi, Jenny Khalaf, Linda Messina Holda, Tony Guerico, Debbie Peters and Jerry Farenga.  The new groups objective is to perform quarterly meetings affording attendees the opportunity to meet with others sharing similar interests in their Italian genealogy and cultural heritage as well as to learn something new at each meeting.  The leadership believes that the success of the group will depend in a large part on the resources of ALL of its members.  A questionnaire was distributed and collected at the end of the meeting inquiring about the groups talents, strengths and desires.

A biography of Cavaliere Anthony Lascio was read to the group which described the emigration of his Italian family to the United States, Tony's professional career, and Tony's involvement in his genealogy pursuits as well as his involvements in the genealogy and Italian cultural community.  The most significant event in Tony's life was when his investiture into Italy's Knights of St. George in 1997 as well as his promotion to a knight of merit with star in 2000.

Following the biography reading, several people stood and spoke about how they met Tony.  Those who stood included Linda Messina Holda, Jenny Floro Khalaf, and Laura Dunne.

A special gift for Tony was prepared by the group which consisted of a frame matted with a group picture from the July 2002 meeting, a statement honoring his leadership, and everyone who was present at the October meetings signature.

The next meetings of the Chicago Genealogy Society, PIP North Chapter, and the Schaumburg based Computer Assisted Genealogy Group was highlighted.

The Italian cultural groups highlighted were the Calabresi in America Organization by Lisa Perkins and the Sicilian Cultural Organization by Linda Messina Holda.

A letter from the sponsoring PIP chapter was read asking for donations to help defray the costs of the conference. Rose Ducato mentioned that there was a surplus at the convention which would be put toward the new convention.  The group agreed to make a collection to forward to the hosts of the next conference.  $53 was collected.

Forms for membership in POINT were offered to the group as well as forms for people who were interested in placing the names of their family on the Wall of Honor at the Italian Cultural Center.

The Learning Session of the meeting was conducted by Alex DeVolpi, our chapter's representative at the POINT Conference.  Alex showed group the beautiful plaque presented by POINT that he accepted on behalf of Tony Lascio at the POINT conference and informed us that he would present it to Tony after the meeting.  He reported that there were 150 in attendance at the conference.  The next conference will be in Kansas City.  One of the highlight of the conference was the PIP leaders meeting at Caputo's Deli.   Both Alex and Patty Tolone got up at different points and went over the things they learned at the conference.  Total time, about 45 minutes.  We cut it short at 9:15 to allow for mingling and signing of Tony's gift.

The following websites and resources were mentioned throughout the meeting:

Chicago PIP #1 Website:
Chicago Genealogy Society:  (defunct)
Chicago's PIP North Chapter:
Computer Assisted Genealogy Group of Northern Illinois:  

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Perkins POINTer #4779



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