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Cavaliere Anthonly Lascio

Cav. Anthony Lascio Chapter - PIP 1
October 2004

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October 20, 2004 meeting of Cav. Anthony Lascio PIP Chapter 1 ( Chicago ) 

Members met on Wednesday, October 20, 2004 at Suparossa Ristorante in Woodridge , Illinois , to celebrate the 12th anniversary of our Chapter.  Our founder’s wife, Adrienne, was our honored guest for the formal dedication of our chapter in the name of Cav. Anthony Lascio.

Adrienne spoke compassionately about what Tony wanted to achieve with PIP. She reiterated how proud Tony was of Chapter 1, now named in his honor. The greatest gift that we can give back to Tony is to maintain out chapter for many years to come and for future generations. Adrienne presented a generous monetary donation to our chapter’s treasury in memory of her husband. Members, including Cathie Jackson who attended the first meeting twelve years ago, shared some of their memories of Tony.

New attendees were Sharon and Jessie Reif, researching the family names of Pieti, Busalacchi, Caruso, Chiantro, and Muscaralla from Termini-Imeresi , Sicily ; Nancy Muklewicz, researching the name of Lenzi near Florence ; Carole and Sherry Marino, researching Marino in Naples .

Members brought in items for show-and-tell. Gracia (Francioli) Bittner wore a beautiful Italian shawl from Puglia that was 150 years old and had belonged to her grandmother. Alex DeVolpi brought Venetian carnevale masks and explained the significance of each one. Patti Tolone brought in an old vaccination record and an old birth certificate which she had had translated with the help of Juliet Viola. Jenny Floro-Khalaf spoke about Chicago inquest records that she finally received after 3 years. She also told the group about a website called Homicide in Chicago 1870-1930 which is located at and has a searchable database.

Linda Holda Messina brought in a book about Nicosia , Sicily from Alberto Micalizzi.  He has a website called  People of Sicily located at, which serves as a place for Sicilians and their descendants to share their family history with other Sicilians worldwide.  Micalizzi is the author of several books on the subject.  Linda had conducted research on Nicosia , Sicily on Micalizzi’s behalf and received a credit in his book. She also brought in small bottles that are made in Italy which she will be distributing at very good prices.

Most importantly, she also informed the group of a new film called Red Gold which was written by her cousin Alessandro Di Gaetano that he will produce in 2005. Red Gold is the richly emotional story of the thousands of Italians captured in North Africa in WWII and brought to internment camps in the United States , where due to the shortage of manpower, they worked on farms, in the fields and in factories across America . According to Linda, this is a film that we as Italian-Americans should be proud of as it promotes our culture in a positive light. We welcome ventures such as this at a time when culture-bashing is very prevalent in Hollywood . Further information about Red Gold can be found online at

Our next meeting will probably be delayed until March 2005, and we anticipate inviting members to present what are almost always intriguing anecdotes about “black sheep” they have discovered in their genealogical research.


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