Goss Cemetery


Thanks to Roberta Eck who shared her research with us. There is much appreciation for people who contribute to this project.
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The Goss Cemetery is located in German Township of Richland County, Illinois. It is in the southeast corner of the S.E. quarter of the northeast quarter of section 21 township 4 range 14 west. Richland county clerk's office, Grantor Index Book K. page 478, lists on 10 Aug. 1858 to the trustees of Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church. (Later changed to St. James.) from Jacob Goss and his wife Margaret land for this cemetery.
In the Palistine Land Records which have been copied for the Richland County Clerk's office there is recorded this grant on which the cemetery is located: 19 June 1840 to Jacob Goss 80 acres, this being the east one half of the northeast quarter of section 21. Jacob Goss was the son of Mathias Goss. Jacob Goss had come with his family from Stark County, Ohio. He was married to his wife Margaret Bolinger in Stark County, Ohio. (First of three Marriages.) Jacob was born in Columbiana County, Ohio. (2)
In the 1960's an extra strip of land was given to the cemetery by Harry and Flossie Scherer Sager, to provide for a perimeter road.
The first burial which we have a record of is that of John Phillips on 11 February 1850. He left children: Suzannah Hanes, wife of Daniel; Catherine wife of Peter Sager; Elizabeth wife of Jacob Beck; and son David Phillips who married Sarah Hosler.
There are ten rows of 50 graves each in this cemetery. Undoubtedly some graves never had stones and stones of other graves have been destroyed. See list at end of this write-up.
The Goss Cemetery is kept going by private conscription. The present directors are Roy Boatman, chairman, Mrs. Glen "Ida" Gerber, treasure-secretary, Mary Lou "Mrs. Paul Leland" Sager, Glenn Nease and Mrs. Charles "Elsie Boatman" Schnepper.
In recent years the bell of the St. James Lutheran Church has been mounted in cement on the east side of the cemetery. A pipe fence has been constructed around part of the cemetery and gates were put up at the entrances. There is also, a flagpole near the church bell. Many stones have been resent and new markers put in, through the work and interest of Roy Boatman. The cemetery is well-kept and in use today.
If any of you reading this should know of unmarked graves, we would appreciate hearing from you.
Vera Scherer Shaw

Goss Cemetery Records
East row from south to north.

	31 spaces


Asa Goss  	b: 1877 			d: 1905.   
	Son of Aaron Goss and his fist wife Martha J. Baker.

Jacob J. Goss 	b. 31 Jan. 1843  		d. 20 Dec. 1897.

Cassie Ann Elizabeth	b. 14 Feb. 1841		d.4 Jan 1927.  
	Age 85y 10m 20d.  Wife of Jacob J Goss. 
	Dau. of Peter Sager and Catherine Phillips. (2)

Belle Goss	b. 1880				d.1934.  
	First name was Stella.  Dau. of Jacob J. & Cassie Ann Goss.

Dellie M. Boatman	b. 20 Nov. 1887		d. 26 June 1888.
	Oldest dau. of Clark & Vetura Boatman. (1)

Curtis J. Boatman	b. 6 Sept. 1901		d. 21 Oct. 1909.
	First name was James. "He was one of the six members of the family who 
	suffered from the dreaded disease, typhoid fever. His father was another.
 	(1)  Oldest son of Clark & Vetura Boatman.

End of first row.

Begin Second Row from south to north:

Harley Kesler		b. 1915			d. 1978.

Two spaces.

Emma S. Brinkley	b. 1 Jan. 1868		d. 12 June 1955.                                                                                                                                	Never married.  Lived with her sister, Elizabeth (Mrs. 
	William P. Hanes).  Dau. of David Brinkley.

John W. Gregory		b. July 1870		d. Dec. 1957.

Emma C. Gregory		b. Feb. 1868		d. Oct. 1937.  
	Wife of John W. Gregory.

George S. Hanes		b. 1872			d. 1936.

David H. Hanes		b. 1870			d. 1929.  
	Son of William P. & Elizabeth (Brinkley) Hanes.

Susie E. Hanes		b. 1868			d. 1928.  
	Wife of David Hanes.  Dau. of George & Sarah Hanes.

David Hanes		b. 1 June 1853		d. 16 Sept. 1919. 
	Son of John & Elizabeth Shafer Hanes.

Lenora R. Hanes		b. 12 Oct. 1854		d. 17 Aug. 1936.  
	Wife of David Hanes.  Dau. of Joseph Decker.  Middle name Rilla.

William Hanes		b. 1846			d. 1930. 
	William P.,  Son of John & Elizabeth Shafer Hanes

Elizabeth Hanes		b. 1847			d. 1908.  
	Wife of William Hanes. Middle initial J.  Maiden name Brinkley.	

George Hanes		b. 12 Mar 1836		d. 21 Mar 1904.  
	Age 68 y 9d. Son of Anthony Hanes (7)

Sarah A. Hanes		b. 23 July 1933		d. 8 Apr. 1906. 
	Age 73y 9m 15d.  Initial "A" for Ann
	Wife of George Hanes. Dau. of Phillip and Susannah Gerber

Infant Scherer	Son of F. & MC. Scherer.  
	Frederick & Melissa Hanes Scherer.

Bertha L. Hanes		b. 2 Jan 1833		d. 27 Mar 1899.  
	Dau of J.W. & E.G. Gregory.  John W. & Emma C.

John Hanes		b. 25 Aug. 1823		d. 25 Feb 1906.  
	Age 82y 10m.  Son of W.P. & E.	Private in Company D, 3rd Regiment
	of Il. Infantry.  Mexican War. Mustered in 27 June 1846, out 21 May 1847.
	Private headstone (6)

Elizabeth Hanes		b. 29 June 1824		d. 5 June 1896.  
	Age 71y 6m 7d.  Wife of John Hanes. Dau of Frederick Shafer (7)

Infant Hanes	Son.				d. 2 July 1895.  
	D.H. & S.E. 	David & Susie E. Hanes

Paul B. Scherer		b. 26 Feb 1886		d. 28 Feb. 1886 
	Son of F. & M.C.    Frederick & Melissa Hanes Scherer.

Mary E. Utterback	Dau. of O. & L.A.

Franklin L. Hanes	b. 3 Sept. 1885. 	d: Age 1m 2d.  
	Son of W. P. & E. J.  William P. & Elizabeth J. Brinkley Hanes.

Ina Utterback	Dau. of O. & I. A.

Charles Utterback				d. 10 July 1879.  
	Age 3m. 14d. Died of Chlora infantom.  Son of O. & I. A.

Minnie E. Hanes					d. 23 Sept. 1877. 
	Age 3m. 15d.  Dau. of W.P. & E.  William P. & Elizabeth J. 
	Brinkley Hanes.

Jacob Beck		b. 28 Jan. 1797		d. 18 Apr. 1881.  
	Age 84y. 2m. 20d.  Born in York County, PA. (2)  Served in First 
	Regiment of IL. Inf. of Mexican War.  Mustered in 28 Feb. 1847 &
	Mustered out 17 June 1847. (6)

Elizabeth Beck.		b. 11 Mar. 1805		d. 5 Apr. 1873.  
	Age 68y 24d. 
	Dau. of John & Eve Elizabeth Ream Phillips.  Wife of Jacob.

John S. Hanes					d.20 Nov. 1870.  
	Age 8m. 4d.   Son of W. P. & E. J.

Peter Sager					d. 10 Aug. 1877.  
	Age 77   Born in Northhampton  County, PA. 

Catherine Sager					d. 2 Sept. 1866.  
	Age 64y. 9m. 24d.  Dau. of  John & Eve Elizabeth Phillips.  
	Wife of Peter Sager

Daniel Hanes					d. 14 July 1857. 
	Age 16y. 4d.  Son of J. & E.   John & Elizabeth Shafer Hanes.

Daniel Hanes		b. 8 April 1799		d. 9 Aug. 1868  
	Son of Christian Hanes,	Adams County, PA. (7)

Suzannah Hanes					d. 20 Apr. 1864.  
	Age 65y.  Dau. of John & Eve Elizabeth Ream Phillips.  
	Wife of Daniel.

John Phillips					d. 11 Feb 1850.  
	Age 83y. 3m. 29d.  Immigrated with Family from Stark County, Ohio 
	(According to records which I have  been able to find, this was the 
	first grave in the cemetery.)

Elizabeth Phillips				d. 7 Jan. 1857.  Age 85.  
	Wife of J. John 	Maiden name Eve Elizabeh Ream

Stephen D. Best		b. 2 July 1841		d. 2 1 Dec. 1867.  
	Age 26y. 4m. 29d. Born in Locksport, Northampton County.

Mary A. Best		b. 23 Dec. 1848		d. 2 Jan. 1927.  
	Wife of Stephen.  She was the youngest daughter of Henry and Elizabeth 
	Goss Boatman.  Elizabeth was dau. of Mathias Goss.  She was blind 
	for many years. (1)

End of  second row.

Begin third row from south to north:

Orin Scherer		b. 26 Dec. 1889		d. 24 Mar 1976.    
	Son of Frederich & Melissa Catherine Hanes Scherer.  
	Veteran of World War I.  Military footstone

Fred Beck 		b. 1888			d.1968   
	Frederick Stephen Beck, son of John & Elizabeth Sager Beck.  
	World War I Veteran.  Military footstone.

Clarence E. Beck	b. 15 Nov. 1900		d. 23 Dec. 1971

John Edward Beck	b. 23 Dec. 1946		d. 14 Nov. 1958	

Orwin J. Decker		b. 1 Nov. 1885		d. 15 Oct. 1961
	Illinois PFC Med. Dept. World War I.  Military Stone (6)

Ina E. Decker		b. 18 April 1887	d. 3 May 1959.   
	Dau. of Frederick & Melissa Catherine Hanes Scherer.  
	Wife of Orwin J. Decker

Fredrick Scherer	b. 21 March 1863	d. 2 Jan. 1946.   
	Son of Christian & Margaret Eyer Scherer
	Margaret the dau. of George Jacob & Ann Bradle Eyer.

Melisa C. Scherer	b. 25 Jan. 1866		d. 20 Dec. 1946.  
	Wife of Fredrick Scherer. Dau. of John & Elizabeth Shafer Hanes.

John F. Beck		b. 30 March 1873	d. 16 Aug. 1945

Stella M. Beck		b. 5 May 1880		d. 5 April 1948.   
	Wife of John F. Beck.

George Beck		b. 1869			d. 1949

One space

Peter Crum		b. 1858			d. 1938

Ida B. Crum		b. 1864			d. 1924.   
	Wife of Peter

Mary B. Xanders		b. 18 Nov. 1818.	No death date

John P. Xanders		b. 16 May 1833		d. 27 April 1911

Daughter of John & Mary P. Xanders.

2 spaces

Lydia Brinkley		b. 1854	d. 1912     
	Wife of Steve.

Frank Brinkley		b. 1880	d. 1906    
	Son of Lydia & Steve

Lottie O. Brinkley				d. 20 June 18??   
	8m. 17d.  Dau. of S.L. & L.I.

One space

Mary C. Ditch		b. 1909			d. 1958   
	Dau. of John & Margaret Beck Ditch

John Ditch		b. 1860			d. 1953

Margaret Ditch		b. 1865			d. 1940   
	Wife of John.  In reference number 2, she is referred to as Margaurite.  
	She  was the dau. of Levi & Catherine Scherer Beck.

Levi Beck		b. April 1830		d. 12 Nov. 1905

Catharine Beck		b. 25 Dec. 1840		d. 9 Oct. 1907   
	Wife of Levi Beck.  Dau. of Henry & Elizabeth Eyer Scherer
	First name is Mary.


Peter Boatman		b. 1852			d. 1938.   
	Son of Barnabas, who was the son of Henry Boatman.  Henry was the son 
	of Barnabas Boatman the immigrant. (1)

Caroline Boatman	b. 1859			d. 1895.  
	Called "Cal".   Wife of Peter Boatman.  
	Dau. of  Isaac & Elizabeth Miller. (1)

Rosella Miller					d. 17 Oct 1888.    
	Age 19y 1m 23d  Dau of Isaac & Elizabeth Miller

3 spaces

Daniel Miller		b. 7 July 1808		no death date

Elizabeth Miller				d. 6 Jan. 1874  
	Age 60y 3 m 28d   Wife of Daniel Miller

One space

Jonas Boatman					d. 26 Aug. 1881.  
	Source number one says. "b. 14 Jan. 1847.-d. 19 Jan. 1873"   son of Solomon Boatman.
	"He served in the Ill. Fifth Cavalry during the Civil War, was in 16 battles and a
	number of skirmishes.  He was thrown from his horse in the Meridian Raid and never 
	fully recovered from his injury.  He enlisted in the service in Olney, on Dec. 21, 
	1863 with his father signing "concent in case of a minor".  He was mustered out 27 
	Oct. 1865.  His widow filed for Pension which was denied because the physician's 
	statement showed no signs of disability when he was mustered out.  However, the 
	physician at the time of his death stated, that being thrown from the horse 
	eventually caused death, because a disease of the spleen resulted from the fall. 
	(1)  He has a military stone. (6)

Solomon Boatman					d. 27 Feb. 1890.  
	Age 68y 10m 7d. Son of Henry.(1)

Rebecca Boatman					d. 30 Apr. 1863.  
	Age 32y 4m 6d.  Wife of S. Solomon & Rebecca Way Boatman

One space

Millie M. Boatman				d. 16 April 1881. 
	Child of H. & K.A.  In source number one she is listed as "Nellie".  
	Dau. of Henry and Katherine Lucas Boatman.(1)

Clarence Boatman				d. 12 July 1880.   
	Son of Henry & Katherine Lucas Boatman. 
	Henry Boatman son of Jonas & Matilda Cotteral Boatman. (1)

Barnabas Boatman				d. 20 Jan 1892.  
	Age 72y 2m 25d.  Son of Henry & Elizabeth Goss Boatman

Cassie A. Boatman	b. 15 Sept. 1825	d. 5 Feb. 1905.  
	Wife of Barnabas.  Dau. of Daniel & Elizabeth Phillips Hanes.  
	Elizabeth the dau. of John & Eve Elizabeth Ream Phillips.

Charley A. Boatman				d. 21 Feb 1897.  
	Age 18y 7m 5d.  Son of Henry & Katherine Lucas Boatman

Catherine Boatman 1859-1918

End of row three

Begin row four:

3 spaces

Jacob D. Sager		b. 8 June 1895		d. 4 April 1959

Dorsie W. Jackson Sr.	b. 29 Sept 1910		d. 8 Feb. 1958.  
	Veteran of World War II Illinois PFC. Co. A. 760 M.P.B.N. (6)

Eli H. Sager		b. 28 Oct. 1858	d. 27 Sept 1942	
	Son of Jacob & Suzannah Sager from Berks County, PA (5)

Sarah Sager		b. 18 March 1869	d. 19 July 1942.

William Brinkley	b. 1862			d. 1953

Henry Brinkley		b. 1862			d. 1940.  Son of Samuel Brinkley (1)

Marion Brinkley		b. 1859			d. 1948  
	Son of Samuel Brinkley (1)

Dililah C. Brinkley	b. 1857			d. 1939  
	Wife of Marion Brinkley

One space

John Goss					d. 19 Feb 1954  
	Age 22yy 6m 1d.  Son of Jacob & Margaret Jane Bolinger Goss.

Clarence Andrew Goss				d. 7 Aug. 1886  
	Age 1y 4m 11d.  Son of Jacob & Delilah Ditch Goss.  This Jacob Goss was the
	son of Joseph Goss who was the son of Jacob & Margaret Bolinger Goss.
	Delilah Ditch Goss was the dau. of John & Catherine Boatman Ditch.

R. W. Goss		b. 23 Dec 1890		d. 5 May 1891.    
	Age 10m 13d. Son of Jacob & Delilah

Ten spaces

Julia Ann Goss					d. 9 Jan 1883   
	Age 51y 2m 16d.  Wife of Joseph Goss. 
	(First) We do not know where Joseph Goss is buried.  She was Julia Ann Gerber
	a dau. of Philip & Suzannah Sager Gerber.

One space

Isaac Goss		b. 20 Oct. 1839		d. 29 Nov. 1871  
	Age 33y 1m 9d.  Son of Jacob & Margaret Bolinger Goss

Margaret Jane Goss				d. 14 July 1870.  
	Age 58y 10m.  Wife of Jacob Goss. She was Bolinger.  She and Jacob were married
	in Stark County, Ohio.   On the same stone with Margaret Goss are these names:
	"John, Peter, Isaac, Freeman all children of Jacob & Margaret Goss."

Jacob Goss		b. 14 July 1810		d. 19 April 1888.  
	Age 77y 9m 5d.  Jacob was the son of Mathias Goss the immigrant. (2)   
	Jacob was born in Columbiana County, Ohio.

Broken stone

William Crum		b. 11 March 1937	d. 2 Sept. 1864 at Vicksburg, Miss.  
	Age 21y 5m 27d. M.I. 28 Dec. 1863. M.O. 2 Sept. 1864.
	Private in Co. F. 5th Illinois Cav.  Civil War

Four spaces

E. Crum (rest of stone gone)	b. 14 Nov. 1852	d. 27 Oct 1914.   
	Emma J. Crum (4)

Elizabeth Crum					d. 2 Dec. 1863.  
	Age 16y 1m 9d. Dau. of Isaac & Laeah Crum.

Margaret Crum		b. 1852			d. 1908

One space

Leah Crum					d. 27 Jan 1892.  
	Age 72y 24d.  Wife of Isaac Crum.

Mathias Goss					d. 28 July 1861.  
	Age 96y 5m 4d.  Immigrant from Palatinate to N. J. to PA. To Ohio to Ill.

One space

Peter Goss					d. 14 Jan 1856.  
	Age 22y 3m.   Son of Jacob & Margaret Jane Bolinger Goss

Freeman Goss					d. 19 Oct 1853  
	Age 3y. 2m 13d.  Son of Jacob & Margaret Jane Bolinger Goss

Infant Goss					d. 19 Oct 1853  
	Age 3y. 2m 13d.  Son of Jacob & Margaret Jane Bolinger Goss

Infant Gerber					d. 9 Dec. 1862   
	Dau. of Daniel & Margaret Goss Gerber

One space

Prisilla Goss					d. 2 Jan 1868.   
	Age 23d.   Dau. of Jacob & Cassie Ann Elizabeth Sager Goss.

Margaret C. Goss				d. 23 Aug. 1869   
	Age 7m 15d.  Dau of Jacob J. & Cassie Ann Sager Goss.  
	Cause of death infant chlorea (11)

William O. Goss					d. 13 Sept 1876.  
	Age 1y 8m 7d.  Son of Joseph & Julia Ann Gerber Goss (5)

Mabel M. Scherer	b. 14 Aug. 1894		d. 20 May 1895.  
	Dau. of Daniel & Amanda Eve Goss Scherer.  Middle name Margaret

Baby Boy					d. 1903   
	George & Clara Goss Fritschle parents.

End of Row four

Begin row five:  from south to north

Sidney Phillips		b/ 4 Oct. 1884		d. 10 mar 1968   
	Married Millie J. Bogard on 17 Mar. 1920

One space

Jacob Beck		b. 1868			d. 1955

Henry Oren Nicholas	b. 4 Dec 1890		d. 27 Apr. 1953  
	Ensign U.S. Navy World War I. Government stone. (6)

Joseph E. Nicholas	b. 30 May 1894		d. 4 Sept 1948

One space.

Howard Samuel Nicholas	b. 31 July 1945		d. 2 Aug 1945   
	Son of E.H. & E.J.

Mary M Scherer		b. 1872			d. 1934   
	Wife of Adolph Scherer.

Adolph Scherer		b. 13 June 1872		d. 14 Mar. 1950   
	Son of Christian Scherer and Mary Catherine Altevogt.  
	This Christian as son of Henry Scherer & Mary Catherine Webber. (8)

Mona S Gerber		b. 2 Sept 1902		d. 18 Oct 1925

Peter Gerber		b. 1861			d. 1932

Two spaces

Flat stone

One space

Eliza Beck		b.. 20 Dec 1836		d. 26 Feb. 1923  
	Wife of Henry

Henry Beck		b. 16 Dec 1834		d. 4 May 1899

Elizabeth B. Nicholas	b. 1868			d. 1949   
	Wife of Joseph J

Joseph J. Nicholas	b. 1856			d. 1934

A. J. Booram		b. 12 Mar 1844		d. 28 Dec 1889	 
	Age 54y 9m 16d

Infant Bauer					d. 18 Jan 1875
	Son of E. & A.

Minnie Bauer					d. 21 Sept 1877   
	Dau of E. & A

One space

Marjorie Pauline Scherer			d. 27 Jan. 1928.  
	Dau of Eugene and E. Scherer

Howard Ditch					d. 1906

Ditch						d. 1897
Ditch						d. 1883

Daniel Beck		b. 19 Oct 1845		d. 1925
	Born in Richland County son of Jacob & Elizabeth Phillips Beck (2)

Susan Beck		b. 25 Dec 1851 in Stark County, Ohio.	d.  1925     
	She was the dau. of John and Catherine Boatman Ditch.  
	She married Daniel Beck 24 Dec. 1867 (2)

One space

Emma E Beck					d. 27 Feb, 1892  
	Age 1y 10m 15d.  E is Eunice. Dau. of Daniel & Susan Ditch Beck

Thirteen spaces

Armilda Douglas					d. 30 Mar 1900   
	Age 31y 2m 14 d. Wife of R.F.

Susan Miller					d. 6 Feb. 1878.  
	Age 38y 2m 1d  Wife of George.

Two spaces.

Elizabeth Goss		b. 1853        		d. No Date
	Wife of Aaron.  Aaron son of Jacob & Margaret Bolinger Goss.

Aaron Goss		b. 1850			d. 1934  
	See above

Martha Goss		b. 1860			d. 1883     
	Wife of Aaron.

Two spaces

End row five.

Begin row six: from south to north

Seven spaces

Aden Boatman		b. 1894			d. 1977     
	Son of Clark & Vetura Decker Boatman

Ruth Boatman		b. 1901			d. 1976      
	Dau. of Ezra Ward Craig & Bertha Beck.

George Gerber		b. 11 June 1867		d. 16 Mar 1925.

Lucille M. Boatman	b. 15 Dec. 1933		d. 10 June 1934

Mildred M. Boatman	b. 6 Aug 1932 		d. Jan. 1933

One space

Glenn T Gerber		b. 1898			d. 29 Jan. 1944
	Son of Peter & Sarah Ann Phillips Gerber.

Pauline V. Gerber				d. 1927. 

Leila M. Gerber		b. 19__			d. 1925 

John Crum		b. 17 Mar 1850		d. 21 Dec 1927

Emma J. Crum		b. 14 Nov. 1952		d. 27 Oct 1914.  
	Wife of John

Three spaces.

John Phillips		b. 5 Aug 1839		d. 2 Oct 1924

Sarah Phillips					d. 26 Mar 1886   
	Age 41y 5m 9d.  Wife of John

William Phillips				d. 25 June 1883   
	Son of John & Sarah Ann Crum Phillips

Albert Phillips		b. 1874			d. 1935

One space

Infant Phillips		b. 27 Mar 1907		d. 31 May 1915

Isis Violet Phillips	b. 27 Mar. 1907		d. 31 May 1915

Three spaces

John Sager		b. 13 Dec 1814 		d. 19 Jan 1873  
	Age 58y 1m 6d  Born in North Hampton County, PA.

Christian Sager					d. 3 Mar. 1870   
	Age 62y 10m 17d.   Pneumonia. (11)

Sophia Sager		b. 13 Aug 1816		d. 1 June 1890   
	Age 73y 9m 3d  Wife of Christian.

Betsey S. Bunn					d. 10 Nov 1860   
	Age 2m 5d. Dau. B. & S.

Clarry Bunn					d. 30 Mar. 1859  
	Age 1m 29d.  Dau of B. & S.

William W. Bunn					d. 19 Sept. 1858   
	Age 1y 3m 5d   Son of B & S

Sarah A. Hetrick				d. 25 June 1883   
	Age 18y 1m  Son of John & Sarah Ann Crum Phillips.  John Phillips was the son
	of David Phillips & Sara Hostler Phillips.

John Phillips		b. 5 Aug. 1839		d. 2 Oct 1924      
	Son of David.

Seven spaces.

End of row six

Begin row seven

Two spaces

Homer Brinkley		b. 14 Sept. 1893	d. 20 Feb. 1957.
	Son of Morian Private in U.S. Army World War I. Military tombstone.

Isaac A. Boatman	b. 19 May 1860		d. 14 Dec 1943 
	Son  of John & Catherine Hanes Boatman.

Emma H. Boatman		b. 10 Dec. 1971		d. 13 April 1945  
	Maiden name Fritz.

Nora A. Boatman		b. 23 Feb. 1894		d. 18 April 1941
	She was an invalid for many years.  Dau. of Isaac & Emma Boatman.

Daisy M. Thompson	b. 24 Aug 1903		d. 30 Aug. 1925
	Dau. of Dave Gerber

David Gerber	b. 1875				d. 1924      
	Husband to Phebe 

Phebe Gerber	b. 1881				d. 1948     
	Wife of David

Three spaces

Broken stone

Samuel ? Gerber					d. 6 Aug 1896   
	Age of 26y 4m.23d.  Son of Pete's brother

Two spaces

Susan Glesson		b. 12 April 1870	d. 17 Nov. 1900    
	Wife of U. G

Mary E. Gerber					d. 12 Dec. 1886   
	Age 30y 11m 29d. Wife of P.G.	

Three spaces

Olivia Sherry					d. 23 Jan 18??
	Dau. of M.B. & M.S.

Phillip W. Sappenfield	b. 3 Dec 1905		d. 20 Dec 1905
	Son of Rev. J.J. & C.A. Sappenfield, St. James Lutheran paster.

One space

John R. Phillips	b. 1 Oct 1844		d. 1923        
	Bert's father

Katherine Ann Phillips	b. 19 May 1848		d. 1915.     
	Wife of John R.

Daniel Gerber		b: 2 April 1838		d. 27 Aug 1913

Margaret Gerber		b. 16 March 1844	d. 12 Dec. 1915.  
	Dau. of Jacob Goss & Margaret Jane Bolinger

Emma J. Gerber					d. 28 Nov 1877     
	Age 5y 6m 23d Dau of Daniel & Margaret Goss Gerber

Russell L. Goss		b. 29 July ?		d. 14 Oct 1900
	Son of Asa & Ida.  Asa was the son of Aaaron Goss & Martha J. Baker Goss

Sophia Gerber		b. 1845			d. 1912      
	Wife of John Gerber  Dau. of Jacob Fritschle

John Gerber		b. 9 Aug. 1877	
	Age 32y 9m 22d

Charlie Gerber					d. 26 Aug 1875     
	Age,2y 25d.  Son of John & Sophia Fritschle Gerber

Daniel Gerber					d. 16 Oct 1870.  
	Age 2m 27d  Son of John & Sophia  Fritschle Gerber

Jacob P. Gerber					d. 25 Sept. 1869   
	Age 1y 5m 7d  Son of John & Sophia Fritschle Gerber

Susanna Gerber					d. 17 Jan 1881    
	Age 71y 12d  Born in Pa.  Wife of Philip

Philip Gerber					d. 10 Aug. 1858   
	Age 52y 10m 1d

Elizabeth Gerber				d. 3 Aug 1858    
	Age 6y 4m 27d

Eliza Gerber					d: 	Age 22y 1m

Broken stone

Infant Hanes					d. 3 Sept 1858
	Son of George & Sarah Ann Gerber Hanes.  George son of Anthony Hanes. (7)

Susannah E. Sager				d. 2 Jan 1864	
	Dau. of Daniel & Caroline Gerber Sager.  
	Daniel was son of Peter & Catherine Phillips Sager

John P. Sager					d. 20 Sept 1869.  
	Son of Daniel & Caroline Gerber Sager

4 spaces

End of row seven

Begin row eight, from south to north

One space

Thomas Boatman		b. 1900			d. 1977.  
	Son of Isaac & Emma Fritz Boatman

William P. Boatman	b. 1866			d. 1958      
	He died 8 May 1958 at the age of 92y 3m 26d.  
	"This seems to make him the oldest Boatman at death since his great 
	grandfather, Barnabas Boatman who was just about three years older 
	when he died and was buried at East Palistine, Ohio." (1)

John E. Boatman		b. 28 April 1870	d. 2 May 1958

Laura Boatman		b. 1880			d. 1952      
	Wife of John E.

David Phillips		b. 1863			d. 1935

Cloyd Phillips		b. 1892			d. 1929

Ethel Phillips Robinson	b. 1895			d. 1950

Vern A. Phillips	b. 1914			d. 1937

Lucy Boatman		b. 1833			d. 1925
	Dau. of Reuben & Catherine Smith Sager.  Wife of Milton Boatman.

Milton Lee Boatman	b. 27 Oct. 1907		d. 20 Oct. 1960
	Son of John & Catherine Hanes Boatman

William Shafer		b. 27 Oct. 1830		d. 15 Sept 1907

Five spaces

James Vail					d. 13 Dec. 1881      
	Age 64y 11m 13d

Elizabeth Vail					d. 18 Dec 1882        
	Age 53y 19d.  Wife of James Vail

Harriett E. Vail				d. 12 Sept 1881.	
	Age 17y 5m 19d.   Dau. of J. & E.  

Charles D. Sager	b. 1876			d. 1907
	Son of Andrew Jackson & Calcinda Ginther Sager

Andrew Jackson Sager	b. 5 July 1845		d. 6 Jan 1906

Salinda Sager		b. 26 Feb. 1848		d. 27 Feb 1913  
	Maiden name Ginther

James L. Sager		b. 6 Sept 1880		d. 9 June 1902
	Son of Andrew Jackson & Calinda Ginther Sager

Inez Sager					d.  Dates cannot be read

Naomi Catherine Sager				d. 24 Mar. 1880   
	Age 7y 10m 29d - Dau. of Andrew Jackson & Calinda Ginther Sager.  She 
	was playing at jumping over a small brush fire.   Her dress tail caught fire.
	She died as a result of the burns.  She was to have had the next new pair of 
	shoes, so she was buried in her new shoes.  This was told to me by Mrs. David 
	O. (Alice) Sager.  She was her sister (11)

One space

Ida E. Sager					d. 1 Feb 1872    
	Age 10y 1m.  Dau of Andrew Jackson & Calinda Ginther Sager.

One space


The next three inscriptions on the same stone.

Jacob Sager		b. 16 Oct 1811		d. 10 Jan 1872
Susan Sager		b. 9 July 1818		d. 16 Mar 1896
Samuel M. Sager		b. 22 July 1856		d. 10 Feb 1910

Ida Sager					d. 16 Oct 1870       
	Dau. of Jacob & Susan.

Three spaces

Infant Sager					d. 25 July 1868   
	Age 3d.  Son of W. & C.

Jacob H. Sager					d. 10 Aug 1869   
	Age 1y 8d   Son of W. & C.

Three spaces

Cement hump  (This mass of cement is approximately 5 feet long)

Three spaces

Elmer P. Sager					d. 30 Jan 1893    
	Age 5y 8m 12d

Three spaces

End of row eight.

Begin row nine, from south to north

Eight spaces

John Beck		b. 1841			d. 1923

Elizabeth Beck		b. 1855			d. 1933   
	Wife of John Beck, Dau of Reuben & Elizabeth Snider Sager.

One space

Levi Phillips		b. 7 Feb. 1850		d. 26 Sept 1921	
	Son of David & Sarah Hosler Phillips

Orinda Phillips		b. 24 Feb 1856		d. 10 June 1933   
	She was a Brinkley

Vetura Boatman		b. 1861			d. 1938    
	Born in Clark County, Missouri 28 April And died July 9.  She was 
	known as "Bettie".(1)   Dau. of Joseph Decker

Clark Boatman		b. 1860			d. 1904	
	Clark was the son of Solomon & Rebecca Way Boatman.  
	Solomon was the son of Henry.

One space

Ethel Phillips		b. 1916			d. 1918
	She was buried in the same casket with her mother Bessie Scherer 
	Phillips.  Bessie died on Mar. 4 & Ethel on Mar. 5th.  Her father
	Was Willie Phillips.  Her middle name was Alberta.

Bessie Phillips		b. 1891			d. 1918  	
	Wife of Willie Phillips.  Dau of Daniel & Amanda Eve Goss Scherer.  
	Bessie was born on 22nd of Nov.  Her husband Willie was buried at Fairview
	Cemetery at Mishawaka, Ind.

Three spaces

Reuben Sager					d. 28 Sept. 1877.       
	Age 56y 6m 11d.

Infant Beck		b. 20 Oct. 1881        
	Age 11m 27d	Dau of J.& E.

Two spaces

Margaret ?   (The rest is gone)

William Phillips	b. 13 July 1836		d. 30 Sept 1916

Oliver C. Phillips	b. 12 Oct. 1875		d. 14 Feb. 1916

One space

George Phillips		b. 29 Feb. 1852		d. 24 June 1889

Mary Phillips		b. 22 Feb 1853		d. 3 Nov. 1921

One space

Cora E. Phillips	b. 17 July 1878         
	Age 8m 10d.  Dau of Levi & Orinda Brinkley Phillips

David Phillips					d. 5 Jan. 1872          
	Age 61y 10m 10d.

Sarah Phillips					d. 23 Dec. 1871       
	Age 59y 11m   Wife of David

One space

Clark Phillips		Age 25y

Nine spaces

John Boatman		b. 27 Apr. 1817         d. 14 Sept 1895
	Born in Columbiana County, Ohio.  Son of Henry & g-son of 
	Barnabas Boatman. (1)

Catherine Boatman	b. 9 Sept. 1827		d. 1 Feb. 1909       
	Age 81y 4m 22d Born in York County, Pa.     
	Dau. of Daniel Hanes.   Wife of John Boatman.

Claude Boatman		b. 2 Aug. 1915		d. 191?.     
	Son of Milton & Lucy Sager Boatman

One space

End of row nine.

Begin row ten, from south to north.

Nine spaces

Nellie Nease		b. 1901	d. 1974          
	Dau of David O & Cora Alice Sager, Wife of Glen Nease

Peter Stephen Sager	b. 19 Apr. 1865		d. 4 Mar. 1933
	Son of Daniel Sager & Caroline Gerber

Nora Catherine Sager	b. 5 Oct. 1874		d. 18 Nov. 1921	
	Wife of Peter Stephen Sager.  Dau. of Andrew Jackson Sager 
	& Calinda Ginther Sager

Daniel Sager		b. 15 Mar 1839		d. 10 Dec. 1901   
	Son of Peter & Catherine Phillips Sager

Caroline Sager		b. 11 June 1840		d. 16 Jan. 1916
	Wife of Daniel Sager.  Dau of Phillip & Susanna Gerber

George Sager		b. 1862			d. 1922     
	Son of Daniel & Caroline Gerber Sager

Five spaces

Emaline Steffy					d. 23 Sept. 1886   
	Age 47y 8m 17d.  Wife of G.W.

Two spaces

Anna M. Phillips	b. 20 Aug. 1867		d. 23 Mar 1898	
	Wife of I.D.

Infant Phillips		b. 15 Mar 1889		d. 18 Mar. 1889   
	Dau of I.D. & A.M.

Loretta J. Nease	b. 1857			d. 1949

M.J. Nease					d. 19 Nov 1889   
	Age 64y 4d

Mary J. Nease					d. 8 Feb 1917   
	Age 88y 1m 25d

William B. Nease	b. 7 Apr. 1855		d. 5 Oct. 1882    
	Age 27y 5m.   Son of M.J. & M.J.  

Stella M. Nease		b. 18 Feb 1874		d. 31 May 1902   
	Wife of L.B. Nease

L.B. Nease

Ester A. Nease					d. 14 Nov 1902   
	Age 20d  Dau. of C.E & C.A.

Frank E. Nease		b. 31 Dec. 1905		d. 31 July 1920
	Son of Charles & Cora Nease

End of row ten.

The following are inscriptions copied from "Cemetery Inscriptions from Richland 
County, Illinois" by Barbara Craddock.  Copyright 1967.  No stones can be found 
for these persons.

Luther J. Beck					d. 16 May 1885    
	Age 9y 11m 24d.

Rachel Beck					d. 16 June 1885    
	Age 14y 5m 17d  Dau of Daniel Beck.  Consumption.

Caroline Boatman	b. 1862			d. 1895

Larange Boatman					d. 12 July 1886   
	1y 11m. 2d.   Child of H. & K.A.

Sarah Ann Gerber	b. 1861			d.1951 
	(Probably wife of Peter Gerber.)

Mary Jane Goss		b. 22 Apr. 1846		d. July 1879.   
	Age 33 Bronchitis.(11)   Wife of Isaac Goss.

Infant Hanes					d. 2 July 1895   
	Son of D.H. & S.E. 

Infant Nease					d. 13 Dec. 1910

Susanna Miller					d. 6 Feb 1878   
	Age 60y 3m 28d   Wife of George 

Mary Phillips		b. 22 Feb. 1853		d. 3 Nov. 1921

Below are the names of persons listed in reference number one as having 
been buried in Goss Cemetery.

Cassie Shafer Boatman				d. 20 June 1849.  
	Wife of Henry. Henry was the son of Henry & Elizabeth Goss Boatman.

Jacob Boatman
	Son of Barnabas Jr.  Barnabas Jr. was the son of Barnabas & Catherine 
	Overspeck Boatman the immigrant.  Jacob Boatman's mother was Eliza Ward		

Mary A. Beck	
	First wife of George Boatman.  This George was son of Henry & Elizabeth
	Goss Boatman.

Matilda Cotteral Boatman     b. 26 Apr. 1851	d. 16 Sept. 1906    
	Wife of Jonas Boatman

Miscellaneous Records

Sarah A. Phillips	b. 1849			d. 1850    
	Age 4/12   Aug. 1849 (9)

Franklin Hanes		b. Jan 1879		d. Sept 1879  
	Pneumonia (11)

There is a record of a Mrs. Goss died 30 Aug. 1875 (5)

George Nease child of Mrs. Nease d. 23 July 1876 (5)

Mrs. Brinkley (Mrs. Richard (Susannah) Brinkley    1 Oct. 1881  
	Grandmother of Stephen Brinkley (5)

Nease girl buried 23 Nov. 1891   Age 6. (5)

Mrs. Peter Gerber				d. 12 Dec. 1886 (5)

Broken stone over by the fences:  
	Isaac Crum          			d. 2 Oct. 1861     
	Age 41y 7m 23d

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