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History of Richland County

100th Annual Richland County Fair

July 30, to August 4, 1956

Olney, Illinois

Images from the Centennial Souvenir Program

The Richland County, Illinois USGenWeb site was given an original copy of the fair program from 1956 by Ernie and Gloria Olson of Marietta, Georgia. Mrs. Olson's great grandfather, Philip West (1842-1907) was an early settler in Richland County. He was born in Richland County and died in Noble Township. The donation was in his memory. This is a very wonderful gift and we give a hearty THANK YOU to Ernie and Gloria!

For those wishing to view the book in its original format, upon completion of the scanning of the contents, the original will be sent to the Richland County Historical Society to be placed on public view at the Richland Heritage Museum, 122 West Elm Street, Olney, Illinois.

The 1956 Fair Program is special because it was the 100th annual county fair in Richland County. In celebration of the historical significance of the anniversary, a souvenir program was developed by the Fair Board. The program is divided into four sections: Richland County 50 and 100 years ago; Richland County Today; the fair events; and the advertisers. The first section is entirely photographs of Richland County from the late 1800's to the early 1900's, showing many of the community leaders, fair winners, and homes and places as they were at the time. The second section is also all photographs showing many of the churches, homes, schools, and fair officials as they existed in the 1950's. The fair event section is entirely textual and describes the fair and judging rules for livestock and entries. This section is not included below and was not scanned as there was no genealogical data to preserve. The final section, the advertisers, will be included in a seperate table. Many people in the community are named, their businesses named, and possibly someone may find a distant cousin and where he/she worked. This could be a clue as to what happened to them!


A note ...

Regarding the image collection ... there are far too many to upload to this website, so each of the listing pages will have a table showing the page number, a description of the image, any persons named or identified on the page, comments (which I will add to and amend if anyone has anything to add!), and a column named 'request photo'. If you would like a copy of the photo emailed to you, click on the name of the photo in the right hand column. This will open to an email window addressed to me with the name of the photo preset as the subject. Don't change the subject, that's how I know which picture you are requesting. I'll reply to your email with the photo as an attachment. Please note that there are often two pictures on a page, sometimes as many as four. Each image is of the full page, so if you want both pictures on page 8, you need only request it once. When the entire image and advertiser's sections are completed, I will be plan to make a limited number of CD's of the entire collection available for researchers, and provide a copy of the CD to the Richland County Heritage Museum and genealogial library for their use and the use of the researchers who visit there.


Richland County - 50 and 100 Years Ago

Richland County - Today (1956)

Richland County - Advertisers

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