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All items on this page have been submitted by their respective owners and are their property. Do you have a Richland County photo that you can not identify? Send a scan of it to me HERE and I will post it with the information you provide. Someone may know who that missing link is!

Shirley Mofields Unknown Photo's

Shirley's great-great grandmother was Nancy Ann Bullard, b. 1798 NC;d. 1876, Olney. (dau. of John Bullard Jr.) She married Thomas Shields [d. 1830]; William Lynch d. Lawrence Co. 1835 and Ransom Higgins [ d. 1850]. The photos belonged to my her daughter Mary Melissa Shields (Shirley's great grandmother) who m. John P. Butler in Olney 1844. She was related to dozens of families in Richland County including Bullards, Stewarts, Ratcliffs, Shields, Lynchs, LaFoes, ect ect. If you know any of these people, or have an idea about their identity, please contact Shirley!

Thanks to: Shirley Mofield

Taken at Jacob Rush Studio in Olney


Taken at Bush Studio in Olney

Taken at Jacob Rush Studio in Olney

Barbara (Bobbie) Payne's
Victory School Photos

Most of these photos include Bobbies mother and her family, including her step-grandmother Belle Williams. Those names known are described with the individual photos. Thank you Bobbie!

Thanks to: Barbara (Bobbie) Payne

1934: Ray Provines, Lois Long(Lough), Pluma Smith, Russell Smith. Lois is the one in the dark dress.

1933: Victory School sixth grade class - Lois Long, Russell Smith, Robert Wooden

On the back of the picture is written "Victory School year 1928 - Last day of school. Mabel Weber is teacher. Lois Long Lough wrote in later years (Probably 1970 or 80's): Mabel Weber, Geneva, Alberta, Gladys, Anna, Lois Long, Burnice, Russell, Arthur, Maynard, Pluma, Marjorie, Ernest, Robert Wooden, Lela, Lowell, Jr. Read.

Bobbie Payne believes some of the last names are: Russell Smith, Pluma Smith, Ernest Short, Harrison Read, Jr. If anyone knows the others or can identify them, please contact Bobbie!

This photo is confusing, on the front of the picture it says "Beulah Read - Teacher 1929-1930", but Lois Long Lough has written: Geneva, Belle Wiliams, Ruby Long, Gene Long, Margaret, Marjorie, Anna, Arthur, Lois Long, Marjorie, Lela, Lowell, Maynard, Elmer Mundy, Russell, Robert Wooden, Burnice, Jr. Read, Patsy.

Bobbie is not sure which one is her mother (Lois Long), but believes it is the one in the middle with the hat. She believes some of the last names are: Margaret Goodheart, Anna Poole, RussellSmith, Harrison Read, Jr.

Ann has a photo of a woman taken c. 1900. Her identity is unknown but she may be related to the Vannasdallen or Shirley families of Richland County. Ann's SHIRLEY family lived/died in Parkerburg. Her gr-gr-gr grandmother Sarah Anna Vannasdallen SHIRLEY looks similiar to this woman, so maybe they were sisters. Or this woman could possibly have been a sibling to Sarah's husband David Ambrose Shirley. Both Sarah and David were born ca 1850. She included the entire photo, logo of studio, props ect. in hopes that if nothing else in comparison with other Rush photos we might be able to place a time line on it. Ann has a much earlier photo of David, Sarah and Sarah's unnamed sister but has no idea when or where it was taken. She can't really say there is any resemblance between the two women.

If anyone can identify this woman, or recognizes anything about this picture, please contact Ann!

Thanks to: Ann

Scott Burow has these two unknown photos from a box of photos that belonged to his Grandmother (Dorothea McFarland) and Great Grandmother (Florence Ratcliffe) of Olney. As the photos were in a photo album with other photos of Richland County and Olney families, it is presumed that these are of the same location and time period.

If anyone can identify these people (possibly a church group photo?), or can provide any information about the Hall Miller Oil Company, please contact Scott!

Thanks to: Scott Burow

I believe this photo to be a church group or social group for youth or unmarried persons. I cannot identify anyone in the photo. It is in poor condition, and was found in the bottom of a box, subject to the ravages of time and a bit of water over the years.

I am VERY curious about this photo. It was a postcard style picture. As the Miller family is connected to my Ratcliff family from the early 1800's in England, and I have a copy of a diary of one member of the Miller family who came to the U.S. shortly thereafter(1835), I believe it's possible that this Miller may be a distant relative of my family. This photo was also included in a scrapbook of Olney pictures. Anyone with an old City Directory from the early 1900's have a listing for the Hall Miller Oil company? Maybe any information on the owners???