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History of Richland County


Cover Cover Page None None BookCover.jpg
Inside Front Cover First National Bank None includes photo InsideFrontCover.jpg
Section 1 Title Page 50 and 100 Years Ago None title only Sec1-00.jpg
1 Introduction None 1906 Introduction Page Sec1-01.jpg
2 1856 Fair Board D.P. Moore, S.H. Barker, Wm. Baughan, H.F. Feriman, J.H. Delzell, Jas. E. Wharf, Wm. Poff, Os. Henry Photos of Board members Sec1-02.jpg
3 1856 Fair Board R.B. Newell, M.L. Taylor, Robt. Lennon, A. Hopkinson; Thos. Leaf, Wm. Yousey, H. Merriweather, Cov. Rexroat Photos of Board members Sec1-03.jpg
4 1856 Fair Board J.M. Prather, Geo. W. Bowlby, J.J. Van Matre, Ed. Phillips, J.H. Lucas, Wm. Byrne, F.M. Bourell, Ed. Martz Photos of Board Members Sec1-04.jpg
5 Floral Hall and Amphitheater None Photos Sec1-05.jpg
6 Dinner Scene at Fair Grounds None Photo Sec1-06.jpg
6 Favorite Prince Oakwood Stock Farm Horse and Buggy Race Sec1-06.jpg
7 Medisphinxia Ernst Z. Bower Horse and Buggy Race Sec1-07.jpg
7 First Richland County Courthouse None Photo of building erected in 1842 Sec1-07.jpg
8 1st and 2nd Premium Jacks Henry Hitch, Dr. W. E. Fritschle Man with mules Sec1-08.jpg
8 1st and 2nd Premium Draft Team John Lucas, Henry Hitch Men with horses Sec1-08.jpg
9 1st Premium Jennet Dr. W. E. Fritschle Men with horses Sec1-09.jpg
9 1st Premium 3 yr. old mare Ed. Walters Man with Horse Sec1-09.jpg
10 1st Premium bull J. H. Lucas Bull Sec1-10.jpg
10 1856 Prize Winners None 2 Men with horses - the one on the right may be John Thomas Ratcliff Sec1-10.jpg
11 1st Premium Bull - Sweepstakes Gilbert Meason, Wheeler IL Bull Sec1-11.jpg
11 1st and 2nd Premium Light Harness W.C. Shy, Walter Byrne 2 men with horses Sec1-11.jpg
12 1st Premium 2 yr old mules John Stacy 2 men with horses Sec1-12.jpg
12 1st Premium, 3 best colts Wm. Poff Distance photo, not clear Sec1-12.jpg
13 2nd Premium Herd Geo. Mason, Wheeler, IL Several men with cows Sec1-13.jpg
13 1st Premium Sweepstakes Henry Hitch Men and horses Sec1-13.jpg
14 1st Premium Mare A. T. Dewhirst, Passport, IL Man with 2 horses Sec1-14.jpg
14 1st Premium Devon Hon. E. S. Wilson Cow Sec1-14.jpg
15 1st Premium General Purpose E. F. Walters 2 men with horses Sec1-15.jpg
15 1st Premium Sweepstakes on Herd John Scherer Distance photo, not clear Sec1-15.jpg
16 Portrait of Man Wm. Bower Druggist and Bookseller Sec1-16.jpg
16 1st Premium 2 yr old General Purpose Mare Wm. Cazel Man with Horse Sec1-16.jpg
17 1st and 2nd Premium Horse Jno. Lucas, Olney, IL and M. Riley, Noble, IL 2 men with horses Sec1-17.jpg
17 1st and 2nd Premium Year Old Mules Jno. Stacy, John Wilson 2 men with mules Sec1-17.jpg
18 Portrait of Man Dr. M. D. Foster Photo Sec1-18.jpg
19 Sheep Farm near Olney Geo. W. Bowlby Photo Sec1-19.jpg
19 Linden Lawn Dairy Farm J. F. Hyatt Photo Sec1-19.jpg
20 Five Generations Portrait Nettleton family Photo - not identified Sec1-20.jpg
21 Lumber Yard McLean's Photo - note the new electric pole on right side! Sec1-21.jpg
22 Residence Thos. Leaf Believe this to be what is now the Ratcliff house, a national historic site in Olney. Sec1-22.jpg
22 Residence Chas. Shultz Photo Sec1-22.jpg
23 Residence Henry Ferriman Photo Sec1-23.jpg
23 Residence Mrs. Helen Stout Photo Sec1-23.jpg
24 Residence Dalta P. Moore Photo Sec1-24.jpg
24 Residence Wm Bower, Ex-Mayor Photo Sec1-24.jpg
25 Residence A. L. Redman Photo Sec1-25.jpg
25 Residence John H. Senseman Photo Sec1-25.jpg
26 Portraits of Men J.D. Hurn, Thos. Ratcliffe, John H. Gunn, Ex-Mayor John H. Roberts Portraits Sec1-26.jpg
27 Horse Stalls None Photo of Stalls at Fairgrounds Sec1-27.jpg
27 Post Office Building None Old Post Office Sec1-27.jpg
28 Public School Building None Line drawing Sec1-28.jpg


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