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1 The Sunshine Laundry Jesse Harms Ad and Photo Sec3-01.jpg
2 Nu-Way Cleaners
Midwest Ice Cream
None Ads Sec3-02.jpg
3 Whitsman Insurance
Jones Cycle Shop
None Ad Sec3-03.jpg
4 1906 Coca Cola Plant Mr. Dent Old Photo Sec3-04.jpg
5 1956 Coca Cola Plant None Two Page Ad Sec3-05.jpg
6 Spieth's Photo Studio None Ad with Photo Sec3-06.jpg
7 The Lounge
Williams Amusement
None Ad's only Sec3-07.jpg
8 Forsyth Lumber and Coal None Photo in Ad Sec3-08.jpg
9 Olney Chamber of Commerce None "Center of US" ad Sec3-09.jpg
10 Crest Haven Memorial Park None Ad Only Sec3-10.jpg
11 CrestHaven Memorial Park None Duplicate of Page 10 Sec3-10.jpg
12 Holiday Steak House None Photo of Restaurant Sec3-12.jpg
13 H & B Ready Mix Concrete None Photo and Ad Sec3-13.jpg
14 International Shoe Company None Photo of Factory Sec3-14.jpg
15 Sam Fehrenbacher Phillips 66 Sam Fehrenbacher Photo of Station Sec3-15.jpg
16 Ainsbrooke Company None Photo of Building Sec3-16.jpg
17 American Legion None Photo of Building Sec3-17.jpg
18 Watkins Marathon Service None Photo of Station Sec3-18.jpg
19 I. H. Farm Equipment Nix Bros. Photo of Storefront Sec3-19.jpg
20 Wilson Buick Company None Photo of Building Sec3-20.jpg
21 Stanley Oil Company None Texaco Station Sec3-21.jpg
22 Prarie Farms Dairy None Photo of Storefront Sec3-22.jpg
23 Holiday Courts Motel None Photo of Motel Sec3-23.jpg
24 General Telephone Company of Illinois None Photo of Building Sec3-24.jpg
25 Stanley Eagleson None Oldsmobile Cadillac Dealer Sec3-25.jpg
26 Modern Courts Motel None Photo of Motel Sec3-26.jpg
27 Olney Daily Mail None Photo of Newspaper Sec3-27.jpg
28 General Oil Field Supply None Photo of building Sec3-28.jpg
29 Burgeners Standard Service None Two Photos of Station Sec3-29.jpg
30 Blue Flame Gas Company None Photo of building Sec3-30.jpg
31 Wades Conoco None Photo of Station Sec3-31.jpg
32 Olney Seed Company None Two photo of Grainery Sec3-32.jpg
33 Moose Lodge None Photo of 'Moose Home' Sec3-330.jpg
34 Olney Sanitarium Clinic None Photo of Building Sec3-34.jpg
35 Borah-Bolander Lumber Yard None Photo of Store Sec3-35.jpg
36 Hull Motors None Photo of Store Sec3-36.jpg
37 Hotel Litz None Photo of Hotel Sec3-37.jpg
38 Pure Oil Company None Photo of Building Sec3-38.jpg
39 Don Slape Drilling Company Don Slape Photo of Building Sec3-39.jpg
40 Bower Mills None Photo of Mill Sec3-40.jpg
41 Elks Club Henry Gassman, Albert Nix, Robert Weber, John Fulgham, Robert Berry, Allen Welker, C.A. Nuding Jim Calvert, J.F. Miller, Father Frankavitch, W.H. Shultz, A.A. Korn, Fred newton, Bill Wiley. Photo of Lodge Building Sec3-41.jpg
42 Richard Morris
Goldsmith's Paint
Allen Hyde Insurance
Richard Morris, Allen Hyde Photo of Richard Morris Sec3-42.jpg
43 J. Claire Shumaker
Minerva Yarn Shop
J. Claire Shumaker Photo of J.C. Shumaker Sec3-43.jpg
44 J.D. Hurn and Son Lumber Yard None Photo of Old Advertisement Sec3-44.jpg
45 J.D. Hurn and Son Lumber Yard None 1956 Photo of Building Sec3-45.jpg
46 Cammons Red and White Food Store None Advertisement Sec3-46.jpg
47 Callahan Distributing Company None Advertisement Only Sec3-47.jpg
48 Martin Feed and Produce None Photo of Feed Store Sec3-48.jpg
49 Chester Lee/Wrights Sinclair Station Chester Lee/H.L. Brant Photo of Chester Lee Sec3-49.jpg
50 Sherman's Department Store
Mikes Ice Cream Parlor
Berger& Sons
None Ad's Only Sec3-50.jpg
51 Stallard Oil Co.
Oasis Tavern
Blanks Insurance
Decker's Drive Inn
Cecil Stallard Ad's only Sec3-51.jpg
52 Marathon Gas None Ad Only Sec3-52.jpg
53 Bond Drug Co.
Wilson Sales
B. Loveman Ad's Only Sec3-53.jpg
54 Drew's Radio and Appliance
Janet Shop
Olney Building And Loan
None Ad's only Sec3-54.jpg
55 Kowa-Thompson Implement Co.
Double-R Hatcheries
Olney Paint and Wallpaper
None Ad's Only Sec3-55.jpg
56 Pool Motor Sales
Charles R. Vaughn
Conour Floor and Rug
Charles R. Vaughn Ad's Only Sec3-56.jpg
57 Summers Wilson Funeral Home
Zean Gassmann Insurance
C.H. Rose & Son
Howard Summers, Charles Wilson, Zean Gassmann Ad's Only Sec3-57.jpg
58 New Olney Motel
Farmers Equipment and Supply
B.F. Goodrich
Town Talk Ice Cream
None Ad's Only Sec3-58.jpg
59 Voiture 40 and 8
Fulgham Bros. Appliance
Richardson Electric
Hahn's Mobilgas
Lloyd Bruce, Ray Fulgham, Lucille Fulgham, John Fulgham Ad's Only Sec3-59.jpg
60 Noble Diner
Nina Wagner Insurance
Landis Auto Co.
Nina Wagner Ad's Only Sec3-60.jpg
61 Roberts Insurance Agency
Warren Oil, Co.
W.H. Shultz Insurance
W.H. Shultz Ad's Only Sec3-61.jpg
62 Carroll Distributing Company None Ad Only Sec3-62.jpg
63 Crackels Appliance & Music
Little Farm Market
Fessel's Cleaners
None Ad's only Sec3-63.jpg
64 John's Store
Gher's Grocery
Gaffner's Drug Store
None Ad's only Sec3-64.jpg
65 Shuler & Mathis
Richland County Farm Bureau
None Ad's only Sec3-65.jpg
66 Ring Chevrolet, Co.
Bob Byrne real Estate
Barnes Phillips 66
None Ad's Only Sec3-66.jpg
67 B. Mansfield & Co. None Ad Only Sec3-67.jpg
68 Hocking Auto Parts
H.L. Dust & Son
Olney Cleaners
None Ad's Only Sec3-68.jpg
69 Conour's Electric
Olney Flower Ship
Tiny Tott Shop and Merle Norman Cosmetics
Hunts Jewelry
None Ad's Only Sec3-69.jpg
70 Hereford Farm Arol Preston Photo of Farm Sec3-70.jpg
71 Ambraw Distributing Co. None Ad only Sec3-71.jpg
72 Abegglen Bros. Furnature
Schmalhausen Rexall Drug
Hartrich Bros.
The Bowery
None Ad's only Sec3-72.jpg
73 White Distributing Company None Ad only Sec3-73.jpg
74 Schultz Feed Company None Photo of Building Sec3-74.jpg
75 Douthit Drugs
Reese Funeral home
Norman L. "Dutch" Benefiel
Norman L. Benefiel Ad's Only Sec3-75.jpg
76 Larkins Family Shoe Store
McWilliams Plumbing and Heating
Green Cleaning Service
Al's Tavern
None Ad's Only Sec3-76.jpg
77 Dulgar's Seed House
Gillespie Grocery
Alblinger & Kirts
Don's Department Store
None Ad's only Sec3-77.jpg
78 Fritschle's Feed Mill
Montgomery Ward
None Ad's Only Sec3-78.jpg
79 Abegglen Bros. Funiture and Rugs
Musgroe Shoe Store
Parker Funeral Home
None Ad's only Sec3-79.jpg
80 Van's Appliances
Western Auto
Hahn's Pure Service
Streets Texaco
Dick Lister Ad's Only Sec3-80.jpg
81 Hudson-Hill Company
Kennedy's Grain Elevator
Olney Bakery
Rechter Bros.
None Ad's only Sec3-81.jpg
82 Taylor Print Shop Anna Helton, Paul Farny, Jo Ann Dowty, Jim Taylor, Leota Musgrove, Howard Taylor Photos of Employees Sec3-82.jpg
83 Taylor Print Shop Arthur Cox, Marie Reynolds, Lola Taylor, Mary Mason, Earl Taylor Photo of Employees Sec3-83.jpg
84 Arcadia Theater
Lloyd Bruce transfer Co.
Lloyd Bruce Ad's only Sec3-84.jpg
85 Ray Voyles Supply Co. Ray Voyles Ad only Sec3-85.jpg
Inside Back Cover Olney Trust and banking Co. Jas. P. Wilson, Arthur A. Korn, L.C. Blackburn, James O. Pottorff, C.E. King, Edward C. Cooper, Williard W. Pauley, Jr., Mary Korn Myrtle Jenner, Mary Harper, Madeline Schneiter, Evalu Bossetto, Audrey Miller, Rose Ellen hahn, Henry Rolen. L.C. Blackburn, Er. Paul C. Weber, Fred Schneiter, Zean Gassmann, Jas. P. Wilson Photo of Building in Ad InsideBackCover.jpg
Back Cover Schaub Funeral Home
Bower's Drug Store
Walter Forney Ad's only BackCover.jpg


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