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Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly Index


Finding Your German Ancestor's Church in Chicago 24:27, 24:66
Old German Customs of a Country Church at Palatine, IL 12:91
Descendants of Meisters, Koenigs & Strothottes 30:215
History of Wendthagen-Ehlen, Scaumber-Lippe, Germany 7:28
Villages of My European Ancestors 13:65
Emigrants from Saxony to America, 1854, 1859 8:201
Emigrants from the Duchy of Braunschweig to America 1846-1871 6:217, 7:102
Emigrants of Kreis Adenau, Rhineland, 1930-1937 14:13
Hessian Troops in the American Revolution 7:112, 8:184
Illinois Deaths in German Newspaper 23:94
Commemorating the Centennial of German-Speaking (Peoples) from Russia 6:213
Legal Heirs of Christian Ernst Zoeller 7:165
Some Lost Germans in French Louisiana 6:164
Passenger Lists [see separate listing]
The "Deutsch-Amerikanische Geschichtsbl&aumltter" 23:96
German Research 12:208
German-American Genealogical Research in State-Wide Sources 24:197
Problems in German-American Research 6:97, 6:152
The Rathen Chapel, A promise kept 100 years ago 29:144
Researching 19th Century Germans at Chicago Historical Society Library 23:47, 23:96
Researching Ancestors from Ostfriesland 30:69
Source Material in German Archives 6:29

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