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The Illinois State Genealogical Society would like to honor the memory of Illinois’ Civil War Veterans with a special certificate issued to their direct descendants. These certificates are issued in recognition of the sacrifices made by their valiant ancestors. In an effort to record and preserve material submitted for future generations the society will publish submissions.



To qualify for an Illinois State Genealogical Society Civil War Certificate applicant must be a direct descendant of a Civil War Veteran. Veteran must have served between 12 April 1861 and 18 April 1865 and have one of the following Illinois connections:


·         Served in an Illinois Military Unit between 12 April 1861 and 18 April 1865.

(Gold seal on certificate)

·         Civil War Veteran lived, died or is buried in Illinois.


No residency requirement for applicant.


Fee for each veteran application submitted is $20. One designated certificate is included in application fee. Certificate will be mailed after eligibility has been determined. The completed application with documented proof of direct descent should be submitted with a check payable to the Illinois State Genealogical Society. Application fee is not refundable.




Brothers, sisters, children, or grandchildren of the applicant who wish to apply at the same time as original veteran application will need to fill out an application. Their documentation need only show direct relationship to original applicant. These additional applications include one designated certificate each. Fee for these additional certificates is only $10 each.


Any applications that are incomplete or inconclusive will be returned to the applicant for additions or corrections only twice under the original application fee.



Evidence submitted as documentation shall be sufficient to show that the applicant is a direct descendant of the veteran who served during the Civil War for the Union or the Confederacy. Documentation must be sufficient to differentiate between two persons of the same name.

Copies of vital records are acceptable. If there is no vital record, at least two secondary proofs that support the same event, date or relationship must be submitted. Applicant’s name should be on the back of each document submitted.

Materials submitted become the property of the Illinois State Genealogical Society.





Instructions For Submitting Application

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