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June 2011: Looking for any information on Arthur William St. Clair. Understand he ran for Mayor in O'Fallon against Max Machnik and Arthur won. Arthur St. Clair was my great grandfather and Max Machnik was my greatuncle, I have no information on Max at all and could use anything you may have. JHemst3732@aol.com
June 2011: Jan 2011: My great-grandparents, Thomas and Rosa Smith O'BRIEN were killed in the Great Cyclone that hit the St. Louis area in May of 1896. The St. Louis Globe-Democrat lists "Thomas O'Brien -- supposed" as one killed in East St. Louis. He was a railroad engineer, and may have been in the railroad yards there. Seven children were left orphaned: William, Mabel, Charles, Thomas, Grover, Joseph, and little Frances, who was adopted and known as Margaret Chandler. I have hired two researchers and exhausted every lead in St. Louis, finding NO records whatever of this family after the 1880 census. I have now found Rosa buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery in June 1896, but still nothing for Thomas. I would greatly appreciate any help if they might possibly have been in East St. Louis by 1896. Can anyone give me any ideas? There should surely be guardian papers for all these children, but there are none in St. Louis. Thanks for any clues you might provide.
Mar 2011: Looking for family or records of George W. Combs and wife Carrie N. Baker Combs. This couple was married in 1906 in Jackson County, Illinois. Carrie was the sister of Minnie Baker Youngman. Have traced this family through to 1930 census of St. Clair County at which time George was 48, Carrie 43, with three children Dorothy 13, Alberta 7, and Virginia 3. In previous census records other older children were listed but by 1930 had either passed, left home or married. If anyone has any information please contact me at Grace Knowles, Darby, Montana. Thank you so much.
Mar 2011: Trying to find grandparents Charles Rouge and Elizabeth (Perrin or Parrin or Parron) Rouge after 1910 including burial dates. Elizabeth was born about 1882 or earlier and reportedly died about age 38. This couple lived East St. Louis and Belleville between 1870 to 1920. Charles Leo Rouge (born 1900) and his sister, Lilly Maria (born 1897) were their children. They were placed into St. John's Catholic orphanage in Belleville, Illinois when Elizabeth became ill. I have the 1910 Census record which shows Charles Leo and Lilly Maria at ages 9 and 12 in the orphanage and need no further information on them. Yes, I am subscribed to FamilySearch.org and have searched these and other sources extensively for Rouge and Perrin. Any leads or references are appreciated. Sincerely, Robert A. Rouge
Mar 2011: Would like the burial place and death dates and or obituaries for the following. My great aunt Lillie Larsen Minder who was born in 1895 DesMoines, Iowa. Her family moved to Percy, Illinois after Lillie's mother died about 1909. Lillie married Benjamin Peter Minder in 1913 and in 1920 and resided in Collinsville, Illinois. By 1930 the Minder family was in East St. Louis, Illinois. Lillie was still there in 1947 per her brother's WWII draft card. No further information after that. Benjamin Peter Minder born 1890 in Illinois died March 1963 same state. Please contact William Alexander
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