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John Hoag

John Hoag, b. January 30, 1814 at Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, d. ,1898. Moved to Illinois from New York in 1836, initially to Lancaster Township, but by 1837 he and Peter Rowe had moved to Rock Run. The first permanent settlement in Rock Run was in 1835, so the Hoags and Rowes were certainly among the original settlers in the area. In 1838 John served as an election judge in Ridott, where the total electorate was eleven men who celebrated with a barrel of whiskey following the election. Hoag purchased 80 acres near Rock City, Rock Run Township, about 10 miles NE of Freeport, and by 1880 he held 205 acres improvements upon which included a brick house, barn, good running water and spring on Section 8. His property was located near what is now the intersection of McConnell and Rock City Roads. He was a Republican, and served as a Trustee and Steward in 1880, and had "not been out of office since the township was organized" (Tirdey). We can logically speculate that the Hoags were in the crowd for the famous Lincoln-Douglass debate for the senate nomination in 1858 which occurred in Freeport, and was attended by 10-15,000. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. He married Margaret Neivle Rowe, daughter of Frederick Rowe, June 20, 1838 in Stephenson...


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