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Christian Catholic Church

*In 1997, the congregation approved changing the name to

Christ Community Church

The City of Zion is unique in that it was developed from 11 square miles of raw farmland in 1900 with a city plan.

Dr. John Alexander Dowie had a dream for a Christian Utopia, free from the sins of the world - a place where children would be removed from an environment of saloons, tobacconists, dance halls, houses of ill repute, drugs, theaters, apothecary shops and medical doctors. The hallmark was "Salvations, Holy Living and Divine Healing."

The Christian Catholic Apostolic Church (now the Christian Catholic Church)* was chartered July 14, 1896 by Dr. Dowie in Chicago and services were held in an Indiana Limestone Church on Michigan Avenue and 16th Street. With the wraparound balcony in the santuary, more than 2,000 parishioners were seated every Sunday afternoon from 3 to 6 p.m.

By the summer of 1901, the faithful began building homes on the well-laid out city, six miles north of Waukegan. Manufacturing was east of the Chicago and North Western Railway tracks (lace mill, power plant, cnady factory, bakery, building industry, laundry and printing). Hosea Beach on the lakefront was a swimming and bathing facility, where the saved also were baptized in Lake Michigan befroe the Tabernace was built in 1901.

Retail businesses were on Elijah Avenue (Sheridan Road today). Included were the Zion Department Store, police and fire departments, administration offices for the church, Zion institutions and industries, and the Zion Hospice with 326 rooms, later known as the Zion Home.

The square mile center of the city was reserved for worship and recreation. Today, the origianl church now enjoys a circular 22 acres. The architecturally modern third church was dedicated on November 26, 1961. Dowie Memorial Drive circles the Sanctuary, Christian Arts Auditorium, Ellen Llyod Chapel, Fellowship Hall and church offices and staff.

Surrounding the church is Shiloh Park, a nine-hole golf course, Port Shiloh swimming pool, reflecting pond, tennis courts, baseball and softball diamonds, soccer field and two public schools - Central Junior High and Shiloh Park.

The writer came to the United States from England with his parents. We arrived in Zion in 1905. My father Richard accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour during a Dr. Dowie crusade in London in 1901. His wife, Nellie, joined him although it was very difficult for her to give up her Anglican faith, where she had been baptized and christened (this was before the 19th Amendment in 1919, giving woment the right of franchise).

Missionaries are in certian area around the world to fund this important work, the church uses two barrells colorfully draped with the church colors.

(This article was written by William Schwager and originally published in The News-Sun on August 28, 1995. Photographs of churches from unknown source.)

*The Church name was changed in 1997 to Christ Community Church.