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Lake County, Illinois, USA

Including the Neighboring Lake County Communities of:

Beach Park, Gurnee, North Chicago, Park City, Wadsworth, Waukegan, Wildwood, and Winthrop Harbor

Overall Accessibility and Availability of Birth and Death Records and Indexes for Every State
As Best As PaHR-Access Can Determine

Alabama (Family Search)
Death Records 1908-1974(contains only extracted information from death certificates)
County Marriage Records 1809-1950
Arizona (Arizona Department of Health Services)
Birth Records More Than 75 Years and Death Records More Than 50 Years Old
Arkansas (Family Search) County Marriage Records 1837-1957
Arkansas: Sebastian County County Births and Deaths 1877-1963
California (Family Search)
County Marriage Records 1850-1952
Delaware (Family Search)
Birth Records 1861-1922
Marriage Records 1813-1954
Death Records 1855-1961
Florida (Family Search)
Death records 1877-1939 (contains only extracted information from death certificates)
Georgia (Family Search) County Marriage Records 1785-1950
Death Records 1928-1930
Hawaii (Hawaii State Archives)
Marriage records 1826-1929) (also a small number of births and deaths)
Idaho (Family Search)
Death Records 1911-1937
County Marriage Records 1864-1950
Illinois (Family Search)
County Marriage Records 1810-1934 (for a limited number of counties)
Death Records 1916-1947 (contains only extracted information from death certificates)

Illinois: Cook County
Birth Certificates 1878-1922
Birth Registers 1871-1915
Marriage records 1871-1920
Death Records 1878-1922
Indiana (Family Search)
Marriage Records 1811-1959 (contains only extracted information from marriage records)
Iowa (Family Search)
County Birth Records 1880-1935 (contains only extracted information from birth records)
County Marriage Records 1838-1934
Kentucky (Family Search)
County Marriage Records 1797-1954
Death Records 1911-1955 (contains only extracted information from death certificates)

Kentucky (Kentucky Vital Records Project)
Birth, Marriage and Death records 1792-present, however the collection is only partial (considerably more death certificates are available through
Louisiana (Family Search)
Deaths 1850-1877 and 1894-1954 (contains only extracted information from death certificates)
Massachusetts (Family Search)
Birth Records 1841-1915
Marriages records 1842-1915
Death Records 1841-1915
Michigan (Seeking Michigan/Michigan State Library) Use Advanced Search
Death Records 1897-1920

Michigan (Family Search)
Birth records 1867-1902
Marriage 4ecords 1868-1925
Death Records 1921-1952 (extracted data only)
Minnesota (Family Search) Limited Number of Counties Included)
County Marriages 1860-1949
Deaths 1866-1916 (contains only extracted information from records)
Missouri (Missouri State Archives)
Death Records 1910-1962
Montana (Family Search)
Marriages 1865-1950
New Hampshire (Family Search)
Birth Records to 1900
Marriage Records 1637-1947
Death Records 1654-1947

New Hampshire (Conway Public Library)
Death Records 1887-2003 (contains only extracted data)
Marriages 1887-1947 (contains only extracted data)
Births 1887-2000) (contains only extracted data)
New Jersey (Family Search)
County Marriage Records 1682-1956
New Mexico (Family Search)
Death Records 1889-1945 (contains only extracted data from death certificates)
New York (Family Search)
(County Marriage Records 1908-1935
North Carolina (Family Search)
Birth Index Records 1800-2000
County Marriage Records 1762-1979
Death Records 1906-1930)
Death Records 1931-1994 (contains only extracted data from death certificates)

North Carolina: Davidson County
Death Records and Marriage Licenses 1867-1984
Ohio (Family Search)
County Marriage Records 1789-1994
Death Records 1908-1953
Oklahoma (Family Search)
County Marriage Records 1891-1959
Oregon (Family Search)
County Marriage Records 1851-1975
South Carolina (Family Search)
Death Records 1915-1943
Death Records 1944-1955 (contains only extracted information from death certificates)
South Dakota (South Dakota Department of Health)
Birth Records 1905-1908 (contains only extracted information from birth certificates)
Tennessee (Family Search)
Marriage Records 1790-1950
Death Records 1914-1955

Tennessee ((Shelby County and the Register of Deeds)
Birth Records 1874-1912
Marriage records 1820-1970
Death Records 1848-1962
Additionally this website includes a statewide index of deaths 1949-2009 and marriages 1980-2009
Texas (Family Search)
Birth Certificates 1903-1935
Death Records 1890-1976
Death Records 1977-1986
Utah (Utah State Archives)
Death Records 1904-1962

Utah Family Search)
County Marriage Records 1887-1937 (extracted data only)
Vermont (Family Search)
Birth, Marriage and Deaths 1760-1954
Washington, DC (Family Search)
Death Records & Certificates 1874-1959
Washington State (Washington State Digital State Archives)
Birth Records 1891-1929 and all statewide marriage records

Washington State (Family Search) Death Records 1907-1960
(contains only extracted information from death certificates)
West Virginia (West Virginia Division of Culture and History)
Birth, Death and Marriage records from as early as 1840 to as late as 1970
Wisconsin (Family Search)
Marriage Records 1836-1930 (extracted data only)
Wyoming (Family Search)
marriage records 1836-1930 (extracted data only)
Social Security Death Index ( Online Searchable Death Indexes for the USA
Where To Write For Vital Records

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