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Note:  the Adams Co, IN message board has been re-indexed by Rootsweb on 11 May 2011.  
If the name is on the list below, the obit is on the board, but may not show up in a search.  You may have to go 
through the list manually to find obits posted after the re-indexing date.
Please be aware that the spelling of any surname can change with time or may be a newspaper typo.
The first post on the Adams County board was 2 March 1998.  Obits, queries, bios, wills, land transactions, bible 
records, etc. have been added over the years.  If you have any records that might be of help to others reseaching
families or individuals in Adams County, please share them on our message board.
Note:  copyrighted material from newspapers or funeral homes may be abstracted, but not directly copied.  
The Decatur Daily Democrat has graciously given permission for the obituaries printed in that paper to be
copied to the Adams County GenWeb site for the personal use of researchers.  
Last First Maiden Born
Abbott Clarence R    
Abbott Lucy Bright  
Acker Albert A    
Acker Alice R Roop  
Acker Eva Jane    
Acker Floyd    
Acker Frances W Triplett  
Acker Irwin S    
Acker James    
Acker Jane Smith  
Acker Laura O Springer  
Acker Levi Wilson    
Acker Loretta Carter  
Acker Norman    
Acker Samuel    
Acker Samuel S    
Acker Zona Dooley Suman  
Adelsperger William J    
Adler Lester R    
Adler Theresa S Baltzell  
Agler Larua V J Gause  
Ahr Edwin Jacob    
Ahr Mary Melissa Harkless  
Ainsworth Ditha Thatcher  
Albaugh C E    
Albaugh C E   c1862
Alberson Edward J    
Amspaugh Ann O Brown  
Amstutz Katherine Lehman  
Anderson John W   1956
Andrews Agnes Rainier  
Andrews Alice E Rainier  
Andrews Allison Perry    
Andrews Bess Steele  
Andrews Burton    
Andrews Caleb B    
Andrews Caroline    
Andrews Cassius M    
Andrews Charles W    
Andrews Chauncey W    
Andrews Deborah Grim  
Andrews Deborah J Russell  
Andrews Eliza Ann Lightel  
Andrews Elsie M Arnold  
Andrews Ethel May Wolfe  
Andrews Floyd L    
Andrews Frances Smith  
Andrews Francis M    
Andrews George W    
Andrews Harrison    
Andrews Harry C    
Andrews Hattie M Crist  
Andrews Jane Quinn  
Andrews Jeremiah    
Andrews Jeremiah W    
Andrews Jonathan    
Andrews Joseph H    
Andrews Josephine Hill  
Andrews Louis    
Andrews Lydia Jane Renicker  
Andrews M Forest    
Andrews Mary E Wiseley  
Andrews Mary F Pease  
Andrews Mary I Wiseley  
Andrews Mary L Gessinger  
Andrews Matilda Maria Scherer  
Andrews Max F    
Andrews Mercy Ann Blossom  
Andrews Nathan    
Andrews Nellie M Worden  
Andrews Norman    
Andrews Norman C   1834
Andrews Oliver Perry M    
Andrews Perry Arthur    
Andrews Perry Edward    
Andrews Perry P    
Andrews Ralph    
Andrews Richard D    
Andrews Richard V    
Andrews Russell A    
Andrews Stella J Barber  
Andrews William E    
Anspaugh George W    
Anspaugh George W   1893
Archbold Alta Wilhite  
Archbold Angeline Fisher  
Archbold George W    
Archbold James Thomas    
Archbold Lawrence E    
Archbold Martin V B    
Archbold Mary C Sommers  
Archbold Mary C Sommers  
Archbold Mary Ellen Mallonee  
Archbold Roy    
Archbold William J    
Archbold Zachariah    
Archer Dwight M    
Archer Jeremiah    
Archinal James H    
Archinal James H   1902
Arnold Earl E    
Arnold Florence E Zimmerman  
Arnold Floyd R    
Arnold Homer W    
Arnold Lulu Byerly  
Arnold Luther L    
Arnold William    
Augsberger Dennis    
August Daisy Reynolds  
August James Lewis    
August Robert L    
August William M    
Auten Oliver P    
Avery Amos    
Avery Martha C Baird  
Babcock Marshall L    
Bailey Ruth Ann Clifton  
Baker Alva Delbert    
Baker Annota M Dailey  
Baker Augusta Ketchum  
Baker Effa Andrews  
Baker Emma Myers  
Baker Franklin O    
Baker Gladys Reffey  
Baker Ira W    
Baker Jacob    
Baker James A    
Baker Lloyd V    
Baker Lucille M Oliver  
Baker Mary J    
Baker Nancy B Kimsey  
Baker Opal Butcher  
Baker Phillip    
Baker Susan Snyder  
Ball Grant    
Ball James    
Ball James   1860
Ball  Vachel    
Baltzell Alice Lenhart  
Baltzell John C    
Banning Louanna Houk 1920
Barany Reba Roop  
Barger John H    
Barger Orval P    
Barger Orval P   1896
Barker Chester   1914
Barkley Mary J Ramsey  
Barlett Mary  Barber  
Barnett Ada E Oliver  
Barnett James H    
Barnett Rachel T Andrews  
Barnhart Blanche F Cottrell  
Barnhart Nancy Jane Barnett  
Barrett Andrew, Sr    
Baughn Annabelle Roop  
Baumgartner Elizabeth Tonner  
Baumgartner Melvin G    
Baumgartner Minnie A Russell  
Baumgartner Sam    
Bauserman Carl    
Bauserman Margaret Schindler  
Baxter Benjamin F    
Baxter Florence A Snell  
Bayman Cloyd    
Beavers Benjamin F    
Beavers Emerson A    
Beavers Ida Mae Andrews  
Beavers Martha Bagley  
Beavers Mary A Parrish  
Beavers Seth Douglas    
Bebout John E    
Beck Howard R    
Beer Anna Dubach  
Beer Caroline Fox  
Beer Carolyn    
Beer Della    
Beer Della   1894
Beer Edward    
Beer Eli    
Beer Emma Roth  
Beer Homer    
Beer Raymond    
Beer Robert Glenn    
Beer Ruth Borne  
Beer Virginia A Railing  
Beery Daniel W    
Beery Jennifer M    
Beery Leota I Gilpen  
Beery Lewis    
Beery Martha E Burkhead  
Beery Marvel Mills  
Beery Ruth B Buhler  
Beineke Lilly A Snell  
Beitler Harry W    
Beitler Margaret E Ray  
Bell James    
Bell Susannah  Niblick  
Bennett Helene M Fonner  
Berkshire James W   1926
Bertsch Erika Lynn    
Biddle Mary Shady  
Bittner Frederick C, Jr    
Bixler Gladys N    
Bixler Margaret Keely  
Bixler William H    
Black Clarence F    
Black Eleanor    
Black Josephine Miller  
Black Lois Black  
Blakey Amelia  Thieme  
Blakey Bertha E Reidenbach  
Blakey John Henry    
Blaney Robert V   1918
Bleeke Fred M    
Bleeke Sylvia J Mazelin 1938
Blossom John Monroe    
Blossom Nancy A Ball 1821
Bluhm Howard R    
Bobilya Eugene W    
Bodle Lucille G Wolfcale  
Bodle Marcella Anne    
Bodle Naomi C Burry  
Bodle Odes    
Bodle Raymond W    
Bodle Sarah E Thatcher  
Bodle Walter    
Bodle Wayne C    
Bohnke Francis I Snell  
Bohnke Harold W    
Boice Elma E Flory  
Boice William R    
Bollenbacher Albert Frederick    
Bollenbacher Albert Frederick   1911
Bollenbacher Mina E Tinkham  
Bollinger John D    
Bolt James C    
Book Nellie Hamrick  
Booth Lola B Wood  
Borders Frances F Girod  
Bowers Charles R    
Bowers Effie Shackley  
Bowers Esta Moser  
Bowers Harriett Mechling  
Bowman Nancy Ellen Reber  
Bowman Robert W    
Bowyer Lena    
Boyd James R    
Boyd Richard    
Bracht Lydia L Henschen  
Braden Louise C Teeple  
Brandenburg Samuel    
Brandt Dale L, Sr    
Brandyberry Abraham    
Brandyberry Abraham   1836
Brandyberry Alexander    
Brandyberry Amos R    
Brandyberry Benjamin    
Brandyberry Benjamin   1873
Brandyberry Dennis    
Brandyberry Floyd Edgar    
Brandyberry Frank S    
Brandyberry John K    
Brandyberry John K   1838
Brandyberry Josephine Carens  
Brandyberry Lena M Pearson  
Brandyberry Lillian E Marshand  
Brandyberry Louisa Andrews  
Brandyberry Millard Otis    
Brandyberry Orpha    
Brandyberry William    
Braun Elizabeth Rohn  
Braun Elizabeth Rohn 1885
Braun Naomi A Faurote  
Brehm Dellsen V    
Brehm Paul William    
Breiner Benjamin F    
Breiner Catherine Gephart 1898
Breiner Georgia B Niblick  
Breiner Joseph M    
Breiner Mary Ann Hower  
Breiner Minnie Diehl  
Breiner Reuben    
Breiner Sarah C Crist  
Breiner Susanna Hower  
Bremerkamp Mary Hart  
Brentlinger Winona Diehl  
Brewster Andrew    
Brewster Eva M Garwood  
Brewster Patricia Lou    
Bright John A    
Bright Joshua F    
Bright Lulu D Cloud  
Brodbeck Marion E    
Brodbeck Roy E    
Brookhart Joseph Parker    
Brookhart Mamie P Teeple  
Brown Annis May Merriman  
Brown Dallas    
Brown Gainess Baker  
Brown Julia    
Brown Lois I Sovine  
Brown Louise Lulu Ehling  
Brown Myrtle J Chronister  
Brown Nadine M Black  
Brown Orlan    
Brown Orlan W   1905
Brown Ronald D    
Brunner Amy C Click  
Brunner John P   1934
Brunner Melvena Z Sudduth  
Brunner Norma E    
Buckmaster Kenneth F    
Buhler Albert    
Buhler Jacob B    
Buhler Rosa C Fuhrman  
Bultemeier Robert L   1934
Burger Esther C    
Burger John    
Burk Aaron A    
Burk Frances M Merryman  
Burke Marcile S Johnson  
Burkhart Dolly M Richard  
Burkhead Joshua N    
Butcher Adam C    
Butcher Eldora J Johnson  
Butcher Lewis K    
Butcher Phillip S    
Butcher Robert C    
Butler Addie M Spuller  
Butler Benjamin F    
Butler Floyd M    
Butler Frank R    
Butler Hester C Stalter  
Butler Hubert E    
Butler Irvin Rolly    
Butler Loretta Williams  
Butler Melvin J    
Butler Nile M    
Butler Nora Rice  
Butler Olive Josephine Feasel  
Butler Ralph E    
Butler William    
Butler William E    
Byer James F    
Call Helen Noll  
Callow John W    
Callow Marilyn M Thatcher  
Carpenter Ira C    
Carpenter Jesse Leo    
Carr Zelma Burley  
Carr Zelma Burley 1889
Carroll Leah Miller  
Carter Sanford    
Carter Winona McBarnes  
Case Albert C    
Case Carolyn S Meyer  
Case Clarence    
Case Daimon D    
Case Harriet Fox  
Case Hulda J Brunsteter  
Case Isaac J    
Case Jesse August  
Case Jesse    
Case Joel Wood    
Case Marion A    
Case Mary Ella Watkins  
Case Reah Church  
Cecil Nina B Chronister  
Chandler Vera I    
Chaney Robert W    
Cherryholmes Mary A Walters  
Chilcote Zelma Debolt  
Christen William    
Chronister Ida H Ayers  
Chronister Josiah L    
Chronister Nora I Lash  
Chronister Robert M    
Clark Nelle Winans  
Click Charles F    
Click Franklin S    
Click Harvey L    
Click Pearl L Boehm 1884
Clifton Benjamin Harrison   1889
Clifton Benjamin Harrison     
Cline George    
Cline George B    
Cline Jonas    
Cline Lucinda  Rice  
Cline Mary Jane Shaffer  
Cline Nancy Ann Rice  
Cloud Caroline Niblick  
Cloud Charles E    
Clouse Dale E    
Cochran Sarah A Mills  
Coffee Thomas    
Coil Gertrude A Stetler  
Collins Amanda Mae Johnson  
Colter Gerald    
Colter Gerald   1951
Colter James R    
Colter Richard    
Colter Richard   1923
Colvin Pauline Schoenherr  
Connelley Ethel Sanders  
Connelley Ethel Sanders 1892
Conner Blanche, Mrs    
Cook Dorothy A Irwin  
Cook Margaret A Burgo  
Cook Mary L Everhart  
Cook Roy J    
Corson Melinda  Good  
Cottrell Clarence C    
Cottrell Earl W    
Cottrell Samuel C    
Counterman Emma J Myers  
Cowan Alice Knapp  
Cowan Amy Dailey  
Cowan Chauncey V    
Cowan Effie May Harnish  
Cowan Ezra H    
Cowan George G    
Cowan James C    
Cowan Kit Carson    
Cowan Martha Dudley  
Cowan Sarah Death  
Cowan William J    
Craft Dina S Smith  
Craig Berneice Dellinger 1911
Cramer Lydia Ann Drummond  
Crawford Edyth Rice  
Crist Elias    
Crist John F    
Crist Martha J Johnson  
Cully Dora Mathewson  
Cully Dora Mathewson 1884
Dague James H    
Dague Lela Baumgartner  
Dague Mrs Thomas   1885
Dague William F    
Dailey Adeline Niblick  
Dailey Clayton E    
Dailey Delaura May Bunner  
Dailey Destine June Beery  
Dailey Esais W    
Dailey Hannah Smith  
Dailey Joseph J    
Dailey Margaret M Brandt  
Dailey Quincy    
Dailey Samantha Robinson  
Dailey Stanton R    
Dailey Vera Hower  
Daily Esaias    
Davidson Oral Lee   1901
Davis Mary E Andrews  
Davis Robert A    
Davison Albert J    
Davison Edna Ray  
Davison Helen G    
Davison Marcellus    
Davison Ralph E    
Dawson Linda Gephart  
Dealey John    
Dean Thomas    
Death Elsie Harmon  
Debolt Alta Cowan  
Debolt Barbara Ellen Ball  
Debolt Chester F    
Debolt Delia L Robinson  
Debolt Luther    
Debolt Mary Jane Heath  
Debolt Paul    
Debolt Ruth V Lough  
Debolt Thomas H    
Deininger Ocie F Cowan  
Dellinger Frank    
Dellinger G Frederick    
Dellinger G Frederick   1916
Dellinger George    
Dellinger Marietta Meyer  
Dellinger Marietta Meyer 1919
Dellinger Max E    
Dellinger Terry S    
Dent Gypsy J Dorwin  
Detterer James P    
Dhhane Opal Shoemaker  
Dibble Sara Baumgartner  
Dick Scott A    
Dickerson Martha J Mills  
Diehl Forrest    
Diehl Marie E Hess  
Diehl Mary M Mechline  
Dilling Mary C Stoneburner  
Dolch Louis E    
Donahoo Dorothy A Boese  
Drake Clarence F, Jr    
Drake Clarence F, Sr    
Drake Donald    
Drake Gladys C Gephart  
Draper Charles H    
Draper John    
Draper Mary Haggard  
Draper William    
Drayer Viola Baumgartner  
Drummond John B    
Drummond Maria Allen  
Dubach Clinton    
Dubach Silva, Mrs    
Duhane Opal Shoemaker 1888
Dull Elizabeth Mauller  
Dull Ida A Bunner  
Dull Mary M Hilton  
Durbin Hannah J Head  
Durbin John W    
Durbin Joseph    
Durbin Laura B Aspy  
Durbin Lydia I Martz  
Durbin Richard G    
Durbin Samuel J    
Durbin William M    
Eady Catherine Heimbarger  
Eady Enoch    
Eady Kenneth "Jake"    
Eady Melvena I Butler  
Eady Nellie May Andrews  
Eady Rebecca Fisher  
Eady Romayne Murray  
Eber Esther H    
Eddrington Vernon    
Edgell Clara Smitley  
Edington James H    
Edwards Josephine Niblick  
Edwards Sara Kauffman  
Egly Abraham    
Egly Chris    
Egly Helen D Roop  
Egly Lewis    
Ehlerding Paulona Bittner 1896
Ehrman Floyd W    
Ehrman Kenneth    
Ehrsam Josephine Shaffer  
Eichenberger Martha Louise Habegger  
Eichenberger Martha Louise Habegger 1895
Ellenberger Joyce    
Ellenberger Noah    
Elliot Carl W, Sr    
Ely William A    
Elzey Abner W    
Elzey Alfred W    
Elzey Benjamin H    
Elzey Edna A Butler  
Elzey Franklin M    
Elzey Harvey E    
Elzey Harvey E   1885
Elzey Isom    
Elzey Joseph Allison    
Elzey Lydia E Brandyberry  
Elzey Mary Baker  
Elzey Mary Butler  
Elzey Mary Catherine Venis  
Elzey Perry    
Elzey Sarah Garretson  
Elzey Sedorah R Ball  
Ernst George Albert    
Ertel Wayne L    
Essex Clifford    
Essex Ethel Tumbleson  
Essex Glenn E    
Essex Jesse V    
Evans Dessie T Butler  
Everett Oliver P    
Everhart Basil    
Everhart John W    
Everhart Justine Zerkel  
Everhart Sylvester     
Falk Cora Dailey  
Falk Daniel L    
Falk John S    
Falk Mary Ellen Cowan  
Farlow Arthur    
Faurote Frank J    
Fawcett Helen M Troutner  
Feasel Charles Wm    
Feasel Chester D    
Feasel Delmas Wm    
Feasel Emma May Saum  
Feasel Leo M    
Fensler Hubert Ellsworth    
Fickert Helen L Case  
Fiechter William    
Fisher Brice David   1952
Fisher John    
Fisher John   1877
Flory Jacob J    
Flory Rufus    
Flueckiger Marilyn  Lehman  
Fonner David M    
Fonner John Henry    
Fonner Thomas R    
Foreman Gretchen P Lough  
Foreman Sarah A Brandyberry  
Fortney Frank D    
Fortney Ola Jackson  
Fortney Orlen S    
Fortney Orlen S   1877
Foster Ralph A    
Fox Aldine Moser  
Fox Clara R Burger  
Fox David    
Fox Dora A Hirschy  
Fox Ervin    
Fox Ervin    
Fox Gorman D    
Fox Leonard    
Fox Leonard    
Frane Donald M   1938
Frank Della Myers  
Frank Emily J Buffenbarger  
Frank James L    
Franke Reinhard    
Franz Doyle E    
Frauhiger Harry    
Frauhiger Levi    
Frauhiger Martha    
French Mary  Darst  
Frisinger Alma Ethel Dailey  
Frisinger Lois Berniece DeVoss 1912
Frisinger Mary Jane Peterson  
Frisinger Maynard A    
Frisinger Nora Ellen Kern  
Fritzinger Curtis N    
Fritzinger William L    
Frost Martha Ellen Ball  
Fry Noah W    
Fryback Ray R    
Frysinger David F    
Fuchs Mary Hirschy  
Fuchs Milo    
Fuelling Edgar C    
Fuhrman Lawrence     
Fuhrman Lura E Tumbleson  
Fuhrman Milton J    
Fuhrman Philip    
Fuhrman Saloma A Rice  
Funk Florence Lewton  
Funk Florence Lewton 1898
Funk Lois I Strickler  
Funk Louisa May Troutner  
Funk Ralph E    
Gage Minnie Burkhead  
Gallmeyer Augusta L   1897
Garner Ronnie P    
Garton Lawrence Wendell    
Garwood Charles R    
Garwood Daniel    
Garwood Donald E    
Garwood Eileen L Krick  
Garwood Elmer A    
Garwood Ethel M Douglas  
Garwood Harold D    
Garwood Louise Yager  
Garwood Lucille Schaffer  
Garwood Naomi E Nyfeller  
Garwood Oscar F    
Garwood Raymend    
Garwood William T    
Gase Anthony P    
Gase Celesta P Fox  
Gase Elizabeth  Spuller  
Gase Katherine M Diener  
Gase Mary T Loshe  
Gase Philbert E    
Gase Richard J    
Gaston Flossie Ellenberger  
Gaunt Charles    
Gaunt Polly Swygart  
Gause Dayton Elias    
Gause Elisha O    
Gause Homer S    
Gause James E    
Gause Nelson D    
Gause Paul C    
Gause Paul C   1920
Gause Vera O Draper  
Gay Edward, Sr   1896
Gay George   1838
Gay Harold James    
Gay Margaret B Frisinger  
Gay Martha E Teeple  
Gay Mildred A Brodbeck  
Geels Francis   1925
Geels Nonna Kline 1929
Gehron Wilma J Coil  
Geimer Owen    
Geisler Frances Voris 1905
Gephart Albert L    
Gephart Basil J    
Gephart Charlotte Thatcher  
Gephart David F    
Gephart Ina Mae Gilbert  
Gephart Irene R Kaehr  
Gephart John    
Gephart Joseph D    
Gephart Loma Gustin  
Gephart Margaret Ellen Hirsch  
Gephart Maude May Wells  
Gephart Oath    
Gephart Oscar M    
Gephart Oscar M   1877
Gephart Robert L, Sr    
Gephart True J    
Gephart Virginia M Springer  
Gerber Paul E   1928
Gerber Susan E    
Gerke Edwin    
Gerke Miriam J Myers  
Gerwig Orval J    
Gibson Burl    
Gick Audrey    
Giessler Ruth H Thomas 1915
Gilbert Gorman A    
Gilliom Estella Kaehr  
Gilliom John    
Girardot Lola    
Girod August    
Girod Charles    
Girod Ernest A    
Girod Samuel    
Glardon Margaret Bertha Hendricks  
Glendening Pearl Atz 1897
Glendening Pearl  Atz  
Golliff Zelna M. "Sally" Brunner 1931
Goodin James A    
Gordon Deronda M Folden 1923
Gould Mary Emily Ray  
Gould Nellie Wolfe  
Gould Paul B   1901
Graham Leona DeVoss  
Grim Malinda  Merryman  
Grimm Margaret J Sudduth  
Grimm Mary R Hart  
Grimm Michael F   1950
Habegger Gordon    
Habegger Lydia Lehman  
Habegger Maxine Beavers  
Hackmann Mary Ann Spuller  
Haggard Bessie Miles  
Haggard John A    
Haggard Susan  Martz  
Haggard Veda J Andrews  
Hahn Abraham    
Hahn Abraham   1862
Hahn Emma Krick  
Hahnert Calvin G    
Hahnert Frieda C    
Hahnert George Alfred    
Hahnert Morris D    
Hakes Charles H    
Hakes George O    
Hakes Gladys I Chronister  
Hakes Hale A    
Hakes Josephine Hower  
Hakes Thelma J Brodbeck  
Hammond Charles E    
Hammond David    
Hammond Keith Daniel    
Hammond Lewis H    
Hammond Lewis K    
Hammond Mary L McCoullough  
Hammond Matilda Koenig  
Hammond Roy Walter    
Hamrick Calvin H    
Hamrick Fausta Skidmore  
Hamrick Florence Wolfe  
Hamrick Forrest L    
Hamrick Frances L Dull  
Hamrick Frank    
Hamrick Harry E    
Hamrick James E    
Hamrick Jesse R    
Hamrick Luella E Gessell  
Hamrick Nora V Frank  
Hamrick Paul R    
Hamrick Samuel L    
Hamrick Sylvia Luginbill  
Hamrick Victor L    
Hancher Anna E Schaffner  
Hancher Frederick P    
Haney Albion Joseph    
Hanni Doyle Irvin    
Hanni Doyle Irvin   1929
Harden Edna Theresa Welty  
Harden Morris Clyde    
Harden Nancy J. Harkless  
Harden Ross    
Harkless Alvina Bucher  
Harkless David James    
Harkless James Clifford    
Harkless Minnie McCampbell  
Harman Donald C    
Harmon James    
Harrison Nancy E Ritter  
Hart Jacob S    
Hartman Eva    
Hartman Eva   1915
Hartzog Nancy E Ritter  
Harvey Cecil W    
Harvey Larry A    
Havens Marie E Hakes  
Hawkins Emma Jones  
Hawkins George W    
Hay Naomi M Whitright  
Haynes Frances Thompson  
Heare Alice M Richards  
Heare Carrie E Evitt  
Heare Chester H    
Heath James E    
Hedington Dorothy Hoffman  
Heller Dick D, Jr    
Heller John Vernon    
Heller Mary Landis  
Heller Mary Melching  
Heller Minnie Jane Brown  
Heller Vearl L    
Helm George D    
Helm John Henry    
Helm Katherine Archbold  
Helm Mary E Gephart  
Hendricks August C    
Hendricks Bonnie M Reed 1939
Hendricks Clyde    
Hendricks Daisy M Smith-Reffee  
Hendricks Dmitri W    
Hendricks Elizabeth Thompson  
Hendricks Elizabeth M    
Hendricks Etta Johnson  
Hendricks Howard G    
Hendricks Jacob D    
Hendricks James A    
Hendricks James, Sr    
Hendricks Jane    
Hendricks Lydia Rennecker  
Hendricks Lydia Rennecker  
Hendricks Mary  Coffman  
Hendricks Mary A Martz  
Hendricks Miller    
Hendricks Noah    
Hendricks Nolda Agler  
Hendricks Oliver Thomas    
Hendricks Pat McGee    
Hendricks Rena B    
Hendricks Richard    
Hendricks Ruby K    
Hendricks Stella E Keller  
Hendricks Thelma Burkhead  
Hendricks William    
Henschen Mary M Spangler  
Henschen Ruth E Yake  
Henschen Samuel D    
Herman Alvin W    
Herman Alvin W   1938
Herman Donald F    
Herman Donald F   1920
Herman Wesley S    
Hess Amanda Schroll  
Heverly William    
Hildebrand Irma McBarnes  
Hill Cleo I Krick  
Hill Crilla B    
Hill Eular H    
Hill John    
Hill Mary M Speakman  
Hill Robert F    
Hilpert Metha E Bieberich  
Hilton Esther L Sovine  
Hilton Walter E    
Hilyard Earl B    
Hilyard Laura E Gay  
Hilyard Lenore Mercer  
Hilyard Lilliam M Breiner  
Hilyard Norma I Roth  
Hindenlang Clara M High  
Hindenlang Elizabeth Ellen Ritter  
Hirschy Bertha Urick  
Hirschy Edna    
Hirschy Eli    
Hirschy Elizabeth  Reinhart  
Hirschy Esther    
Hirschy George    
Hirschy Irvin A   1899
Hirschy Magdalena, Mrs    
Hirschy May E Kaehr  
Hirschy Melvina M Beer  
Hirschy Melvina M Beer 1916
Hirschy Mrs Elias    
Hirschy Noah C    
Hirschy Roy E    
Hirshey Harold A    
Hirshey Josephine Cook  
Hitchcock Eugene R    
Hoagland James O    
Hocker John F    
Hocker Leona V Johnson  
Hoffman Dorothy   1905
Hoffman Malinda Miller  
Hoffman Martin L    
Hollman Herman F    
Holloway Murray C    
Hook Roy    
Hook Roy   1885
Houck Friedah C Whitright  
Houck George Max    
Howdyshell Sarah M    
Howell Helen B Whitright  
Hower Ada M Hakes  
Hower Barbara A Steele  
Hower Benjamin F    
Hower Brice E    
Hower Carl Newton    
Hower Carrie Dettinger  
Hower Dallas M    
Hower Donald D    
Hower E Hugh Frank    
Hower Elmira Dailey  
Hower Frech E    
Hower Harriet Pearl Gilson  
Hower James A    
Hower John L    
Hower John Thomas    
Hower Joseph C    
Hower Lucinda A Stalter  
Hower Maria Elizabeth Barnhart  
Hower Mathilda Heath  
Hower Maude Alora Scott  
Hower Minnie Durr  
Hower Nancy Steele  
Hower Neva G Ernst  
Hower Sarah Archbold  
Hower Viola Matilda Barnett  
Hower Willard D    
Hueston James D    
Hueston Raymond    
Huffman Morse W     
Huffman Norbert O    
Hunnicutt Jesse H    
Hunter Frances M Baker  
Hutton Marcellus E    
Idlewine Harold    
Idlewine Norma Jean    
Idlewine Norma Jean   1934
Irwin Freeda E Jeweal  
Isch Glen   1917
Jabert Edna Bieneke  
Jackson Fannie C Standiford  
Jackson Harry E    
Jackson Nellie C Helm  
Jackson Richard L   1920
Jackson William    
Jacobs Elizabeth J Johnson  
Jacobs Lawrence E    
Jacobs Norman A    
Jaurequi Juanita H    
Johnson Barry A    
Johnson Dott Robinson 1898
Johnson Edwin J    
Johnson Eliza M Smith  
Johnson Gertrude Bright  
Johnson Gladys B    
Johnson Hazel Cook  
Johnson Henry F    
Johnson James S    
Johnson John E    
Johnson John H    
Johnson Joseph P    
Johnson Joseph T    
Johnson Lawrence    
Johnson Lawrence P    
Johnson Leander    
Johnson Levi    
Johnson Lucinda  Beitler  
Johnson Lula A Hendricks  
Johnson Mae Workinger  
Johnson Malinda  Ball  
Johnson Martha Dyarman  
Johnson Martha Emily Walton  
Johnson Mary    
Johnson Mary E    
Johnson Meredith W    
Johnson Merrill E    
Johnson Minerva Reynolds  
Johnson Otto    
Johnson Perry S    
Johnson Ralph O   1911
Johnson Raymond S    
Johnson Robert W    
Johnson Samuel    
Johnson Susannah Everhart  
Johnson Thomas Edgar    
Johnson Thomas Edgar, Jr    
Johnson Willis F    
Johnston Faye F    
Johnston Florence Smith  
Johnston Frank L    
Johnston Lawrence E    
Johnston Levi E    
Johnston Madge Sarah Hedington  
Johnston Martha Dyarman  
Johnston Maynard E    
Johnston Merlin G    
Johnston Orel M Kitson  
Johnston Orel M Kitson 1890
Jones Charles R    
Jones Daniel D    
Jones Evelyn Schnurbush  
Jones Marie V Uhrick  
Jones Martha Crowl  
Jones Miles C    
Jones Myrtle Manley  
Jones Opal M Ray  
Jones Orval C    
Jones Orval C   1903
Jones William    
Julian Elmer R    
Julian Simon P    
Kaehr Edward    
Kaehr Harvey    
Kaehr Ivan    
Kaehr Maxine Tinkham  
Kahn Vadis O Green  
Kauffman Pearl  Beer  
Kaylor Dorothy    
Keller Edward J    
Keller Floyd E    
Keller Gyneth F Oliver  
Kelsey David C    
Kelsey Dianne M    
Kennel Howard W    
Kenney Patrick E    
Kern Blanche McBarnes  
Kern Charles D    
Kern Davis D    
Kestner Arthur Calvin   1902
Ketchum Amos R    
Ketchum Marion    
Kidwell Laura E Neff  
King Dick E    
King James H    
King Nolan    
King Theodore    
Kipfer Betty J Cook  
Kipfer Edward R    
Kipfer Mahilda Irene    
Kipfer Mary Steffen  
Kipfer Obed Pete    
Kipfer Theresa L Harker  
Kiracofe Harland H    
Kirchenbauer Harold    
Kirkendall Herman A    
Kirkendall James    
Kirsch Mary Jane Zinn  
Kirsch Otto L    
Kiser Kenneth L    
Kissinger Flroence M    
Kitson Margaret A Stoneburner  
Kitson Mary F Elzey  
Kleinhenz Martha E Butler  
Klusman Ellen L Uhrick  
Klusman Goldie  Draper  
Klusman Roy W    
Knavel John A    
Knavel Mary Lamlin  
Knavel Max M    
Knavel R Edward    
Knavel Rachel Hahn  
Knodle Sarah Gephart  
Koehler Albert    
Kohne Lois E Ogg  
Kolter Ada C Hower  
Kolter Robert M   1915
Koos Dale    
Koos Gladys L Steele  
Koos Harvey W    
Koos Isabell Neptune  
Koos Mary Katherine Lillich  
Koos Mary Katherine Lillich 1857
Koos Sherman R    
Koos Vernon   1894
Kraner Darla J Kelsey  
Kreigh Claude D    
Kreigh Olive N Merriman  
Kreischer Pearl A Johnson 1901
Krick Alverta    
Krick Bertha Garwood  
Krick Caroline Hunter  
Krick Daisy Gause  
Krick Dennis D    
Krick Dennison    
Krick Doyle H    
Krick Emma J Woods  
Krick Eva C Elzey  
Krick Frank J    
Krick Gene O    
Krick George M    
Krick Henry    
Krick Hubert E    
Krick Ida M Mauller  
Krick James H    
Krick John W    
Krick Joseph A    
Krick Joseph D    
Krick Laura K Reusser  
Krick Leona A Koenemann  
Krick Louisa Tague  
Krick Malinda  Gause  
Krick Mary Agnes    
Krick Mary Helen Kleinhenz  
Krick Orley A    
Krick Robert H    
Krick Sarah  Mangold  
Krick Walter J    
Krontz Dorothy M Lough  
Kuhn Neva Frank  
Kunkel Calvin Dorwin    
Kunkel Fred D    
Kunkel Sanna Pillars  
Kunowich Adam P    
Kunowich Mary Lorinda Johnson  
Laisure John L    
Laisure Mary  Draper  
Laisure Virgil    
Laisure Virgil   1868
Laman Anna B Case  
Landis Blanche Yaney  
Landis Homer G    
Landis Willis H    
Langenbacher Mathias    
Langston David A    
Langworthy Frances W Meyer  
LaTurner E Luella Hower  
LaTurner Joseph D    
Laurent Aloysius P    
Lautzenheiser Aaron    
Lautzenheiser Edith June    
Lautzenheiser Eliza Williams  
Lautzenheiser Gerald I    
Leamon John F    
Lee Doyle D   1921
Lehman Corinne Habegger  
Lehman Earl    
Lehman Faye Eichar  
Lehman Frederick    
Lehman Frederick    1927
Lehman Goldie Gladys Michael 1891
Lehman Harley    
Lehman Harry W    
Lehman Herman    
Lehman Herman   1894
Lehman Hulda Habegger  
Lehman Hulda Habegger 1886
Lehman Lydia Neuenschwander  
Lehman Lydia Neuenschwander 1893
Lehman Reuben    
Lehman Thomas George    
Lehman Thomas George   1890
Lemunyon Hazel    
Lenhart E Burt    
Lenhart Flossie Laisure  
Lenhart Martha E Johnson  
Levy Manes M    
Lewton Jennie Emily Zimmerman  
Lhamon Abraham    
Liby Floyd    
Liby Homer    
Liby Martha J McKean  
Liby Mary E Summers  
Liby Neva  Harshbarger  
Liby Ronald H    
Liddy Mary Ellen  Aurand  
Light Robert A    
Light Robert A   1913
Lillich Anna Conrad  
Lillich Opal L Walters  
Liniger Fred D    
Linn Mary E Saurer  
Lister Walter E    
Little Elisha Booker    
Littlejohn Ireta Erwin  
Littlejohn Ireta Erwin 1893
Lobsiger Minerva E Bollinger  
Lobsiger Minerva Elizabeth Bollinger  
Lobsiger Minerva Elizabeth Bollinger 1875
Lobsiger Noble W    
Long Ella G Dent  
Longenberger Husta Andrews  
Longenberger Ovall Fortney  
Longenberger Ralph    
Longenberger Rolla    
Longenberger Stephen G    
Lopshire Mary  Case  
Loshe Richard   1952
Lough Cora B White  
Lough Everett C    
Lough Gene    
Lough John W    
Lough Lynn    
Lough Wilbur    
Lower Homer D    
Luginbill Evelyn F Hamrick  
Luginbill Goldie Mae Bollenbacher  
Luginbill Opal A Bollenbacher  
Luginbill Opal A Bollenbacher 1909
Lyons Donna L Noll  
Lyons Irene L Hess  
Macy Harold Byford    
Macy Ishmael    
Macy Jethro    
Magley Charles E    
Maines Ronald L    
Major Pearl G Hendricks  
Maller Joel    
Maller John    
Maller Lorene Alice    
Maller Willard    
Mallonee Emory Allen    
Mallonee Lyle A    
Mallonee Myrtle Smith  
Mallonee Nancy Ann Andrews  
Mallonee Ross J    
Mallonee Sarah E Kimsey  
Malony Joseph O    
Mangold Sophia Spangler  
Manley Chauncey O    
Manley Harry L    
Manley Helen E Noll  
Manley Mae Julian  
Manley Richard O    
Mann Ashley    
Markey Pearl Tumbleson 1900
Markey Pearl  Tumbleson  
Marshall Clifford T    
Martin Helena Miller  
Martin Walter F    
Martz Amelia Martin  
Martz Catherine Laughrey  
Martz Charity J Tabler  
Martz George Henry    
Martz Levi L    
Martz Mary Jane Baker  
Martz Mary R LaBrun  
Martz Samuel J    
Martz Viola M Brandyberry  
Mauller Harry I    
Mayer Charlotte Bailey  
Mayer Clara Lou Urick  
Mazelin David J   1882
McAdams Mary Acker  
McAhren Paul L   1905
McAlexander Freeman    
McAlhany Ora O    
McAlhany Ora O   1900
McBarnes Charles J    
McBarnes Eva Ehling  
McBarnes Joseph Dayton    
McBarnes Mary Maxwell  
McBarnes Samuel    
McBarnes Sarah Jane Lee  
McBarnes William    
McBarnes William Smith    
McBride Peggy Dick 1928
McConnell Evangeline McConnehey  
McConnell Mark M    
McConnell Mary H Miller  
McCullough Paul D    
McDaniel Myrtle E Andrews  
McDonald Glenn D    
McDonald Wanda Meyer  
McElhaney Nellie Boltin  
McElhaney Nellie Boltin 1894
McFarland Joseph D    
McGeorge Myrtle    
McGeorge Myrtle   1902
McGill Mary K McMillen  
McKean Amanda M Johnson  
McKean Calvin J    
McKean John W    
McKean Josephine Brandyberry  
McKean Laura B Uhrick  
McKean Lydia Stalter  
McKean Rema L Shady  
McKinney Mrs M A    
McKinney Mrs M A    
McLeod Edward    
McManama Cletus A    
McMichael Bertha B Mauller  
McMillen Asa    
McMillen Glen B    
Meibers Charles L    
Meibers Mae Dora Stephenson  
Melchi Beatrice E Peterson  
Melchi Cecil A    
Melchi Nathan E    
Melchi Nathan G    
Melchi Nettie May Ehresam  
Melching William    
Merica Ernest G    
Merica John D    
Merriman Amy Clawson  
Merriman Elisha Ray    
Merriman Harry R    
Merriman Lemuel W    
Merriman Maud Wells  
Merriman Nora Olive Feasel  
Merriman Omer H    
Merriman William C    
Merriss Daniel E    
Merryman James Thomas    
Merryman Louisa P Albers  
Merryman Mary E Andrews  
Merryman Susie    
Merryman Zachariah    
Meshberger Mary A Dailey  
Meyer Alice C Lhamon  
Meyer Floyd L    
Meyer Jonas    
Meyer Lois Ann Eady  
Meyer William F    
Michaels James    
Miller Bertha Kline  
Miller Bertha Kline 1881
Miller Bessie S    
Miller Bessie S   1885
Miller Charles W    
Miller Chloe W Rice  
Miller Christ    
Miller Cleo Maggie Krick  
Miller Dora F Girod  
Miller Esther Everett  
Miller Geraldine J Steele  
Miller Jacqueline R Gase  
Miller James M    
Miller Lee T    
Miller Leo L    
Miller Levi D    
Miller Martin V    
Miller Mary Kirchhofer  
Miller Ora B    
Miller Ora B   1890
Miller Otto C    
Miller Richard Wayne    
Miller Sarah M Archbold  
Miller Stella R    
Mills Harriett M Myers  
Mills Hattie J Andrews  
Mills Joseph C    
Mills Oliver P    
Mills Robert L    
Minch Jay H    
Minnich Mildred Neuenschwander  
Minnick Charlene Screeton  
Minnick Charlene Screeton 1949
Mitchel Marie Landis  
Moats Amanda Archer  
Moellering Adele Scherer 1901
Mollenkoph Alex    
Moore Miranda Barnett  
Moore Norma J Hazelwood  
Moorman Lora C    
Morgan Dianna S Crist  
Morgan Helen M Sheets  
Morgan Verena    
Moser Charles    
Moser Elizabeth Sunier  
Moser Mary L Roop  
Moser Mrs Peter    
Moser Oscar H    
Moser Palmer    
Moser Palmer   1901
Moser Ralph    
Moses Dale D    
Moses Edgar S    
Moses Florence L    
Moses Gertrude    
Mosser Peter    
Mowery Naomi Teeple  
Murphy Alice E Hendricks  
Murphy Rhoda S Lammert  
Murray Forrest G    
Murray Myrtle Roop  
Murray Vaughn L    
Murray Walter R    
Murtaugh Charles A    
Murtaugh Dorus Floyd F    
Murtaugh William J    
Murtaugh William, Jr    
Mutschler Fay Jackson  
Myers Bryan    
Myers Charles Milton    
Myers Dora Acker  
Myers Emma V Uhrick  
Myers Fred C    
Myers Gene C    
Myers Gene L    
Myers Henry    
Myers Ireta P Gephart  
Myers John M    
Myers John T    
Myers John William    
Myers Josiah    
Myers Lois Ward  
Myers Louise J Allen  
Myers Mary E Teeple  
Myers Moses E    
Myers Nessie V Beam  
Myers Richard C    
Myers Rose August  
Myers William H    
Neal Merle    
Neal Merle   1919
Need Peggy Dick  
Nelson Hattie E Watkins  
Nelson Isaac    
Nelson Percy I   1890
Neptune James G    
Neptune Mary    
Neuenschwander John    
Neuenschwander Lizzie Schwartz  
Newby Ella Stucky  
Niblick Catherine M Closs  
Niblick Charles E    
Niblick Charles Xavier    
Niblick Christena R Miller  
Niblick Emily Jane Summers  
Niblick Jesse    
Niblick Jesse E    
Niblick Jessie G    
Niblick John B    
Niblick Kathryn L Henneford  
Niblick Mary Jane Studabaker  
Niblick Samuel T    
Niblick Vernon J    
Nichols Verna May McBarnes  
Nidlinger George W    
Noble George E    
Noffsinger Letitia Burkhead  
Noll Beatrice Sours  
Noll Florence A Roop  
Noll Max Andrew    
Noll Neva Riley  
Norris Lawrence T, Rev    
Nussbaum Calvin J    
Nussbaum Emma L Marquette  
Nussbaum Frank    
Nussbaum Henry    
Nussbaum Joyce I Brewster  
Nye Buel G    
Nye Dora Stove  
Nye Johnson    
Nyffeler Fannie E Dutcher  
Nyffeler Mary K Burkhead  
Ochsenrider Catherine D Eady  
Odle Grover M    
Oechsle Dorothy M Peterson  
Ogg Catherine Marie Snyder  
Ogg George W    
Ogg Ida Belle Womack  
Ogg Laura L Gause  
Ogg Max E    
Ogg Perry J    
Oliver Arvilla M Hower  
Oliver Arvilla M. Hower  
Oliver Frederick T    
Oliver Grover H    
Oliver Martha "Mattie" Buckmaster  
Oliver Mary A Hocker  
Oliver Pearl Strickler  
Oliver Walter C    
Omlor Myrtle Fifer 1892
Osborn Thelma Breiner  
Osterman Enos H    
Osterman Herman    
Osterman James    
Osterman Robert L    
Osterman Virginia  Keller  
Owens Robert L    
Painter Sarah Marie    
Parmer Gettys Roy    
Parrish Bessie J    
Parrish John R    
Parrish John W    
Parrish Josiah O    
Parrish Lee E    
Parrish Margaret Martin  
Parrish Mary Ellen Elzey  
Parrish Myles F    
Parrish Nancy   1904
Parrish Nancy Jane Smith  
Parrish Nellie May Krick  
Parrish Nettie Baker  
Parrish Otto F    
Parrish Richard K    
Paulison Rachel Merriman  
Paulison Samuel M    
Pearson Edna M Evilsizer  
Penland Laurinda Lockwood  
Peoples John C    
Peoples Louisa G Smith  
Peterson Cal Fuller    
Peterson Edna L Neukom  
Peterson Eliza Jane Blossom  
Peterson Esther L Sheets  
Peterson Frances A Schneider  
Peterson Frank S    
Peterson Henry Clay    
Peterson Mary I Frisinger  
Peterson Maude T Fuller  
Peterson Omar V   1903
Peterson Omar V "Rasty"    
Peterson Opal Marie Lovelette  
Peterson Opal Marie Lovelette 1916
Peterson Phyllis I Mitchell  
Peterson Ralph C    
Peterson Ralph T    
Pillars Benjamin    
Pillars Mary Jane Auten  
Pillars Nancy Mechling  
Pillars Sampson    
Pillers Thomas B    
Platter-Leonard Cecilia Voirol 1915
Poling Dora "Bonnie" Fryback  
Poling Estella Roop  
Poling Harry F    
Poling Levi    
Poling Sarah Lavina Elzey  
Poorman Rachel Ann Proctor  
Potts Elizabeth P Ogg  
Potts Hiram C    
Potts Lawrence H    
Potts Sarah C Ault  
Price Opal Ellenberger  
Quinn Barton W    
Railing Morton A    
Railing Thelma Fell  
Rainier Charles T    
Rainier Nancy Jane Gilpen  
Ramseur W F    
Rash Carl F    
Rash Emma Bodle  
Rash Joseph A    
Rash Marguerite A Meshberger  
Rash Marguerite E Mayer  
Raver George L    
Rawley Jacob    
Rawley Winston C    
Ray Clyde W    
Ray Eli M    
Ray Elmer J    
Ray Frederick F    
Ray George W    
Ray Hosea A    
Ray Joseph Forest    
Ray Josiah B    
Ray Lessie A Watkins  
Ray Mable M Hurst  
Ray Marion P    
Ray Mary Jane Hendricks  
Ray Mildred C Bragg  
Ray Minerva Fleetwood  
Ray Oscar Thomas    
Ray Thomas F    
Reber Byron M    
Reber Ezra    
Reber Glen O    
Reber Marion    
Reber Mary E Stalter  
Reber Robert R    
Reber Vera Von Baltzell  
Reed Dorothy L Ogg  
Reed Edsel E    
Reed John    
Reed John H    
Reed Mary E Williams  
Reed Matilda Spangler  
Reed Nyla F Tinkham  
Reed Samuel    
Reed Stanley L    
Reed Warren V    
Reedy Olus R    
Rehm Bertha Bebout  
Rehm Philip W    
Reidenbach Norman J    
Reinhart Emil    
Reinhart Phyllis J Barger  
Reinhart Vaughn D    
Reinking Ercie L Butler  
Reiter John D    
Reynolds Christopher    
Reynolds Sarah Ann Roe  
Rice Alva Brewbaker  
Rice Benjamin B    
Rice Benjamin E    
Rice Benjamin J    
Rice Clement J B    
Rice Clyde M    
Rice David M    
Rice David P    
Rice Edward D    
Rice Elizabeth  Hart  
Rice Ella Spangler  
Rice Etta M Warner  
Rice Grace  Harting  
Rice Harriet M Evans  
Rice Harvey D    
Rice Helen G Chapman  
Rice James L    
Rice James M    
Rice John B    
Rice Joseph H    
Rice Louis M    
Rice Marion J    
Rice Mary Hammond  
Rice Mary B Pillars  
Rice Mary Jane Kern  
Rice Millard F    
Rice Millie Lenhart  
Rice Newell B    
Rice Phoebe M Schirmeyer  
Rice Ralph W    
Rice Robert Jones    
Rice Rosa Kuntz  
Rice Saloma Railing  
Rice Sampson    
Rice William P    
Rich Clarice Fox  
Rich Mary Roth  
Rich Nicholas    
Richards Lester E    
Richards Pearl Bebout 1904
Rickord Roy    
Rickord  Paul W   1923
Ridenour Aaron    
Riley Nolan    
Riley Robert A    
Riley Vilas E Roth  
Ritter David Earl, Sr    
Ritter Elva Peters-Zerkel  
Ritter John    
Ritter Mrs John Coppersmith  
Ritter Quincy O    
Ritter Samuel    
Ritter Sarah Elizabeth Watkins  
Roberts Pearl  Kaufman  
Robinson John    
Robinson Naomi B Buckmaster  
Robinson Wilbur H    
Robison Nancy I Cottrell  
Rodenbeck Anna L Schwartz  
Rodenbeck Henry F   1865
Rodenbeck Herbert    
Roe Clifford    
Roe Clifford E    
Roe Mary Odle  
Roedel Jacob    
Rogers Catherine  Eyanson  
Rohrbach Janet Morton  
Roop Angela L    
Roop Bessie B Ogg  
Roop Carl Vernon    
Roop Elsie Reed  
Roop Frank L    
Roop George W    
Roop Helen M Cowan  
Roop Inez Juanita    
Roop Jahue Lewis    
Roop Jesse Brenton    
Roop John    
Roop Jonathan    
Roop Lelah Hill  
Roop Mary Sevilla    
Roop Minerva Myers  
Roop Ora B    
Roop Orval    
Roop Pauline Heckley  
Roop Rufus S    
Roop Sarah Hower  
Roop Thomas    
Roop Walter J    
Roop William    
Roop William D    
Ross Arthur A    
Ross Bernice    
Ross Clark E    
Ross Elva Irwin  
Ross James J "Jack"    
Ross Mable Shook  
Ross Mary Ann Suman  
Ross Nina Pearl Miller  
Ross Robert A    
Roth Mrs Chris    
Roudebush Arthur E    
Roudebush Arthur E   1924
Roudebush James H    
Roudebush James H   1923
Rowdon Fern F Workinger  
Rowland John Henry    
Rowland Josephine Myers 1901
Rowley Donna D Parrish  
Royer Shanon L    
Ruckman Clara L Todd  
Ruckman George W    
Ruckman Sarah E Johnson  
Rugg Catherine  Rowley  
Rugg Jay    
Rumple Elizabeth Cook c1846
Rumple Laura  Darrah  
Rumschlag Deborah J Bodle  
Runyon Kenneth H    
Rupert Sylvan I    
Rupp John    
Russell William    
Russell Winifred Jane Smith  
Rutledge Nellie M Teeple  
Saalfrank Emilie    
Saggett Mary Ann Smith  
Samples Charles A    
Samples Ervin C    
Sapp Beverly J Hakes  
Sapp Harold M    
Sapp Laura E Sovine  
Sapp Lewis F    
Savieo Edwin    
Schaadt Roxie M King  
Schaefer Phillip A   1901
Schafer Chalmer C    
Schafer Grace B Daniels  
Schafer Sarah Ann Weimer  
Scherry Marcella I Williams  
Schertz Berniece Lehman  
Schertz Berniece Lehman 1920
Schindler Cecil M Davison  
Schindler Douglas D    
Schindler Emma Stucky  
Schindler Glynnys K Arnold  
Schindler Harold    
Schindler Waldo    
Schlagel Bell Grim  
Schneider Otto    
Schnepp Letitia A Walters  
Schnepp Oliver    
Schug Birdie Hoffman  
Schug Paul M   1923
Schumm Harold P    
Schumm Oscar A    
Schumm Oscar A   1890
Schumm Roman C    
Schwartz Brian Scott    
Schwartz Brian Scott   1961
Schwartz David    
Schwartz David   1882
Schwartz Mae N Reece  
Schwartz Peter D    
Schwartz Sylvia M    
Sells Harriet Hendricks  
Sells Harvey J    
Sells Hattie H Hendricks  
Sells Josephine Martz  
Shackley James K    
Shady Clarcie M Johnston  
Shady Harold R    
Shady Larwell J    
Shafer Dora Beatrice Davis  
Shafer Minnie Barkley 1878
Shafer Minnie  Barkley  
Shaffer Alice M Hedges  
Shaffer Irvin "Tim"    
Shaffer Kate Odle  
Shaffer Levi    
Shaffer Reason    
Shaneyfelt Paul    
Shaw Pearl Hendricks 1902
Sheets Dorothy Voirol 1919
Sheets Elias Frank    
Sheets Florence    
Sheets Frank    
Sheets Jay A    
Sheets Josiah E    
Sheets Josiah E "Jess"    
Sheets Lawrence P    
Sheets Lucina Frisinger  
Sheets Mary E Teeple  
Sheets Melvena M Smitley  
Sheets Raymond E    
Sheets Reba Brown  
Sheets Samuel P    
Sheler George    
Shoaf Arthur C    
Shoaf Arthur C   1909
Shoaf Linda Sue Andrews  
Shoaf Terry L    
Shroll Clara Almeda Baughman  
Sickafoos Lewis    
Simcoe Mary  Merriman  
Simcoke Adaline Hendricks  
Singleton Franklin J    
Sites Ada Shook  
Slusher Clara N Van Camp  
Slusher Orville    
Slusher Orville   1903
Slusher William    
Slusher William   1909
Slusser Delila B Gause  
Slusser Ray E    
Smith Ben    
Smith Clarence R    
Smith Daniel Ray    
Smith Electa Macy  
Smith Harley B    
Smith Harold V    
Smith Harvey L    
Smith James Wesley    
Smith Jehu    
Smith John H    
Smith Marcella E Krugh  
Smith Marion    
Smith Martha D Cline  
Smith Mary Ann Barnhart  
Smith Mary Ann Peterson  
Smith Ruth Elaine    
Smith Tanya D Garwood  
Smith Wilford S    
Smitley Clarence E    
Smitley Lucille H Trim  
Smitley Lula Opel Bess  
Snell Amanda Bieberich  
Snell Aurilla May Russell  
Snell Clement F    
Snell Madeline R    
Snell Thomas V    
Snell Val    
Snider Della L Buckmaster  
Snyder Iona M    
Somers Naomi Debolt  
Sovine David L    
Sovine Edith M Kidwell  
Sovine Edith May Sovine  
Sovine Elsie Penland  
Sovine John    
Sovine John F    
Sovine Jonathan    
Sovine Joseph    
Sovine Joseph V    
Sovine Luther A    
Sovine Martha G    
Sovine Rosella P Strickler  
Sovine Vernon N    
Spade Mary Barnes  
Spangler Eliza Catherine    
Spangler Samuel Jacob    
Speicher Mary Jane Sunier  
Sprague George   1889
Sprague Mary Ann Whitehurst  
Springer Charles H    
Springer Charles H   1889
Springer Gerald W    
Springer Oca P Durbin  
Springer Oca P Durbin 1891
Sprunger Amanda Egly  
Sprunger Lucille Laisure  
Spuller H Paul   1908
Spuller Martha D Luckey  
Spuller William    
Stahl William L    
Stahly Paul W    
Staley Harry O    
Staley Joseph W    
Staley Mary E Uhrick  
Staley Nellie Daniels  
Staley Nellie Daniels 1894
Stalter Abraham    
Stalter Barbara Beery  
Stalter Blanche Biggs  
Stalter Dorothy M Kiefer  
Stalter Dorus A 1917-1987  
Stalter Dorus A 1895-1971  
Stalter Ellen Lehman  
Stalter Emeline Spangler  
Stalter Isaac    
Stalter Milo Chester    
Stalter Noah    
Stalter Norman A    
Stalter William F    
Standiford Amelia  Roth  
Standiford Jenneva M Merica  
Standiford Sarah E Douglass  
Standiford Violet May    
Starfinger John    
Starfinger John   1888
Steele Earl E    
Steele Elizabeth  Steele  
Steele Forest M    
Steele George C    
Steele Guy A    
Steele Henry    
Steele Herbert Ira    
Steele James A    
Steele Jesse    
Steele Mary E Clear  
Steele Mary M Merryman  
Steele Mary M Plummer  
Steele Niffie Blanche Cowan  
Steele Roy C    
Steele Sarah Ann Coffman  
Steele Victoria  LeBrun  
Steele Washington    
Steele Wilbert G    
Stefanek Carolyn A Harman  
Steffen Elizabeth Schwartz  
Steffen Harold    
Steffen Ida M Kipfer  
Steffen John    
Steffen Joseph    
Steffen Lucinda  Kipfer  
Steffen Norman    
Steffen Obed E    
Steffen Tobias L    
Steiner Frederick    
Stetler Beverly S    
Stetler Donna M    
Stetler Earl L    
Stetler Jack L    
Stetler John P    
Stetler Louis G    
Stetler Mary M Shell  
Stetler Sue Ann    
Stetler Walter G    
Stetson Lydia Russell  
Stettler Alfred    
Stettler Henry    
Stettler Viola Lehman  
Stevens Mildred J Frisinger  
Stevens Ralph R    
Stilley Pauline D Marshall  
Stoneburner Israel B    
Stoneburner Miles W    
Strahm Harold E    
Strahm Lester L    
Straub Effie M Knavel  
Strickler Bertha E Yeager  
Strickler Bessie    
Strickler Elizabeth, Mrs    
Strickler Floyd L    
Strickler George E    
Strickler Goldie Shoaf  
Strickler Hobart    
Strickler Lester E    
Strickler Lester L    
Strickler Mary J Titus  
Strickler May E Slusser  
Strickler Nellie F Stetler  
Strickler Roy E    
Strickler Ruby Harvey  
Strickler Ruth P Hammond  
Strickler William    
Stuckey Christian    
Stuckey Clara    
Stuckey Rachel Snyder  
Stuckey Samuel    
Stuckey Verena Schmucker  
Stuckey Verena Schmugger  
Stucky Abe    
Stucky Barbara Rich  
Stucky Barbara    
Stucky Christian C    
Stucky Daniel    
Stucky David    
Stucky Eli    
Stucky Elizabeth Augsburger  
Stucky Flossie   1897
Stucky Gertrude Smith  
Stucky Irene Mosser  
Stucky Lea Riesen  
Stucky Lewellyn    
Stucky Loris D    
Stucky Noah    
Stucky Solomon    
Sudduth Aaron E    
Sudduth Catherine    
Sudduth Dorothy A Krick  
Suman Bessie Drummond  
Suman Harry S    
Suman Harry S   1892
Suman John W    
Suman Katherine M Stetler  
Suman Lois E Miller  
Suman Otho James    
Suman Otho James   1861
Suman Sally H South  
Suman Walter C    
Sunderland William H   1878
Suttles Arthur D, Jr    
Swank Solomon    
Swartz Mary F Steele  
Switzer Nellie Edith Click  
Syphers Adam    
Syphers Adam   1822
Syphers Mary Jane Ray  
Targgart David A    
Teeple Achsah M Thompson  
Teeple Della S Cook  
Teeple Harvey Judson    
Teeple Ida Mae Case  
Teeple Katherine  Smith  
Teeple Lawrence N    
Teeple Mabel I Cottrell  
Teeple Margaret Fordyce  
Teeple Margaret L Zimmerman  
Teeple Minnie Gay  
Teeple Ollie Hollopeter  
Teeple Oscar    
Teeple Rachel Ann Moser  
Teeple Rebecca E Miller  
Teeple Rosetta Gulick  
Teeple Sarah Olivia Willis  
Thatcher Edith    
Thatcher Ethel    
Thatcher George W    
Thatcher John B    
Thatcher John W    
Thatcher Lester C    
Thatcher Mary Jane Troutner  
Thatcher Mary Jo    
Thomas Josephine Spuller  
Thomas Mathias    
Thomas W D "Jack"   1888
Thompson Catherine Kirby  
Thompson Ephraim Kirby    
Thompson Howard W    
Thompson John    
Thornton Mary Kelly  
through 6/28/2011      
Townsend John Karl   1893
Townsend Ora    
Townsend Ora   1899
Travers Golda    
Trim Ella M Hill  
Trim John    
Troutner Charles Phillip    
Troutner Cliffod Linzy    
Troutner Daniel    
Troutner Doris M Ray  
Troutner Ellen Johnson  
Troutner Hobart G    
Troutner Mary E Brewer  
Troutner Rebecca Hawk  
Troutner Ruby S Ray  
Tumbleson Amanda Long  
Tumbleson Amanda  Long 1860
Tumbleson Delbert H    
Turner Cooper    
Uhrick Clarence    
Uhrick Daniel    
Uhrick Edna Bruns  
Uhrick Edward R    
Uhrick Frank I    
Uhrick Isabel Brandyberry  
Uhrick Jacob    
Uhrick James H    
Uhrick Lindley M    
Uhrick Marcella Nelson  
Uhrick Martha E Reppert  
Uhrick Mary C    
Uhrick Nancy Johnson  
Uhrick Rosa H Diehl  
Uhrick Samuel L    
Uhrick Verne O    
Urick Henry    
Urick Mary E Elzey  
Urick Robert    
Vail John W    
Valentine Reuben H    
Van Camp Belus E    
Van Camp Harold E    
Vance Hilda Johnson  
VanOrder Lauren D    
Venis Merlin    
Venis Minnie Brothers  
Voirol Louise  Lamblin 1888
Wable Carolyn J    
Waggoner Elizabeth  Rice  
Wagley Sheldon   1908
Wagner Elizabeth M Shank  
Wagner Elmer J    
Wagner Emma J Gerardot  
Wagner Nicholas H    
Wagner Pearl  Brandyberry  
Wagner Walter E   1911
Walda Jack Leroy    
Wallace Gerald    
Wallace Gerald   1920
Walters Bryan R    
Walters Bryan R   1952
Walters Delbert H    
Walters Edith M Sunderland  
Walters Elijah    
Walters Grace E Humes  
Walters Homer    
Walters John J    
Walters Lulia Maude Smith  
Walters Margaret  Teeple  
Walters Oliver    
Walters Orley B    
Walters Orley B   1909
Walters Rachel S Venis  
Waltke Harvey C    
Wasson Myna Heckley  
Watkins Bessie M Durbin  
Watkins Lyda May Johnson  
Watkins Mary Teeple  
Watts Rosa L    
Wearly Mary Jo Krick  
Weaver Earl    
Weldy Adah L Click  
Weldy Daisy Robenold  
Weldy Jack M    
Weldy Russell E    
Welker Leland   1926
Wells Russell O    
Wendel Alma P Frisinger  
Wenger Thelma Maddux  
Wenger Thelma Maddux 1913
Westbrook Mary E Zimmerman  
Wherry Elizabeth H Rice  
Wherry Warren Alton    
White Charlene Wilder  
White Glenn W    
White Monai K Butler  
White Niles Allen    
Whitehurst Jacob W    
Whitwright Samuel E    
Wickey Joseph S    
Wilder Authur    
Wilkinson Minervia Woods  
Williams Alice Ruckman  
Williams Darrell H    
Williams Donald L, Sr    
Williams Ethel Marie Turner  
Williams Garnett L Gettys  
Williams Jesse Earl    
Williams Mary L Detter  
Williams Russel L    
Williams Ruth S Deam  
Williams Sarah Brokaw  
Williamson Melvin    
Winans Elmer E    
Winans Ira Donald    
Winans Isabelle Archer  
Winans Joseph D    
Winans Lillie Thomas  
Winans Richard G    
Wise Lela    
Witham Robert V    
Wolfe Clyde D    
Wolfe Grover A    
Wood Matilda Walton  
Workinger Glenn A    
Workinger Robert D    
Workinger Ruth A Thornton  
Workinger William D    
Workinger Zelma Black  
Wrich Sarah A, Mrs    
Wright Orpha Van Camp  
Wyss Monica    
Yaney James Edward    
Yoder Barbara Stucky  
Yoder Fanny Moser  
Yoder Ronald L    
Young Oscar C    
Young Oscar C   1906
Zehr Anna Mosser  
Zerkel Hubert E, Sr    
Zerkel Jacob A    
Zerkel Marie Burdge  
Zimmerman Alice L    
Zimmerman Daniel M    
Zimmerman Della B Fry  
Zimmerman Dewitt C    
Zimmerman Edgar M    
Zimmerman Eli    
Zimmerman Ezra    
Zimmerman Goldie Slusher  
Zimmerman Goldie Gladys Slusher 1895
Zimmerman Grace M Krieg  
Zimmerman Hazel Leimenstoll  
Zimmerman Henry    
Zimmerman Irvin E    
Zimmerman Isaac W    
Zimmerman Leona E Hirschy  
Zimmerman Malinda  Drayer  
Zimmerman Nina Shady  
Zimmerman Orley A    
Zimmerman William D    
Zimmerman William D   1898
Zizelman Edith Beougher  
Zizelman John    
Zurcher Fred F    
Zurcher Martha J Valentine  
Through 8/31/11