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Nannie Bohannon's Autograph Book


This is the autograph book of Nannie (Dixon) Bohannon. Nannie was married to Daniel Bohannon. The dates in the book range from 1900-1909. It also includes the birth and death dates of her children.  You'll find many more items and photographs for this family, friends and relatives who signed the autograph book, posted in various sections of this website.

Submitted by: Julie Townsend - September 7, 2007

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Autograph Book Cover
Inside Cover

Written: "Mrs. Nanie Boh"

A Friend From Mulberry, Indiana - 1900

Signed: "L. H. Fay__?"

Cousin Minnie Wilson - 1900

Signed: "Minnie C. Wilson," Cambria, Ind., August 31, 1900.

A Cousin From Mulberry, Indiana - 1901
Minta Bohannon - 1902
Minta Bohannon, Sister - 1902
Ada H. Dixon - 1902
Mary M. Dixon, Sister - 1902

Signed: "Your loving sister, Mary M. Dixon."

Your Loving Sister - 1902
Dola Coons
Dola Coons - 1904
Dola Coons - 1904
Dola Coons - 1904
Dola Coons - 1904
A Friend
Bessie J. Bohannon - Clinton County, Indiana
Bessie Bohannon
A Friend From Lebanon - 1905
Frank S. Roberts - 1906
Frank S. Roberts
Leathel Dixon - 1909
Leathel Dixon
Girtha Dixon - 1909

Signed: "Girtha Dixon, Age 12, years."

Girtha Dixon
Velta Mabel Bohannon

Signed: "from your niece V. Mabel Bohannon."

Monthly Rhymes
Monthly Rhymes - Page 2
Children's Birth & Death Dates

The birth and death dates for Nannie Bohannon's children; Verlin Earnest [sp?] Bohannon, Dortha Mable Bohannon and Floyd Bohannon.