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Photograph Gallery

Our online gallery of user submitted old photographs with a Boone County connection. One of the most popular areas of the site! Please contribute digital copies of your old family photographs, gravestones or Boone County historical sites to share with us in the album, or add your identification or comments to those now on the site!

I love old family photographs, they are one of my most cherished items! Having the ability of being able to connect a face to our written genealogy brings real life to the pages. I hope you will discover a photograph of your ancestor in this gallery, and I also hope you will share your old family photographs with us, also. Use the Submit Data link on the top of the page to send copies of your photos. Any old photographs with a Boone County connection are welcome ... individuals, buildings, houses, geographical locations, cemeteries, gravestones, etc. The only requirement is that we do not post photographs of living individuals without their consent, and usually only photographs of individuals taken more than fifty years ago, and thus more genealogical in nature.

Do you recognize someone in the Photo Gallery? Can you add more information? Send me your comments and I'll add them here and on the photograph page entry.

Photo Wish List - Can't find your ancestor, but you'd jump for joy to find a photograph of your great-grandparents whom you've never seen, or a photo of their graves you might never be able to visit and photograph? Send me your requests for your "wish list photos" and I'll post those requests on the site. It's always possible that another site visitor has just what you desperately want in their family album and will hopefully contribute a copy to the website to share, also!

NOTE: All photographs, compilations, derivative and/or original creative works published on Boone County Genealogy, INGenWeb remain under copyright or license of the owner/creator and by the owner's submission, permission has been granted for these images and works to be displayed on Boone County Genealogy, INGenWeb and copied by others for personal family genealogical use only. These images and works may not be redistributed or published in any other work, by any method, either commercially or non-commercially, without explicit written consent from the owner of the photograph or creative work, unless identified otherwise.

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A family’s photograph album is generally about the extended family—and, often, is all that remains of it.
Susan Sontag (b. 1933), U.S. essayist. “In Plato’s Cave,” On Photography (1977).