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Lost & Found Treasures!
If you don't find that lost family photo treasure here on our site, maybe you'll get lucky on one of these old photo archive websites: FamilyOldPhotos, DeadFred or AncientFaces - And if you do find an old family treasure, I hope you'll bring it back here to share with us, also!

Photo Wish List

Submit your requests for photographs you are desperately seeking a copy of. Were you unfortunate enough to have descended in the family line that didn't inherit a single old photo? Would you be thrilled to discover a photo of Great-Grandma or her family and siblings, or a Civil War photograph of your third great-grandfather? Are you unable to visit their Boone County graves and photograph their gravestones? Whatever your dream photo wish list is, send me the request and I will post it on this list. Hopefully, someone else will come along that can make your wish come true with a copy of that old photo ... and I hope share it with all of us in our website photo album, also!

If you do make a "photo wish list connection," please let me know so I can add that update on your entry as a successful match!

NOTE: All photographs, compilations, derivative and/or original creative works published on Boone County Genealogy, INGenWeb remain under copyright or license of the owner/creator and by the owner's submission, permission has been granted for these images and works to be displayed on Boone County Genealogy, INGenWeb and copied by others for personal family genealogical use only. These images and works may not be redistributed or published in any other work, by any method, either commercially or non-commercially, without explicit written consent from the owner of the photograph or creative work, unless identified otherwise.

Photo Wish List

West / Evans /Carr / Bobbs

  • Willis WEST (1800-1888) - "It's *quite possible* that one of the unidentified photographs in my grandmother's old album is of Willis WEST and his second wife, Mary Jane (Shackelford) Martin Chenoweth Johnson WEST. I'm hoping someone has an identified photo of one or both of these individuals so I can positively identify mine."
  • Mary Etta (WEST) CARR (1850-1896) - "I'd also love to find a photo of Mary Etta to confirm if an "unidentified" photograph I have might possibly be her. Mary Etta was the daughter of Samuel & Susannah (EVANS) WEST, and she was married to Prince Albert CARR."
  • Madison CARR, aka James Madison CARR (1818-1891) and wife Hannah (BOBBS) CARR (1822-1888) - "I'd love to find photos of this couple and/or their children."

    Requested by: T. Stover - October 2006

Pinnell School
Carney / Dickerson / Ross / Higgins

  • "I'm Looking for Pinnell School yearbooks from 1930-1942. Especially looking for school pictures of the following:"
  • Ross Carney, Quentin Carney, Luana Carney, any Dickerson, any Ross & any Higgins.

    Requested by: Judy Carney Peacock - October 21, 2006

Jackson Family

  • "I would like to find photos of the Jackson family in Boone County

    Requested by: Camille Evans - January 2, 2007

Burkhalter / Burckhalter Gravestones

  • "I would like photographs of Abraham Burkhalter and other Burkhalter gravestones at Cason Cemetery. It would be wonderful if someone could take photos of them and post. I live in Wyoming. Thanks."

    Requested by: Cindy Anderson - January 4, 2007

Ashley / Austin / Bumgarden / Cassity / Shockley

  • "Seeking photos of Lucretia Cassity Ashley (1833-1912) & any of her sons or descendants who lived in and was buried in Jamestown 1850's-1912. Also seeking photos of Lucretia's niece and nephews that lived in Jamestown and other Boone County locations from 1883 - 1905: Dr. Frederick H. Austin and/or his wife Nannie Cassity Austin, or his children Mora K. or Frederick Hunter Austin. Sanford Shockley and/or his wife Katie Cassity Shockley and son Loy. Isaac G. Shockley and/or his wife Odie Cassity. Oscar Cassity and/or his wife Frances Bumgarden and children Mildred, Margaret or Thomas A. Also nephews Walter M. Cassity and Benjamin E Cassity. Thank you."

    Requested by: Debi Cassity Fisher - September 20, 2007

Epperson / Budd

  • Looking for photographs of the Bradford Epperson and Satilla Budd family.

Requested by: Anita Epperson - October 2, 2007

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