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Boone County Photo Gallery - Schools & Students

I love old family photographs, they are one of my most cherished items! Having the ability of being able to connect a face to our written genealogy brings real life to the pages. I hope you will discover a photograph of your ancestor in this gallery, and I also hope you will share your old family photographs with us. Use the Submit Data link on the top of the page to send copies of your photos. Any old photographs with a Boone County connection are welcome ... individuals, buildings, houses, geographical locations, cemeteries, gravestones, etc. The only requirement is that we do not post photographs of living individuals without their consent, and usually only photographs of individuals taken more than fifty years ago, and thus of more genealogical interest.

Do you recognize someone in the Photo Gallery? Can you add more information? Send me your comments and I'll add them here and on the photograph entry.

NOTE: All photographs, compilations, derivative and/or original creative works published on Boone County Genealogy, INGenWeb remain under copyright or license of the owner/creator and by the owner's submission, permission has been granted for these images and works to be displayed on Boone County Genealogy, INGenWeb and copied by others for personal family genealogical use only. These images and works may not be redistributed or published in any other work, by any method, either commercially or non-commercially, without explicit written consent from the owner of the photograph or creative work, unless identified otherwise.

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Hoboken School 1900-1901

Coordinator's Note: This school *may* have been located in or near Roston, Union Twp., Boone County, as this is where these individuals were found residing on the 1900 census. If you have additional information regarding the location for this school, please send me a note.

Written on the backside of the photograph:
"Hoboken" School, 1900-1901
Those enrolled, front row left to right - Jakie Kouns, Vern Conrad, Lena Kouns, Paul Bland, Neva Pitts, Ethel Wolf, Edna Bland.
Back row, left to right, Elmer Bland, Elza Kouns, Albert Kouns, David Bland, Laatta New (teacher), Eva Conrad, Myrtle Bland and Stella Conrad

R. H. Harney was Co. Supt of Schools
James B. Shoemaker was Trustee.

Karen Nicum
Jamestown Jr. High - 8th Grade - 1936

(Front row, third from right): Merle D. Isley, age 14, Jamestown, Boone Co. Indiana.

Can you identify others?

Janet Isley Price
Jamestown School - ca 1878

Public School Building, Jamestown, Boone County, Indiana.
Source: "Combination Atlas Map of Boone County Indiana: Compiled, Drawn and Published from Personal Examinations and Surveys By Kingman Brothers." Published 1878.
Repository: Indiana State Library.

T. Stover - Coordinator

Photo 1 - 2007

Photo 2 - 2008

Jefferson Twp. School   NEW!

This old school is located in Dover, Jefferson Twp. It's no longer in use and appears to be in very poor condition. I do not know the current status regarding the future of this building, but possibly it's scheduled to be demolished? There are minutes online from a January 9, 2006 meeting of the Boone County Board of Commissioners, where they discussed a need to make decisions for the future of the "old Dover School house" due to its deteriorated condition. Is this the same school?

Can anyone add additional information about this school? Send me a note.


Photo Credits
Photo 1:
"OZinOH" - used with permission of CC license
Photo 2: Tracy Jones - used with permission of CC license

T. Stover - Coordinator

date unknown


Julius Pinnell School - Then & Now

Note from Lorri Burhans: "The name of the school is Julius Pinnell School, located in Harrison Twp., Boone County. It has been closed for many years. The building still stands. I took a picture of it about 5 years ago (attached). I'm sorry I don't have an address, however, I think that is a Lebanon, Indiana address."

Lorri Burhans
Julius Pinnell School - ca 1930-1934

(front row, right side on end): Herman "Doc" Peabody, son of Leslie Charles and Wava (Dickerson) Peabody. Doc's sister was Della Peabody shown below in the 1942 Pinnell School photo.

Doug Butner contributed this photograph and identified his grandfather, Herman "Doc" Peabody. He estimates this photograph was taken sometime between 1930-1934, due to the age of his grandfather. Can you identify any other students or know the date?

Doug Butner

Leon Acton

Doris Ennis

Herschel Jackson

Joan Jackson

Mary Kelley

Della Peabody

Hard Ping "Tuck"

Kenneth Ward

Ruby Wilhoite

Julius Pinnell School Students - ca 1942

These original photographs can be adopted! Read below ...

Note from Lorri Burhans, daughter of Glena McCurdy:
"I have several photos I found in my Mom's stuff after she passed away. She graduated from Pinnell in 1942, so the pictures (of her friends, I presume) are over 50 years old. They are senior pictures with no photographer stamp. They all have names on the back. I would be happy to send them to you, or to post them and send the originals to interested parties. They are in good condition. I just hate to toss them out, but I do not know these people. Any one who wants to adopt (I love your word) the originals can e-mail me and I will respond with a postal address where they can send a SASE for the photo. No other charge."

Possible Identification supplied by Boone County Coordinator
The following information obtained from 1930 census data, should be considered as clues only to the identity of some of these individuals, and not proven. Additional research would be indicated to confirm the identity of these students. If anyone can verify these individuals have been identified correctly, send me a note and I will add that information here.

Leon Acton: On the 1930 Boone County census, Harrison Twp., there is a Leon R. Acton, age 6, son of Clayton S. and Fred M. Acton.

Herschel Jackson: On the 1930 census, Center Twp., there is a Hershel K. Jackson, age 6, son of Glen & Pearl E. Jackson.

Joan Jackson: On the 1930 census, Harrison Twp., there is a Joan B. Jackson, age 5, daughter of Russel & Marie Jackson.

Mary Kelley: On the 1930 census, Harrison Twp., there is a Mary Elizabeth Kelley, age 5, daughter of Guy (sp?) C. and Leona Kelley.

Della Peabody: Identity Confirmed! Doug Butner confirmed this is his great aunt, sister of his grandfather Herman Peabody, who is in the 1930-34 Pinnell photo above. They are the children of Leslie Charles and Wava (Dickerson) Peabody.

Kenneth Ward: On the 1930 census, Center Twp., there is a Kenith (?) R. Ward, age 7, son of Thomas A. and Katie A. Ward.

Ruby Wilhoite: On the 1930 census, Jackson Twp., there is a Ruby M. Wilhoite, age 5, daughter of Gilbert C. & Viola Wilhoite.

Lorri Burhans
Lizton School - ca 1931

"My father Merle Isley is in the back row right side, his cousin Paul Poland is on the same back row second from the left." ~ Janet Isley Price

Can you identify others?

Comment: From Argil K Mahan Jr.: "The boy in the center of the front row, I am 99% sure is my father, Argil K. Mahan Sr., 2/16/1920 - 4/18/1987, who grew up in Lizton. His grandfather Luther Mahan was a Truant Officer at the school."

Janet Isley Price
Washington Twp. School - 1931

(Printed on the front of the photo): Washington Twp. School, Boone County, Ind., Lenore Warren teacher, grades 5 & 6, Oct 6, 1931.

"This is a photo of my father's class in Washington twp. in 1931. My father was born there also. His name is Richard F. Black. He is in the first row, eighth from the left, his arms are crossed."

Can you identify any other students in this photograph?

Denise Maurer
Washington Twp. School - Class of 1940

This is a photograph of my father's class at Washington Twp. in 1940. His name is Richard F. Black.

Coordinator's Note: Some of the surnames *may* be, "Black, Bowen, Campbell, Flaningam, Green, Jett, Jones, Ragsdale, Ryan, Watson, White and Williams."

Can you identify anyone in the photo?

Denise Maurer

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