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Revolutionary Patriot Graves in Boone County


This abstract of Boone County Indiana Revolutionary Patriot grave sites contains information published in Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots". Vol. 1-4. Veterans and patriots of the Revolutionary War whose graves were found between 1900 and 1987 by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) in Boone County, Indiana, are included in this abstract. Also included in each entry is the name of the patriot, the cemetery or location in which the headstone is found and the DAR indexing date.

The accuracy and amount of information varies considerably within and between years. Sometimes almost no specifics were given. Names are spelled exactly as they were in the original documents, and sometimes duplicate listings and variations of names might be found. Sometimes the same grave was indexed in various years and is listed twice with each index year.

The DAR date is the reporting year. For example, "1924" indicates the grave was located between April 1, 1924 and April 1, 1925 by the DAR. If possible, check the original publication, which might contain additional information, such as the patriot's birth and death dates and places, the service record of the patriot, and more details on the grave location.

This abstract is not all inclusive. There may be other graves in Boone County that were not included or identified. There may be errors. Many listings, particularly the earlier ones, were not substantiated. Use this data as a starting point only to assist you to obtain primary records or further substantiate this information. For additional information and clarification on these listings, please contact the Office of the Historian General, NSDAR, 1776 D St., N.W., Washington, DC 20006-5392 or the DAR Library at the same street address. You might find more information at the DAR Library in Washington, D. C, the genealogical section of the Dallas Public Library, the Genealogical Library in Salt Lake City or The Brigham Young University library which has a card file based on the published work of the DAR.

Do you know of other Revolutionary Patriot graves in Boone County that are not listed here? If so, send me the information, and the sources if known, and I will add them to this page in a separate chart.

The source citation is shown below.


Name Burial Location DAR Records
Arthur ANDREWS  Hopewell Cemetery  1972  Vol.1
Samuel DOOLEY  Mt Run Cemetery  1972  Vol.1
John FERGUSON  Cox Cemetery  1972  Vol.2
William GIPSON  Farm near Thorntown  1972  Vol.2
James HILL  Cedar Hill Cemetery, Lebanon  1972  Vol.2
James HILL
"I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"
Patrick Henry
March 23, 1775
Cedar Hill, Lebanon
 1924  Vol.2; Serial:8399; Volume: 7
Henry JOHNS  Family cemetery, Union Twp  1972  Vol.2
John KERSEY  Beck Farm Cemetery, 4 mi W of Lebanon  1964  Vol.2; Serial:12671 Volume: 4
John LEAP  Mount Tabor[?] Cemetery, Fayette  1972  Vol.3
John LEAP  Near Fayette  1924  Vol.3; Serial:8399 Volume: 7
William PAULEY  Precinct near Thorntown  1956  Vol.3; Serial:11999 Volume: 8
Elias PLEW  Pleasant View Cemetery  1972  Vol.3
Abraham UTTER  Cox Cemetery, Thorntown  1956  Vol.4; Serial:11999 Volume: 8
John WHEATLER  E of Lebanon  1925  Vol.4; Serial:8542 Volume: 4
Joseph WHEATLEY  Hixon farm  1972  Vol.4

Source Citation: Stover, T., comp., "Revolutionary Patriot Graves in Boone County, Indiana", [database online] Boone County Genealogy, INGenWeb. 2006. <> Original data: Hatcher, Patricia Law. "Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots". Vol. 1-4. Dallas, TX, USA: Pioneer Heritage Press, 1987.

Submitted by: T. Stover - October 10, 2006