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Bible Records


Fenton Family Bible

Contributed by: Doris Falkenheiner - June 27, 2000

"Here is information from the James Fenton Family Bible and other records I have seen about he and his family":

James Fenton Sr., born 8 Aug 1801, Dundee, Scotland married on 23 Nov. 1824 to Anna Turner Taylor born 12 Dec 1800, Dundee, Scotland. They immigrated to the United States by way of Liverpool, England to New Orleans, Louisiana, and then up the Mississippi River to southern Indiana. They had 10 natural children all born in Dundee, Scotland:

Margaret Will Fenton, b. 17 Nov. 1825; died 25 Apr. 18_ _?
James Fenton Jr., b. 19 Feb 1827; married Agnes McMillan on 11 Mar 1852, Madison County, IN.
Ann T. Fenton, b. 4 Feb 1829; died 27 Oct 1829 in Scotland
Helen T. Fenton, b. 22 Sep 1830
Charles F. Fenton, b. 28 Aug 1832
Jean F. Fenton, b. 28 Aug 1834
Matilda W. Fenton, b. 31 Aug 1836
William Taylor Fenton, Sr., b. 25 Nov. 1838
Margaret M. Fenton, b. 10 May 1842
Martha B. Fenton, b. 22 Aug 1844

Family tradition is that one of the younger children died while the family was traveling up the Mississippi River on a steamboat before the family reached Indiana.

In addition to their 10 natural children, James and Anna adopted 2 Orphan Train children from The Children's Aid Society of New York City. This was in February 1861. These two were boys: Daniel Sullivan about 8 years of age and his younger brother, Timothy Sullivan.

James Fenton Sr. and Jr. were naturalized as American citizens in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Indiana in August, 1848. William Taylor Fenton Sr. was a veteran of the Indiana Volunteer Cavalry during the Civil War.

Wiley Family Bible

Contributed by: Rebecca Merritt, December 27, 2000

Bible in the hands of Martha E. Wiley
Published 1853 (Lippincott Pub.)

Hugh R. Wiley and Mary B. Woods, Nov 9,1847
John R. Wiley and Lydia J. Miller, Mar 14, 1877
William H. Wiley and Emma M. Swope, Sept 28, 1884
Isabel M. Wiley and Samuel Pressley, May 1887
Joseph Woods Wiley and Maude Lane, May 31,1888

John Reynolds Wiley b. March 31, 1849
Dorcas Ann, b. March 22, 1851
William Hugh Wiley b. Jan 29, 1854
Isabella Margaret b. Dec 31,1857 or Jan 1, 1858 (?)
Joseph W. Wiley b. July 19,1860
Mary Elizabeth b. Mar 15, 1863
Martha Elizabeth b. April 6, 1865

Bessie Mary Wiley b. Dec 27, 1877 Dau of John R. and Lydia
Stella Miller Wiley b. May 4,
Korah Belle Wiley b. Apr 18, 1889 Dau of J.W. and Maude
Jesse Irene Wiley b. Oct 25, 1894
Geo. M. Wiley b. June 2, 1890 d. July 1890 Son
Josephine L. Wiley b. Nov 15, 1906 Dau
Roy Wiley b. Dec 1872, son of John R. and Lydia, d. age of 2 yr

Hugh R., d. Oct 30, 1895
Mary Woods Wiley, d. Feb 22, 1905
William H., son of H.R and Mary d. Mar 1, 1927
Joseph W., d. Mar 2, 1927
John R., d. May 11, 1828
Emma, wife of William H., d. Feb 1895
Lydia, wife of John, d. June 3, 1928
Isabelle M. Pressley, d. May 26, 1934, dau of H.R. and Mary
Isabella, Mother of Hugh, d. 1825, age 79 years
Eliza, d. July 18,1834
Elizabeth, wife of Hugh, d. Jan.8, 1835, age 49
Margaret W., second wife of Hugh Wiley, d. Sept 11, 1840
Hugh W., our father, d. Oct 31, 1853, age 74
William S., son of Hugh and Elizabeth, d. Feb. 24, 1856, 38yrs
Margaret Jane, d. Mar. 1848
Spicy Ann, d. Dec 17, 1852, 29 years of age