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Comments & Success Stories


Did you find something very helpful for your research on this Boone County Genealogy website? Maybe something that allowed you to break down a brick wall in your research? Locate an elusive ancestor? Perhaps you "met" a cousin or a mutual researcher in the Surname Registry that helped you fill in some big blanks, or surprised to discover a photograph of your great-great-grandfather whom you've never seen? Whatever it was ... we'd love to hear about it! Hundreds, or more likely, thousands of researchers browse these pages and use the data on this website every year, but it would be so great to get some feedback now and then and learn of some of their success stories or comments regarding the website. Please consider sending me a note and telling us what it was that helped you the most, and describe your successful outcome due to it. I will then gladly add your comments below (anonymously, if you prefer) and thank you very much for the feedback!

November 2, 2008

Thanks for the work you've done ...

"This is my first time at the Boone county site and I guess my oldest Boone county ancestors are Frederick Lowe and his wife Patience Grist via Hiram Wolfe and their daughter Charity Ann Lowe. I was stuck at Hiram and Charity for a long time and then I stumbled into your site by a google search and POW it all fell together with the oral and township histories. Now I'll be searching your site for the next couple of weeks when I should be doing real work, or at least during my spare time. As an heir to a Spanish land grant here in New Mexico, my father's family line has been known back to 1300s Spain for at least 100 years, but my mother's family from Iowa/Missouri has been much more difficult to trace. You made my day. And will make my grandmother's day also. Thanks again."

Stephen Gomez

July 13, 2007

"Just want to say thank you for entering the information I sent to you on the Lane's. You have truly done such a wonderful job on this site, and our family cannot thank you enough for all you have done. If I can ever be of help to you just let me know. Thanks again!"

Roberta Lewis

June 20, 2007
(Comment originally posted in the guestbook)

With Patrick H. Sullivan being the first settler in Boone, Zionsville, I cannot understand why his Bio, or any other info isn't on this web. I have been working on my family tree (Sullivan) and when it is complete I will send a copy to you. Thank you, Edna

July 9, 2007
Reply from County Coordinator, Teresa

Hello Edna,

I tried to send you a note via email, but it bounced back to me. Thank you very much for visiting the Boone County Genealogy, INGenWeb website, and leaving a comment in the Guestbook. I'm sorry that you didn't find more information for Patrick Sullivan on your first visit, but coincidentally, I have just posted many pages that have been transcribed from the 1887 edition of, "Early life and times in Boone County, Indiana," and a
biography for Patrick Sullivan was among them. There also might be other new data for the Sullivan family, so check the search engine also.

I would be very happy to put more information for Patrick Sullivan on the website if something is contributed or I'm able to obtain it. Much of the data I'm able to post on the site has been submitted by Boone County researchers, or material I've been able to acquire or purchase myself. I'm a volunteer host for the website, as are all GenWeb coordinators, and I do not live in Indiana nor am I affiliated with the Boone County libraries or genealogical societies in any way. Some visitors are not aware of this, and believe I have many sources for Boone County genealogical data more readily available to me. Our
FAQ page might explain the website and the INGenWeb a little better.

You mentioned on the guestbook you would like to contribute information from your research, and it would certainly be very welcome! Contributions of material from our many visitors and researchers are what keep the website growing!

March 23, 2007

"Hi Teresa

It has been some time since I have been on the Boone County site and what a
WONDERFUL site it is now. I truly wish other Indiana counties would improve their
sites like this one. It would help us that do research so much. Your hard work is
much appreciated!!

I have a few things I will send to you at a later date that you can put on your site.

My Grandfather lived in Lebanon for many years. I remember the many Sundays we
would drive to Lebanon to spend the day when I was a girl. Very happy memories.

Thanks again for you hard work."


March 23, 2007


You've really got this site looking sharp. It's the first time I've looked in ages, and I'm so impressed."

Charles R. (Chuck) WEST

January 31, 2007

"You are doing a wonderful job on the website, and I am proud to have contributed some of the information there."

Peggy E. (CURTIS) Smith

Note from Teresa, County Coordinator: "Peggy has truly been a generous supporter with the tremendous amount of contributions she has been making to this website for us all ... Thanks again, Peggy!"

January 26, 2007

"Excellent web site ..

Just a note to let you know, finding your Boone County website has been wonderful.



November 21, 2006

"Hi Teresa,

I love that picture of the cabin, it fits the website perfectly. Great job with the website. I really appreciate all your hard work because I have found a lot of information about my family on it. My uncle Franklin Adrian Muston married Mary Annabel Riddle who's mother was Lula Adell Dulin, who's parents were John A. Dulin and Mary A. Carr. I have Annabel's obit, I will send to you. Will send you more info as soon as I have the chance. Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving."

 Karen Nicum

November 20, 2006


I really like what you've done to the website, it looks great. I'll be glad to provide whatever information I've collected on my numerous Boone County relatives. Take Care."

~ Mark Ault

Note From Teresa, County Coordinator: "Mark has already generously contributed photographs and data that pertain to the Mills, Cropper, Phipps, Swaim, Miller, Worley and Robey families which I am currently posting on the website."

October 31, 2006


My name is Margaret Steup, and I have done some research on the Dye family in Boone County. It has been a while since I visited the website, and when I did just recently I was really impressed with the changes you have made. The site looks great, and I am excited about all the new information you have included.

I wanted to make a small correction to the "Find a Grave" section. In the listings for Zionsville Cemetery, under the name "Dye" there is a stone with the names of two children on it. Since these are the two sons of my great-grandfather, William Washington Dye, I can help with the names on the tombstone, which are obviously very difficult to read. One of them, Rolla Dye, is correct. The other would be "Allie" Dye -- Full name William Allen Dye (currently he is listed as "Paulie"). He was the first son, who died in infancy. Rolla died, I am told, during an outbreak of spinal meningitis.

[Note from County Coordinator: I explained to Margaret that  "Find-a-Grave" is a separate website that we offered a link to and showed her how she could contact the contributor of that information to correct the names.]

I would like to contribute more information that I have as well. That will have to wait until I am a little less busy. I have photographs also, but it will take me a little time to puzzle out how to send them to you. What form do you recommend for the written information? I have used Family Tree Maker, so I might be able to transfer files from that.

Thank you very much."

Margaret Steup

October 30, 2006

"Hi Teresa - I just wanted to thank you for helping me (inadvertently of course) locate more information on my family roots. I am discovering that I am from a very long line of prominent Boone County residents dating back prior to the Civil War so far!

If you are personally familiar with the Boone County history, my maiden name is Mary Jane Pock and my grandparents were the "Pocks" and "Mills" of Zionsville.

A couple of very interesting things to me relate to the parallels in my past and present history. I have been a paralegal for over 25 years and learned that my great grandfather, John A. Pock, was an attorney in Boone County. I have a fondness for Civil War history and have recently discovered that John A. Pock and his brother Andrew (both of Boone County) enlisted together and Andrew was killed in the Civil War battle of Chickamauga (sp).

Anyway, thanks again for all the information."

Mary Jane Haecherl (Pock)

October 2, 2006

"Welcome as the new coordinator. The site changes look great -- just took my first look at it. Thanks."

~ Vernon Threlkeld


October 2, 2006

"Great website! I am new to Boone county research and appreciate your efforts. Thanks."

Michael G. McManness

October 1, 2006

"Wow! Teresa--the new website is so awesome. I'm much more inspired to contribute. I like the design--easier to read, easier to navigate. Of course, more contributions will mean more work for you--I appreciate all the hard work that's gone into making a much better site for us Boone County researchers." 

Jami Davis

PS--thanks for updating my email in the registry.