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Boone County Death Index 1882-1920


Note: Incomplete, ongoing transcription project - more coming!

About This Index

This database consists of Boone County Indiana County death records indexed by the Indiana Works Projects Administration (WPA) in Indiana, circa 1938-1941. This database indexes the death records of Boone County from 1882 to 1920. Information that may be found in this index for each entry includes name, gender, color, age at time of death, death date, and death place. The source of the information is located in the death record books in Lebanon, Boone County, Indiana.

With the information gathered from this index you may be able to obtain a copy of the original death record from the Boone County Health Department or the Indiana State Department of Health. It is important to use indexes to locate original records because original records often contain more information than do their indexes.

You may also use the information gathered in this index to locate other records relating to your ancestor's death. For example, using the date and place of death you may be able to begin searching for an obituary from local newspapers. Obituaries can be great sources of death information. They usually provide details about a person's life, their family, the events leading up to their death, survivors, or place of burial. These are often details that would be difficult to learn from standard vital records. To find an obituary, you should check local and state libraries where the death took place. Many Boone County public libraries maintain a collection of local newspapers, from the earliest times to the present. Indiana State Library does the same for the entire state. Other types of death records to search for include cemetery and burial records and church death records.

Listed on the left menu are Boone County Death Indexes in alphabetical order for the years 1882-1920. The transcription project is ongoing, and more records will be added as completed. The data was transcribed exactly as shown, including what may be obvious spelling errors and sometimes duplicate listings. Duplicate listings often indicate that the death record may be recorded in more than one book and/or page. Use this data only as a secondary source to help you acquire actual death records for the individuals through the Boone County Health Department or the State of Indiana Board of Health.

Transcribed by: T. Stover - beginning July 2006

Source Citation: Stover, T., comp., Boone County Death Index 1882-1920, [database online] Boone County Genealogy, INGenWeb. 2006. <> Original data: Various Boone County death records indexed by the Indiana Works Projects Administration (WPA). Indiana: circa 1938-1941.