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Business & Farmer Directory - 1878 - Page 1

Source Citation: Kingman Brothers. "Combination Atlas Map of Boone County, Indiana, compiled, drawn and published from personal examinations and surveys." 1878. Comp.  Boone County INGenWeb. 2006. <>.

| Center Twp. |  Clinton Twp. |  Eagle Twp. |  Harrison Twp. |  Jackson Twp. |

Center Township

Name Section or Street Date of Settlement Nativity P. O. Address Business
Adair, Wm. Section 33 1851 Kentucky Lebanon Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Adair, Wm. Thomas   1851 Kentucky Lebanon Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Burns, David M. Section 24 1852 Kentucky Lebanon Ex-County Surveyor & Civil Engineer
Ball, Eliza C., Mrs. Section 1 1855 Ohio Lebanon Dealer in Fruit Trees & all kinds of Plants, Evergreens, etc.
Ball, I., Mrs. Section 1 1858 Indiana Lebanon  
Bart, John Section 29 & 30 1855 Germany Lebanon Farmer
Bronhard, George Section 12, 18 & 25 1835 Ohio Lebanon Farmer
Boone, Mary E. Section 9 1834 Indiana Lebanon Farming
Bumgarner, David   1826 Virginia Lebanon Farmer
Bryant, Eviline Section 20 1845 Kentucky Lebanon Farming
Bradley, George W.   1870 Kentucky Lebanon Farmer and Carpenter
Cox, G. R.   1865 Indiana Lebanon Farmer
Cooper, Wm.   1849 Scotland Lebanon Farmer
Conner, Wm. M. Section 10 1876 Kentucky Lebanon Farmer and Stock Raiser and Dealer
Crane, Wm. Section 35 1849 Indiana Lebanon Farmer and School-Teacher
Caldwell, D. A. Section 36 1843 Kentucky Lebanon Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Daine, Wm. Section 9 1852 Ireland Lebanon Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Devol, C. F. Section 25 1868? Ohio Lebanon Farmer
Davis, Charles Section 25 1837 N.Jersey Lebanon Retired Farmer
Fall, Wm. H. Section 32 1838 Indiana Lebanon Dealer in and Breeded of Berkshire Hogs
Fall, W. H. Section 32 1873 Indiana Lebanon Stock Raiser and Dealer
Grahem, S. G. Section 33 1864 Penn. Lebanon Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Gray, Sanford C. Section 17 & 18 1835 Kentucky Lebanon Farmer
Heath, J. M. Section 34 1861 Indiana Lebanon Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Honan, John   1853 Ireland Lebanon Farmer
Kleinhertz, Joseph   1868 Germany Lebanon Farmer
Kern, J. J. Section 15 1853 Indiana Lebanon Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Kersey, John M. Section 35 1836 Kentucky Lebanon Farmer
McCann, John P. Section 19 1833 Kentucky Lebanon Farmer
Myers, Geo. Section 3 1870 Indiana Lebanon Farmer
Miller, John D.   1840 Indiana Lebanon Farmer
Neff, John Section 12 1836 Kentucky Lebanon Superintendent Boone Co. Infirmary
Owen, Mordacai Section 10 1865 Indiana Lebanon Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Pavey, Jesse Section 14 1853 Indiana Lebanon Farmer
Powell, R. M.   1838 Kentucky Lebanon Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Riley, C. S. Section 33 1851 Kentucky Lebanon Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Rose, Chas. S. Section 4 & 9 1849 Indiana Lebanon Farmer
Storm, J. Y. Section 19 1871 Indiana Lebanon Farmer
Stultz, Thomas Section 34 1867 N. Carolina Lebanon Farmer
Smith, John W. Section 4 1878 Kentucky Lebanon Farmer
Swart, John   1871 England Lebanon Farmer
Sprout, F. M.   1871 Indiana Lebanon Farmer
Shankland, O. D. Section 29 1849 Indiana Lebanon Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Shankland, E. F.   1849 Indiana Lebanon Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Saunders, J. M. Section 35 1835 Kentucky Lebanon Farmer and Stock-Raiser and School-Teacher
Small, Wm. H. Section 18 1851 Kentucky Lebanon Farmer
Simmons, Wm. Section 14 1869 Indiana Lebanon Farmer
Starbuck, J. E.   1855 Indiana Lebanon Farmer
Williams, Wm. H.   1852 Indiana Lebanon Farmer
Williams, E. H. Section 35 1852 Kentucky Lebanon Farmer
Wills, Geo. W. Section 34 1866 Kentucky Lebanon Farmer

Clinton Township

Name Section or Street Date of Settlement Nativity P. O. Address Business
Allen, Firm Section 11 1857 N.J. Elizaville Farmer and Mechanic
Bennett, William Section 29 1839 Ohio Reese’s Mill Farmer
Breckenridge, Wm. B. Section 25 1834 Virginia Elizaville Farmer
Burges, Edward S. Section 15 1843 N.C. Elizaville Farmer
Caldwell, Martha, Mrs. Section 11 1865 Indiana Elizaville Farming
Dooley, John K.   1836 Kentucky Lebanon Farmer
Evans, Martha A., Mrs. Section 1 1834 Kentucky Elizaville Farming
Eaton, Marion Section 12 1850 Indiana Elizaville Farmer
Eaton, J., Mrs. Section 12 1850 N.J. Elizaville  
Garrett, Maria, Mrs. Section 12 1857 Indiana Elizaville Farming
Higbee, Egbert Elizaville 1835 Ohio Elizaville Lumber Dealer and Proprietor Grist and Saw Mill
Hulsitzer, Thomas Section 12 1872 N.J. Elizaville Farmer
Isenhower, Isaac   1852 Penn. Lebanon Farmer and Stave Manufacturer
Knott, Abner Section 21 1838 N.C. Reese’s Mill Farmer
Knott, Abner, Mrs. Section 21 1837 Indiana Reese’s Mill  
Powell, Edmon Section 12 1850 Kentucky Elizaville Farmer
Reaves, John C. Section 2 1860 Kentucky Lebanon Farmer
Rigsley, George W. Section 21 1866 Missouri Lebanon Farmer
Sims, John F.   1867 Indiana Elizaville Physician and Surgeon
Sims, W. A. Section 18 1877 Indiana Reese’s Mill Farmer and Propr. Saw Mill
Watson, James G. Section 11 1857 Kentucky Elizaville Farmer
Wills, John E. Section 1 1835 Kentucky Elizaville Farmer

Eagle Township

Name Section or Street Date of Settlement Nativity P. O. Address Business
Anderson, P. Meridian street 1854 Penn. Zionsville Banker
Burgin, Simpson Section 7 1845 Indiana Zionsville Farmer and Teacher
Cropper, E. S. Main street 1859 Kentucky Zionsville Undertaker and Dealer in Boots and Shoes
Cadwaller, O. Meridian street 1867 Ohio Zionsville Propr. Of Bakery and Confectionery and Dealer in Fancy Groceries, Cigars and Tobacco
Clark, B. F. East street 1873 Ohio Zionsville Dealer in General Merchandise and Propr. of Clark’s Opera Hall
Duzan, Geo. N. (Rodman & Duzan) Station 1842 Indiana Zionsville Physician and Surgeon
Dodson, George Meridian street 1844 Indiana Zionsville Attorney at law and Real Estate Agent
Dye, William Section 35 1832 Ohio Zionsville Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Essex, William Section 36 1835 Ohio Zionsville Farmer
Essex, G. F. L. Meridian street 1840 Indiana Zionsville Post-master
French, Geo., Jr. Section 11 1868 Penn. Zionsville Farmer
Gregory, B. M. Main street 1833 New York Zionsville Manufacturer of Buggies and Carriages and Dealer in Hardware
Gates, P. M.   1869 Indiana Zionsville Carpenter and Joiner
Hurst, J. O. East street 1867 Illinois Zionsville Dentist
Hardin, B. W. East street 1844 Indiana Zionsville Manufacturer of and Dealer in Boots and Shoes
Liebhardt, P. D. Section 25 1855 France Zionsville Township Trustee and Proprietor of Liebhardt’s Woolen-Mill
Larimore, A. W. Meridian street 1838 Indiana Zionsville Manufacturer of Boots and Shoes
Moore, L. A. Section 4 1856 Ohio Zionsville Farmer
Mendenhall, El, M.D. East street 1868 Ohio Zionsville Physician and Surgeon
Perrill, Nathan Section 18 1866 Virginia Zionsville County Commissioner and Farmer
Perrill, N. A. Main street 1877 Ohio Zionsville Druggist
Peck, J. A. Cor. South and Main 1842 Indiana Zionsville Attorney at law and Real Estate Dealer
Prickett, Ralph Section 1 1863 Virginia Zionsville Farmer
Pitzer, S. L. Section 18 1836 Virginia Whitestown Farmer and County Recorder elect
Rodman & Duzan Meridian street     Zionsville Physicians and Surgeons
Rodman, S. W. (Rodman & Duzan) Lebanon street 1839 Ohio Zionsville Physician and Surgeon
Smith, James Section 11 1833 Indiana Zionsville Miller
Sheets, J. S. Section 11 1827 Indiana Zionsville Farmer
Smith, W. S. Section 17 1836 Indiana Zionsville Farmer
Yoh East street 1858 Penn. Zionsville Merchant Tailor and Dealer in Gents’ Furnishing Goods and Ready-made Clothing

Harrison Township

Name Section or Street Date of Settlement Nativity P. O. Address Business
Abston, J. M. New Brunswick 1863 Kentucky New Brunswick Physician
Black, John S. Section 26 1866 Kentucky Milledgeville Farmer
Black, E. A., Mrs. Section 26 1864 Kentucky Milledgeville  
Coombs, William D. Section 17, 1 & 4 1841 Indiana New Brunswick Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Hilligoss, E. W. S. Milledgeville 1876 Indiana Milledgeville Physician and Surgeon
Hilligoss, S. E., Mrs. Milledgeville   Indiana Milledgeville  
Hilligoss, Daniel W. T. 17 N., R. 1 W., Sec. 2 1872 Indiana New Brunswick Farmer, and Prop. Steam Thresher
Higgins, O. P. T. 17 N., R. 1 W., Sec. 11 1863 Indiana New Brunswick Farmer
Kane, W. C. New Brunswick 1859 Ohio New Brunswick Physician and Surgeon
Perkins, John A. New Brunswick 1854 Indiana New Brunswick Clerk and School Teacher
Robertson, Addison S. Section 9 1859 Indiana New Brunswick Manufacturer Brick and Tile
Ragsdale, William H. T. 17, R. 1, Sec. 9 1863 Indiana Lizton, Hendricks Co. Farmer
Spickelmier, Levi J. Section 7 1842 Indiana Pittsboro, Hendricks Co. Physician and Surgeon & Propr. of M?
Woodward, James Section 1 1867 Indiana New Brunswick Farmer and School Teacher
Young, Fletcher Section 9 1851 Kentucky New Brunswick Farmer

Jackson Township

Name Section or Street Date of Settlement Nativity P.O. Address Business
Banta, S. J.       Jamestown Physician and Surgeon
Brush, H. C. High street 1874 Indiana Jamestown Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Camplin, J. H. & Son Main street 1864 Kentucky Jamestown Dealer in General Merchandise
Cox, George M. Section 5 1877 Indiana Jamestown Farmer
Crump, Wm. C. Section 26 1840 Indiana Jamestown Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Carty, Harrison Section 14 1877 Virginia Advance Farmer
Clements, A. S. Section 1 1858 Indiana Jamestown Farmer and School-Teacher
Davis, J. L. Section 5 1869 Indiana Jamestown Farmer
Day, Elijah Section 33 1842 North Carolina Jamestown Assessor of Jackson Township
Emmons, Wm. Main street 1872 Indiana Jamestown Post Master and Dealer in Gents’ Furnishing Goods, Books, Stationery, Tobacco and Cigars
Feather, W. P. Section 22 1863 Indiana Advance Farmer
Gibson, W. B. Section 10 1851 Indiana Jamestown Farmer and Justice of the Peace
Gibson, John R. Section 9 1857 Virginia Jamestown Farmer
Gardner, James K. Section 5 1869 Indiana Jamestown Farmer
Hostetter, W. H. Section 27 1859 Indiana Jamestown Farmer and Township Trustee
Howard, A., M.D. Section 26 1831 Virginia Jamestown Farmer, Physician and Surgeon
Jones, H. G. Church street 1874 Indiana Jamestown Attorney at law
Jessee, D. W. Section 29 1842 Indiana Jamestown Farmer and Minister
Lezerve, Wm. Main street 1870 Penn. Jamestown Boot and
Shoe Maker
McLean, John W. Section 8 1842 Indiana Jamestown Farmer
McLean, James A. Section 5 1854 Indiana Jamestown Farmer
Osbon & Williamson Main st., organized 1874   Jamestown Dealers in Hardware and all kinds of Agricultural Implements
Orear, N. Section 7 1855 Kentucky Jamestown Retired Farmer
Peterson, Taylor Main street 1872 Indiana Jamestown Attorney at law
Rodgers, Wm. Section 8 1875 Indiana Jamestown Farmer
Scarry, John Main street 1864 Ireland Jamestown Grain Dealer
Smith, Simeon Main street 1867 Indiana Jamestown Dealer in Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Smith, J. H. Section 7 1849 Indiana Jamestown Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Smith, Peter Section 10 1869 Germany Jamestown Farmer and Manufacturer of Tile
Trowbridge, R. High street 1842 Virginia Jamestown Physician and


Vanarsdall, J. Main street 1874 Indiana Jamestown Proprietor of Livery Stable and Dealer in Grain, Hogs and Cattle
Walker, John E. Section 3 1871 Indiana Jamestown Farmer, Cabinet Maker and Breeder of Buff-Cochin Poultry
Wall, John Section 23 1835 Indiana Advance Farmer

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