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Business & Farmer Directory - 1878 - Page 2

Source Citation: Kingman Brothers. "Combination Atlas Map of Boone County, Indiana, compiled, drawn and published from personal examinations and surveys." 1878. Comp. Boone County INGenWeb. 2006. <>.


Jefferson Township

Name Section or Street Date of Settlement Nativity P. O. Address Business
Beck, A.D. Section 30 1839 Indiana Lebanon Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Bennington, A. M. Section 7 1873 Indiana Lebanon Physician
Bowman, John C. Section 7 1833 Virginia Shannondale Farmer, Stock-Raiser and Dealer
Denny, Fielding Section 26 1830 Kentucky Cason Retired Farmer, Postmaster and Justice of the Peace
Kiser, Samuel Section 16 1856 Virginia Thorntown Farmer
Lafollett, Jacob S. Section 30 1857 Indiana Shannondale Farmer and Stock-Raiser, and Justice of the Peace
Lafollett, Frank Section 19 1871 Indiana Shannondale Farmer and Stock-Raiser
McDaniel, Thomas Section 26 1873 Kentucky Cason Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Nolan, W. M. Section 14 1865 Kentucky Thorntown Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Porter, M. B. Section 7 1836 Kentucky Lebanon Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Riggins, Cornelius M. Section 6 1841 N.C. Lebanon Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Roberts, William R. Section 29 1855 Kentucky Lebanon Farmer
Roark, Jackson A. Section 27 1851 Indiana Cason Blacksmith and General Repair Shop
Riggins, Richard S. Section 18 1833 N.C. Lebanon Farmer
Stewart, B. W. Section 35 1864 Ohio Cason Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Taylor, W. R. Section 13 1835 Indiana Thorntown Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Taylor, J. Lowden Section 15 1842 Indiana Thorntown Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Threlkeld, Dennis Section 5 1835 Kentucky New Ross Farmer and Stock-Dealer
Threlkeld, George Section 6 1833 Kentucky Shannondale Retired Farmer
Witt, John B. Section 33 1848 Indiana Cason Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Young, John V. Section 19 1836 Indiana Shannondale Farmer and Stock Dealer


Name Description of Business Location Date of Settlement Nativity
Abbott, J. A.
Attorney at Law and Editor Lebanon Patriot
Indianapolis ave., bet. Railroad and Plum. 1865 Indiana
Allen, A. H. Wholesale and Retail Grocer. Fruits in season. Lebanon Street (Baker’s Block) 1873 Indiana


Buchanan, S. Attorney at Law   1875 Indiana
Bounel, M. H., M.D. Physician and Surgeon   1847 Ohio
Bickley, T. C. Dealer in Groceries, Provisions, etc. East Pearl street 1868 Indiana
Beikes, Tillman Proprietor of Billiard Hall and Dealer in Liquors, Wines and Cigars Cor. South and Lebanon 1874 Germany
Bragg, Joseph G. Dealer in Wines, Liquors, Fine Cigars and Tobacco Lebanon street 1854 Indiana
Bray, E. Proprietor of "Pleasant Grove House" East Main 1835 Virginia
Baker & Campbell Dealers in Drugs, Medicines, Wall-Paper, Stationery, Toilet Articles, Oils and Paints Cor. Main and Lebanon    
Boone, F. P. Railway postal clerk   1852 Indiana
Blackwell, Geo. W. Proprietor of Blackwell’s Mill. Cash paid for logs and lumber. Lumber for sale…. Cor. Green and Gravel-Road 1861 Indiana
Busby & Witt Proprs. of Central Mills and dealers in grain Cor. Lebanon street and I.,C. & L.R.R. 1843  
Coombs, James County Commissioner Cor. Railroad and Coombs 1851 Indiana
Cox. L. M. Clerk of Boone County Cor. East and Washington 1867 Indiana
Clements, John W. Attorney at Law Cor. Pearl and Indianapolis. Ave. 1869 Kentucky
Charlton, F. M. Attorney at Law Office west side of square 1875 Indiana
Coombs, J. M. Merchant Tailor Collier’s Building 1853 Indiana
Cason, T. J. Attorney at Law and ex-Member of Congress   1831 Indiana
Daily, B. C. Proprietor of Livery and Feed Stable      
Davis & McBroom Proprietors of "Exchange" Brick Livery. Feed and Sale Stable. Horses bought and sold. West Main    
Darnall, H. B. Carpenter North Meridian 1847 Indiana
Dicks, T. B. Manufacturer of carriages and wagons West Lebanon street 1856 Indiana
Dicks, Giles W. Manufacturer of carriages and wagons. All kinds of repairing done to order West Lebanon street 1852 Indiana
Darnell, James S. Railway mail clerk Main street 1852 Indiana
Ferguson, S. W. Abstracter of titles   1871 Iowa
Galvin, C. C. Attorney at law Main street 1829 Kentucky
Gregory, W. L. Dealer in general merchandise Main street 1833 New York
Garrison, J. L. F. Physician and surgeon Surgical Institute, Meridian street 1867 Indiana
Harrison, Thomas H. County school superintendent and editor Lebanon Pioneer North Lebanon street 1862 Indiana
Hedges, John W. Auditor Boone County Lebanon street 1854 Kentucky
Huckstep, Thos. W. County surveyor Section 20 1865 Indiana
Harrison, R. W. Attorney at law Cor. Washington and East 1861 Indiana
Higgins, Barton S. Attorney at law Office, Lebanon street 1856 Indiana
Hamilton, S. L. Jr. Attorney at law Washington street 1852 Kentucky
Harden, A. W. Photographer Marble front block 1869 Indiana
Higgins, Wm. L. Dealer in hay and corn, horses and mules Cor. Of Railroad and Meridian street 1855 Indiana
Heath, S. S. Stock dealer   1860 Indiana
Hall, John L. Carpenter and joiner, dealer in lumber and shingles North Lebanon street 1849 Indiana
Hudson, W. D. Treasurer of Boone County Cor. Main and East street 1837 Indiana
Hohl, Martin Proprietor of City Hall Restaurant and dealer in wines, liquors and fine cigars Lebanon street 1869 Germany
Hazelrigg, James M. Attorney at law Section 20 1841 Kentucky
Kise, Wm. C. Ex-county clerk East North street 1848 Kentucky
Lakin, L. S. General Blacksmithing East side square 1837 Indiana
Lane, Levi Deputy county clerk Cor. East and Washington 1841 Tennessee
Morgan, Wm. F. Recorder of Boone county Cor. Of South and East 1863 Indiana
McCann, Robert C. Farmer South Lebanon 1833 Kentucky
Martin, T. H. Dentist. Trustee of Center Township South side square 1866 Kentucky
Neal, Stephen Attorney at law and real estate agent Section 32 1843 Virginia
Nealis, James Banker and broker, and dealer in real estate Cor. South and West 1852 Kentucky
Palmer, Arthur J. Attorney at law Lebanon street (Marble block) 1875 Indiana
Porter, A. G. Physician and surgeon East South street 1836 Kentucky
Parr, W. P. Physician and surgeon Marble block 1833 East Tennessee
Pedigo, J. O. Attorney at law and claim agent Cor. North and West 1855 Kentucky
Peters, E. S. Dealer in Italian marble and Scotch granite; monuments and iron fencing Washington, West I.O.O.F. Hall 1835 Indiana
Rose, J. H. Proprietor of "Rose House" Main street 1835 Kentucky
Reynolds, Edward Sheriff of Boone County North Lebanon 1852 New York
Reubelt, A. O. Superintendent of Lebanon Public Schools   1874 Pennsylvania
Richey, W. H. Dealer in newspapers, stationery, cigars, etc. Main street 1843 Indiana
Richey, J. E. Manufacturer of and dealer in saddles, harness, bridles, whips, etc. All work warranted Main, near Lebanon 1845 Indiana
Ryan, Timothy Pastor of the Catholic church   1875 Ireland
Robinson, Ahijah Retired physician   1855 Virginia
Stoops, R., and Son Manufacturers and dealers in staves   1873 Pennsylvania
Stoops & Kersey Proprietors of National Flouring-Mills; Grain dealers and shippers Main near I.C. & L.R.R. 1873 Pennsylvania
Terhune, Thomas J. Attorney at Law East street 1873 Indiana
Titus, A. E., Mrs.   Cor. North and Lebanon 1857 Kentucky
Vannice, Henry Proprietor of planing-mill and dealer in lumber and building material North Lebanon street 1865 Indiana
Valentine, Wm. Farmer   1862 Kentucky
Walls, W. B. Attorney at law Main street 1857 Indiana
Williamson, R. A. Physician and surgeon East Main street 1860 Virginia
Wysong, Adolphus Dlr. in hardware and agricultural implements Lebanon street (Marble front) 1849 Indiana
Wesner, C. S. Attorney at law East street 1861  

Marion Township

Name Section or Street Date of Settlement Nativity P. O. Address Business
Ayers, Edward D. Sections 32,33 1877 Ohio Elizaville Farmer
Boyd, A. R. Section 27 1819 Indiana Sheridan Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Boyl, Washington   1864 Iowa Sheridan  
Boyl, L. A., Miss   1864 Iowa Sheridan  
Boyl, J. G. Section 26 1834 Virginia Sheridan Farmer
Byers, W. F. Section 21 1854 Indiana Kirklin, Clinton Co. Farmer
Byers, H. M.   1859 Indiana Kirklin, Clinton Co.  
Brendel, B. F. Section 1 1854 Indiana Sheridan Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Brendel, M. H., Mrs. Section 1 1860 Indiana Sheridan  
Brendel, J. F. Section 1 1875 Indiana Sheridan  
Byers, W. M.   1867 Virginia Elizaville Farmer and Teacher
Bell, Robert Sections 12, 19 1822 Ohio Sheridan, Hamilton Co. Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Bush, Wm. H. Sections 12, 19   Indiana Whitestown Farmer
Campbell, Chas. H. Sections 4, 5 1844 Kentucky Elizaville Farmer
Cox, Zebulon Sections 22, 23, 27 1825 Indiana Sheridan, Hamilton Co. Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Campbell, L. W. Section 6 1844 Kentucky Sheridan, Hamilton Co. Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Campbell, G. M. Sections 6, 31 1844 Kentucky Sheridan, Hamilton Co. Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Cobb, Wm. F.   1854 Ohio Northfield Farmer and Proprietor of Saw-mill
Coupland, J. Section 10 1858 England Northfield Farmer
Clark, D. B. Section 5 1858 Ohio Elizaville Farmer and Tile Manufacturer
Cogswell, John E. Section 31 1856 Indiana Elizaville Farmer and Carpenter
Carroll, John Section 29 1859 New York Elizaville Farmer
Devol, J. M. Section 20 1877 Indiana Whitestown Farmer
Evans, John M. Section 28 1847 Indiana Elizaville Farmer
Evans, Thos Section 28 1852 Indiana Elizaville Farmer
Evans, Isaac Section 28 1856 Indiana Elizaville Farmer
Etenburn, J. Section 35 1856 Indiana Sheridan, Hamilton Co. Farmer
Etenburn, E., Mrs.   1823 Kentucky Sheridan, Hamilton Co.  
Etenburn, H., Mrs.   1854 Indiana Sheridan, Hamilton Co.  
Ferguson, H. T. Section 16 1848 Ohio Kirklin, Clinton Co. Farmer and ex-Justice of the Peace
Fausset, A. Sections 20, 21 1826 Indiana Kirklin, Clinton Co. Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Fausset, M. C., Mrs. Sections 20, 21 1833 Indiana Kirklin, Clinton Co.  
Glander, Dedrick Section 13 1869 Germany Elizaville Farmer
Heath, Oliver Section 16 1878 Virginia Northfield Farmer and Blacksmith
Hileman, Joseph Section 21 1859 Ohio Northfield Farmer and Blacksmith
Jones, Thomas J. Section 12 1838 Indiana Sheridan, Hamilton Co. Farmer
Jones, M., Mrs.   1864 Indiana Sheridan, Hamilton Co.  
Jones, E. E., Miss   1864 Indiana Sheridan, Hamilton Co.  
Jones, Jonathan   1849 Indiana Zionsville Physician and Surgeon
King, Martin Section 29 1837 Kentucky Elizaville Farmer
King, Nancy, Mrs. Section 29 1837 Kentucky Elizaville  
King, I., Mrs. Section 29 1856 Indiana Elizaville  
King, H. T. Section 29 1859 Indiana Elizaville  
King, Wm. Section 30 1840 Indiana Kirlin, Clinton Co. Farmer
King, M. E., Mrs. Section 30 1853 Indiana Kirklin, Clinton Co.  
King, Rufus   1855 Kentucky Kirklin, Clinton Co. Farmer
Lambert, Aaron Section 28 1829 Indiana Elizaville Farmer
Lambert, A., Mrs. Section 28 1834 Indiana Elizaville  
Lambert, E. J., Miss Section 28 1856 Indiana Elizaville  
Lambert, C. H. Section 28 1853 Indiana Elizaville  
Lyons, John W. Sections 19 and 20 1852 Indiana Kirklin, Clinton Co. Farmer
Lyons, James F. Section 19 1855 Indiana Kirklin, Clinton Co.  
McCoy, Jos. Section 5 1835 Kentucky Elizaville Retired Farmer
McCoy, Joseph, Mrs. Section 5 1844 Kentucky Elizaville  
McCoy, Harvey Section 5 1846 Indiana Elizaville Farmer
Miller, John W. Section 5 1853 Indiana Elizaville Farmer
Marsh, Sidney A. Section 31 1859 Ohio Elizaville Farmer
Myers, J. G. Section 20 1834 Kentucky Kirklin, Clinton Co. Farmer
Myers, Mary, Mrs. Section 20 1833 Ohio Kirklin, Clinton Co.  
Myers, Geo. W. Section 20 1834 Kentucky Kirklin, Clinton Co. Farmer
Myers, S. A., Mrs. Section 20 1833 Ohio Kirklin, Clinton Co.  
Newman, Harmon Section 11 1852 N. C. Sheridan, Hamilton Co. Farmer
Newman, E., Mrs. Section 11 1852 Indiana Sheridan, Hamilton Co.  
Newman, A. D. Section 11 1857 Indiana Sheridan, Hamilton Co. Farmer
Newman, S. E., Miss Section 11 1861 Indiana Sheridan, Hamilton Co.  
Newman, Oliver Section 11 1860 Indiana Sheridan, Hamilton Co. Farmer
Pearson, J. P. Section 36 1873 Ohio Sheridan, Hamilton Co. Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Pearson, F., Mrs. Section 36 1815 Virginia Sheridan, Hamilton Co.  
Poor, Jesse Section 7 1857 N. C. Elizaville Farmer
Rarden, James Section 5 1857 Indiana Elizaville Farmer
Rarden, M., Mrs. Section 5 1875 Indiana Elizaville  
Sample, J. N. Section 32 1833 Kentucky Elizaville Farmer
Sample, Mary, Mrs.   1835 Indiana Elizaville  
Shapley, Wm. Section 36 1871 England Sheridan, Hamilton Co. Farmer and Carpenter
Stephenson, W. J. Section 29   Indiana Elizaville Farmer and School-Teacher
Spahr, John H. T. 19 Section 21 1856 Penn. Northfield Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Steelsmith, John M. Tipton County 1851 Penn. Elizaville Physician and Surgeon
Thompson, F. C. Section 20 1832 Ohio Elizaville Farmer
Townsend, S. G.   1814 Ohio Kirk’s X Roads, Clinton Co. Farmer
Thompson, L. Q. Section 32 1877 Indiana Elizaville Teacher
Wiggins, J. Section 29 1835 Kentucky Elizaville Farmer
Wheeler, J. Section 11 1850 Ohio Sheridan, Hamilton Co. Farmer and Stock-Raiser
Wheeler, N., Mrs. Section 11 1850 Kentucky Sheridan, Hamilton Co.  
Wheeler, B. F. Section 11 1850 Indiana Sheridan, Hamilton Co.  
Washburn, C. S. R.   1861 Ohio Sheridan, Hamilton Co. Farmer
West, Jonathan E. Section 10 1877 Indiana Zionsville Farmer

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