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Prairie Farmer's Directory, 1920 - A


This database is a directory of farmers and their families in Boone County in 1920 and lists valuable information. In addition to providing the farmer's name, researchers will find his wife's name, children's names, and the time residence in the county. In some cases, this directory can be more informative than federal census records because it includes the wife's maiden name and how long they had lived in the area. To those seeking farming ancestors from Boone County Indiana, this can be a resourceful database for hundreds of individuals.

Source Citation:  Boone County, Indiana Farmer Directory, 1920 [database online] Boone County INGenWeb. 2001. <> Original data: Hurley, Jerry R., comp. "Prairie Farmer's Directory of Boone Co., Indiana." Chicago: Prairie Farmer Publishing Co., 1920.

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(maiden name)
(to Boone County)
Abernately, Bruce Martha J. Whitlow   1911
Abbitt, Columbus M. Anna J. Tweedy Chester C., Ora E., Zella E., Laura F. 1859
Abbitt, James A. Dickie M. Bell Cecil C., Alma A. 1878
Abbitt, Orville D. Inez M. Conrad Velva, Veda, Conrad 1892
Abston, Albert L. Margaret Johnson James W., Orville, Ruby, Ruth, Bernice,
Daphne, Chester
Abston, Chester O. Anges E. Francisco Margaret L. 1898
Abston, James W. Ella V. Smith Verlin, John C., Anna 1865
Abston John C. Luella M. Shirley Eleanor E. Blank
Abston, John J. Zinetta Phillips Floyd C. 1865
Acton, Barton R. Francis Dickerson   1856
Acton, John T. Mary A. Swoop Chester, Wallace, Ray Blank
Acton, Ray Ercie Schenck   1890
Acton, S. S. Amanda E. Carter Verlie, Edith, Bruce, Clayton, Leona 1856
Acton, Wallace Ada Ragsdale Robert H., Delbert B. 1890
Adair, Charles B. Julia B. Naylor Frank 1860
Adair, Chester Flora Copenhaver   1892
Adair, Daniel W.   Bessie, James 1905
Adair, Edward Bertha Dicket   1878
Adair, Jackson Emma Mahler Ralph, Nora S., Marietta 1889
Adair, James W. Ethel Bocock Bernice, Helen, Howard, Lucile,
Mabel, Russell
Adair, Mary A.   Peter 1843
Adair, Mont M. Edna M. Christy   1894
Adair, Peter Eva Bradley Audrie M., Zulu R. 1875
Adair, Thomas Lillie Bade Flossie, Howard, Mabel 1906
Adair, Wm. Consuelo Stookey Delmas 1897
Adams, John L. Lillie A. Smith   1920
Adams, Robert E. Della Sicks Mary, Gershom, Beula, Pansy 1861
Adkinson, Harley A. Letha Barnes Paul L. V., Gladys L. 1918
Adney, Frank B. Fern Coons Elizabeth A. Frank B. 1882
Agan, Earl V. Grace Fletcher Charles 1898
Airhart, John H. Pearl Poland Mary E. 1878
Airhart, V. J. Callie Rea   1885
Akers, Archibald Minnie Highland Arthur, Odelia, Mary 1875
Akers, James F. Anna Bell Hart Lindsley, James, Harry, Agnes,
Abe, Bessie
Akers, John T. May B. Reese Lina 1883
Akers, Wm. H. Maggie E. Reese Zelpha, Orpha, Joseph C. 1877
Aldrich, Frank Blanche Ferguson Richard, Hilda, Elsie 1891
Alexander, John N. Leoma B. Acton Donna E, Mary E. 1892
Alisch, Herman Mary Gaede Dora, Otto 1913
Allegree, Lewis E. Lucy V. Cory   1907
Allen, Calvin Bertha Jones Ellen E., Doris A., Albetene, Ralph,
William H., Noel C., Elston
Allen Charles W. Jeanetta Nease   1880
Allen, Grover Ota M. Wilson Lester, Esther 1889
Allen, Guy Verlie Quicks Wayne M., Alvin J. 1892
Allen, Harold Emma Williams Irene 1892
Allen, James L. Laura E. Sparks Samuel, Arthur 1857
Allen, Samuel C. Ocie O. Good Victor D., Dueard C., Mildred M. 1882
Anderson, Joseph S. Carrie A. McDonald Irene, Martin, Mary E. 1905
Anderson, Stanley M. Elizabeth M. James Robert L. 1895
Anderson, T. M. Anna Williams Mary B., Alice, Fred, Louis, Edith,
Frank, Lawrence, Stanley, George,
Apple, John R. Martha A. Robinson Ope, Mamie, Earl, Clella, Essie 1907
Artman, Alta N. Anna Loups Donald E., Ogle L. 1894
Artman, Elmer C. Georgia R. Dulan   1892
Artman, Francis S. Luretta Abbitt Guy R., Pearl L., Oran E.,
Kenneth A., Elmer C.
Artman, Frank, Jr. Vassie M. Shoemaker Lula Belle 1891
Artman, Roy Sara P. Akers Roy, Jr., John W. 1887
Ashley, Fred A.   Mrs. Lillie B. Ashely, (mother) 1899
Ashley, J. G. Cora B. Clay Georgie, Florence, Catherine,
James, John
Ashwell, Oris Pansy Adams   1892
Atkins, Cecil R. Noaline Hobson Evelyn B. 1895
Atkins, George W. Nora Dulin Mary E., Cecil R. 1875
Avery, Alvy Clara Jacoby Cloae, Effie, Alma, Homer, Florence 1900
Avery, Homer Lillian Shirley   1900
Ayers, Curt Icy M. Cox Edward L. 1889

Transcribed by: Jerry R. Hurley, 2001