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Prairie Farmer's Directory, 1920 - C


This database is a directory of farmers and their families in Boone County in 1920 and lists valuable information. In addition to providing the farmer's name, researchers will find his wife's name, children's names, and the time residence in the county. In some cases, this directory can be more informative than federal census records because it includes the wife's maiden name and how long they had lived in the area. To those seeking farming ancestors from Boone County Indiana, this can be a resourceful database for hundreds of individuals.

Source Citation:  Boone County, Indiana Farmer Directory, 1920 [database online] Boone County INGenWeb. 2001. <> Original data: Hurley, Jerry R., comp. "Prairie Farmer's Directory of Boone Co., Indiana." Chicago: Prairie Farmer Publishing Co., 1920.

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(maiden name)
(to Boone County)
Cain, Clayborn Y. Laura Trees Clare E, Joseph C., Jacob E., Devello 1847
Cain, Devello Nelle Wilson Doris 1882
Cain, Priston C. Dorothy A. Uhler Mary U. 1890
Cain, William S. Groce A. Hill Blanch, Flossie G., Rule R. 1854
Caldwell, Ashio F. Hazel Smock Bernice F., Blanche P. 1913
Caldwell, Clemma W.   Earl, Claude, Noble 1867
Caldwell, David E. Annie R. Sorrell Teddy, Stella 1856
Caldwell, Edward Bessie M. Thompson Elmer, Morris 1910
Caldwell, Harry L. Hazel R. Ward Robert W. 1893
Caldwell, James and Hattie     1877
Caldwell, Joseph A. Rose M. Booher Christal R., Nellie G. 1861
Caldwell, Lewis C. Jennie Burns   1890
Caldwell, Mrs. Margaret J.  
James F., John, William C.,
Sarah E., David E., Robert N.
Caldwell, Marvin E. Rose Pointer Martha 1895
Caldwell, Oliver A. Lydia B. Lane Kenneth L. 1850
Caldwell, Roscoe E. Tillie Miller Carl G., Lester L. 1881
Caldwell, Sherman Dora Belt Ray, Mildred, Irene, Charley 1896
Caldwell, Theodore R. Mary J. Lowe Ivy, Ethel, Viola, Alma, Otis, Maude, Milliard 1860
Caldwell, Thomas J. Nellie Ross Cordelia, Ross, Irene, Harold 1858
Caldwell, Thomas M. Ella Woody Harl 1857
Caldwell, William T. Ceila F. Roby Beulah, Donald, Bert, Cuba N. 1866
Callaway, Carl R. Vada Master James F., Carl E. 1920
Calvert, George W. Pearl Lyons Forrest, Ralph 1880
Calvert, Lew Cetta Kinnick   1883
Camp, Guy W. Iona A. McDonald Howard P., Mary T. 1917
Camp, Squire A. Nora E. Sheets Denver, Claude, Veda, Edith 1915
Campbell, Alexander S.   Nannie, Elizabeth, Sheridan, Bertha 1840
Campbell, Charles A. Addie Stephenson Clarisa, Lisle, Sherman 1906
Campbell, Charles H. Fern Clark   1890
Campbell, Elza B. Ruby Thompson Mary Elizabeth 1898
Campbell, George Mary Long Richard, George, Kathleen 1913
Campbell, Hiram June Aldrich Roxya 1858
Campbell, Hugh W. Eliza F. Hundley Edith Belle 1857
Campbell, James E. Adeline Fowler Fred, Thomas, Scott, Ward 1859
Campbell, Joseph A. Riffa Wright   1866
Campbell, Julius S.     1867
Campbell, M. D. Edna Sprong Dorothy V., Ruth I. 1912
Campbell, Ollie M. Mary E. Sutphin Mathew 1883
Campbell, Mrs. Sarah   Arch E., Fern 1858
Campbell, Sherman R. Susie Quick   1897
Campbell, Williamson Florence Kincaid Ruth, Elza, Audra 1872
Campbell, W. H. Melissa Godfrey Frances, Charles 1860
Canada, Charles M. Cytha Ray Georgia, Russell, Lester 1883
Canada, David L. Villa Walls Edith, George, Earl 1866
Canada, Earl Opal Brown Thomas Lee 1898
Canada, Elijah A. Nettie Buttery Ralph H., Dora I., Lucille V. 1865
Canada, George G. Edan Meek Marjorie 1894
Canada, John G. Emma Cross Anna 1863
Canada, Joseph F. Lottie Whitley Harry L. 1880
Canada, Lombus O. Nettie J. Jones   1885
Canada, Noble E. Sylvia Meyers Ivan 1916
Canada, William H. Sarah E. Jones Orville L., Dessie F. 1861
Canada, William J. Mary E. Swindler Noble 1872
Canine, Mrs. Almeda   Herbert A., Ethel 1854
Canine, Herbert A. Leona Smith Carroll E., Audra P. 1893
Canine, Lawrence H. Hazel M. Davis   1894
Caplinger, James S. Beulah Dale Kenneth, Eleanor 1883
Caplinger, Samual H. Dillia Wall Stella E., Walter, Harvey F., Samuel L. 1872
Carney, Cordon R. Hazel Dickerson   1894
Carney, David M. Lilly B. Bright Bertha, Bessie 1900
Carothers, Gale Elsie B. Fall Paul L. 1898
Carothers, George O. Syntha L. Morris
Robert, Etta, Lawrence, Roscoe,
Gladys, Guy, Gale F., Mavoreen
Carothers, Guy Edith M. Thompson Waneta, Rayborn 1893
Carothers, Roscoe Jessie Lanham George 1887
Carothers, Sanford A. Maggie Logan Georgia, Noble 1861
Carpenter, Herndon Hazel Scott   1920
Carpenter, William Ida Donovan Floyd, Ralph, Roland, Ray, Earl 1919
Carr, Ananiass     1848
Carr, David A. Mary E. Bailey   1885
Carr, Leonard F. Bessie Cooper Elmer, Nellie, Byron 1906
Carr, Mrs. Nancy C.   Luther, Marion, Iva, Grace 1855
Carriger, Parley Nathan Mamie E. Whitlow Robert, Richard, Mary E. 1888
Carter, Newton Alice Beck   1855
Carter, Omer P. K. Marjorie Boyd Virginia Anna 1898
Carter, Robert M. Madge Pitzer   1900
Carter, Mrs. Samantha Samantha J. Morrison Owen P., W. Orville, Hazel A. 1860
Casey, Calvin B. Almeda Peters Wilbur A. 1872
Casey, Ernest O. Icy F. Hine Esther B. 1888
Casey, Mrs. Harvey A.   ClarenceL., Ernest O. 1863
Cash, Joseph S. Nannie B. Campbell Marie, Sylvia I. 1869
Cash, T. O. Cora J. Campbell Leonard J. 1870
Cash, Wm. Harvey Maude Sturges John A., William T. 1891
Cason, John N. Carrie M. Shepard Lyle E., Marion L., Romona G., Vivian G. 1864
Cassady, Clinton O. Jennie Day Walter, Ruth, Donald 1875
Cassady, George C. Elizabeth J. Knott Eva, Clinton D., Irvia, Olive 1851
Casserly, Thomas J. Mary Casserly   1880
Castetter, Monroe Bettie Evans
Oris F., Kenneth A., Vivian Alice,
Bertha V., Dorothy F.
Castor, Sampson C. Mary B. Hamble Percy, Ulin W. 1919
Cavin, Henry N. Carrie Hall Lawrence 1857
Cavin, John W. Mary E. Brown Lamel, Alpha 1854
Cavin, Oral M. Gussie Glendenning Inez 1889
Cawthon, James H. Avo Hesson Annie, Bessie, Amanda, Mattie 1920
Chaille, M. A. Sarah Jeffries Ezra T., Minnie E. 1881
Chalk, M. W. Mary A. Burdett Cathrine 1890
Chamberlain, Ray D. Ida Bruchler   1896
Chambers, Carl E. Lillie Meyers   1885
Chambers, Ernest G. Blanche Hawn John, Alberta 1891
Chambers, John W. Rhoda D. McLean Carl E. 1881
Chambers, William D. Grace Glendening Geraldine, Margaret, Doris I. 1917
Chavers, Guy B. Ava S. Lawrence Dorothy, Maurice 1876
Chavers, Mrs. Sarah J. Sarah J. Spencer Guy B., Edward M. 1850
Chenoweth, Charles A. Alta Dunbar Janet, Mildred, E. Blaanche 1905
Chenoweth, Jesse W. Elva Alice Wilson   1919
Childers, Robert Bell Turley Courtney, Irene, Mary, Ybonie, Etta, Claude, Ray 1920
Childs, Charles F. Ethel Johnson Virgil, Eva, Ora 1880
Chizum, William B.     1916
Christian, Peter M. Mary E. Cobb Ethel 1871
Clampitt, Charles G. Lillie Beard Fontonell 1867
Clampitt, William N.     1856
Clark, Albert W. Eliza Davidson   1908
Clark, A. B. Maud Sell Glenn 1919
Clark, Edward Rose Alma Memama Arake, Hutchens, Zola, Marie 1919
Clark, Emmons C. Ruth Bartholomew Marion, Arthur 1919
Clark, Harry S. Orvilla Lough Ovid, Burris, Lois, Charles, Francis 1882
Clark, Isaac N. Ollie Wood Albert W., Anna M. 1887
Clark, Joseph W. Stella I. Kirby Mildred R., Joseph D. 1917
Clark, William Nellie Brewer Ida G., Claud 1920
Clark, William H. Nancy J. McCauley James F., Zela P., Anna, Harry, Nannie 1883
Clawson, Harley W. Edith White Argyle E., Audrey 1910
Clay, Emmett Cora Hopper Lucille 1920
Cleaver, Alfred Lois Clarkson Mary Elizabeth 1900
Cleaver, Alfred V. Clara Dye Doris L. 1881
Cleaver, Edgar E. Mattie White Ruth, Fern 1890
Cleaver, George C. Mary Foster Nora, Annie 1908
Clemens, Jerome Laura Redford Dulcie, Mary, Vitus, Emma, Rilla 1918
Click, James N.   Beulah H., John W. 1900
Click, R. M. & Son Mary Corothers Lloyd, Ralph, Edward, Robert, Anna 1870
Clifford, Clarence Mamie Stots   1910
Clifton, Artie C. Pearl Dale Genevieve, Junus, Juanita, Dale 1887
Clifton, George Zola Dale   1919
Clifon, James W. Laura Hankins Mabel, Rush, Mosell 1885
Clifton, Marion Myrtle Rogers Herschel, John, Marion, Artie, Georgie, Goldie 1903
Cline, Claude H. Myrtle G. Rader Clede L., Mary F. 1893
Cline, Harvey T. Elizabeth R. Witt Marion B., Claude H., Gertrude L. 1893
Cline, Philip F. Alvina B. Campbell Olive F., Jessie F., Velva Il, Lillian F. 1865
Cline, William A. Ethel Hone Marion A., William A. 1900
Clingler, John Sarah M. West Otis D., Della M., Lula B., Roscoe C. 1849
Clingler, J.     1880
Clingler, Roscoe C. Lula Adair Doris, Charles I., John R. 1891
Clossin, Charles Eva F. Laflin Buren I., Ruby G., Marjorie E. 1890
Cobb, Fred W. Bertha Hornbaker Landis W., Frederick 1882
Cobb, Thomas A., Sr. Sarah F. Banning
Thomas A., Julia L., Emma V.,
Addie A., Effie A., George M.
Cobb, Thomas A., Jr. Florence C. Christian Florence R., Mary A. 1874
Cochran, Elmer Edith B. Campbell   1902
Cochran, Thomas Rosalie Evans Edna, Ray, Goldie, Stella, May, Elmer, Sadie 1903
Coddington, Mrs. Sarah J.  
Ezra, William H., George T.,
Lillie, Sarah L., Minnie, Mary
Cody, Mrs. Grace L.   Bernard, Helen, Doyle, Warren, Paul 1887
Cody, Jesse L. Nancy E. Sims Mary B., Lizzie R. 1873
Cody, Marcus J. Emma R. Clampitt Clifford 1868
Cody, William T. Zinda Timmons William, Edgar, Pearl 1885
Cogle, Egbert S. Nora Turan Russell V., Marion F. 1891
Cohee, David D. Mina Jane Click Joseph, Roy, Zelda, Ivan, Willard 1884
Cohee, Ivan R. Florence A. Wills Francis L., Mina E. 1890
Cohee, Willard A. Lenore R. McMullen   1894
Coleman, Marshall Addie Brown   1888
Colgrove, Albert F. Alice Perkins Albert, Russell, Lucile, Mary 1856
Colgrove, Russell Sparkle Klinger James R. 1894
Combs, Jonathan B. Anna Sparks David, Paul 1912
Cones, Charles W. Edna N. Price Alta, Glenn, Mary, Asher, Charles, Donald 1870
Cones, Mary E.   Ray, Pearl 1875
Conger, George W. Mattie A. Smith Lora L., Elva C., Jeddie O., Lola R. 1894
Conner, Charley Ressie Whiteman Elston 1900
Conrad, Omer S. Rose L. Perkins Fern Blank
Conrad, Rufus Mattie Hawkins Madgel, Hazel 1888
Conrad, Victor A. Edna M. Stultz Harold T., Basil E., Eraml C., Mildred G. 1898
Cook, Bert Alta E. Martin   1900
Cook, Earl Cora Lee Lyon Earl S., Richard 1886
Cook, Edward Julia Miller Elmer, Carl, Gladys, Bertha 1873
Cook, Elmer Florence Averys   1897
Cook, Ernest E. Ruth Shaw Kenneth, Eugene 1895
Cook, Louis Lola Simpson William 1882
Cook, Mrs. Smel   Edward, Bell, George, Pearl, Louis 1875
Coolman, Arland Zora Bowers Doris, Robert 1918
Coombs, Jesse M. Viro May Utterbock Nora, Ethel Blank
Coon, Willis   Maggie L. Brown, mother 1890
Cooney, John Martha D. Dye Effie 1862
Coons, Elijah M. Martha A. LaFollette   1858
Coons, William W. Addie Airhart John, Otis, Grace, Guy 1856
Copeland, Charles Alzena Dye   1883
Copeland, Harry Maud Byfield
Helen, Mabel, Carter, Marion, George, Delmer,
Millar, Mary, Melvin
Copeland, Taylor S. Venelia Bidito Harry, Charles, Taylor, Blanche 1861
Copenhaver, Earl Arizona King Wilmer 1890
Copenhaver, John C. Frances Essex Orvil, Esther, Earl, Rollie, John, Flossie 1868
Copenhaver, John H. Anna M. Gibbs Geneva L., Esther C., Morris 1896
Core, James B., Sr. Emma Moorehouse Ruth A., James B. 1901
Cornelius, John W. Almira Nation Vernin, Mable, Ruby 1908
Cornell, B. E. Anna Turner Edith, Mary, Grace 1881
Cornell, James R. Julia Cottingham Clarence, Irvin 1861
Cornett, Bradley Susie L. Parks Alice M., Mary F., Ora F. 1915
Cornett, James B. Ursula G. Downing Madeline Grace 1920
Cornett, John H. Carrah A. Smith James B., Mabel C. 1920
Corrie, Charles J. Flora M. Bliss Aletha 1862
Cory, Elbert Ida A. Lewis   1874
Cory, Ensley L. Sadie J. Bush Lawrence, Floyd 1864
Cory, Erasmus   Effie, Ensely, Amuel, Emerine, Elbert, Eber, Ella 1839
Coshow, Charles A. L. Hall   1896
Cosler, James M. Anna Allen Elizabeth A. 1910
Cottingham, Harry Mary Whicker Wall, Pauline, Dorotha 1914
Cottingham, Stephen Nannie Kimble Ira, Jestin, Harry, Emma, Gale, Carl 1916
Couchman, Walter H. Della Stoops Harold, Dorothy 1894
Coupland, Artie F. Goldie Spear Lowell, Denzel 1888
Coupland, J. S. Ethel Paskill Dorris E. 1885
Courtney, John S. Frances Whiteman Clarence, Russel, Choral, Clay 1858
Courtney, John W. Marinda Pratt Emma, Annie, William, Etta, Frederick, George 1894
Courtney, Michael C. Hattie M. Blackburn Paul, Lawrence, Margaret, Ruth 1863
Courtney, William S. Minnie Winters Earl, Karl, Russell 1878
Courtney, W. Clay Fern Campbell Margaret, Maurice, Arthur 1900
Cox, Albert A. Sarah E. Kaiser Bessie, Ruby, Nellie, Laura, Bruce, Guy 1852
Cox, Asa V. Lillie M. Scott Alfred O. 1869
Cox, Claude A. Mary F. Ferguson Gifford M. 1898
Cox, Guy E. Ressa O. Creasy Jessie L., Edgar M. 1888
Cox, Harold R. Silva T. Brown Ralph L., Martha M. 1915
Cox, Raleigh H. Millie A. Jones Arnold T., Homer J. 1893
Cox, Russell Viola Schenck   1890
Cox, Walter Clyde Nellie E. Caldwell Edoyze, May, Charles, Richard 1888
Cox, Walter J. Esther B. Allen   1889
Cox, William H. Sophia Meyer Ruth R., Ruby E. 1892
Cox, Willis R. Ade Scott   1880
Coy, James E. Ida M. Coy Forrest 1890
Coy, Ora M. Elizabeth Tansel Harry, Luella 1872
Cragun, Elmer D. Minnie V. Hine
Agnes, Carl, Virgel, Donnie, Bonnie, Martha,
Fred, Wayne, Lloyd, Floyd, Della
Craig, Henry A. Abbie Kendall Ailsa 1888
Craig, Jesse     1882
Craig, John C. Ollie McKinsey Jennie Hester 1885
Craig, Lee Cora Burkett Ollie, Earl, John, Ruby, Orpha 1870
Craig, Robert J. Nina E. Graham Asher W., Carl, DeV 1884
Crain, Henry     1865
Crane, James M.     1847
Crane, Perry H. Ruth Roark Susan, Perry H. Jr., Effie Louise 1914
Crane, T. J. Amenia Howard Victor, Perry, Otis, Effie, Carrie, Alpheus 1850
Crane, Victor S. Rosie V. Campbell Marian, Lois, Buren 1888
Crask, Ira T.     1875
Crask, Urias L.     1868
Crawford, Chauncy M. Elizabeth Bruckner W. Herbert, Carl E., Olive M. 1884
Crawford, Ivan E. Maud Long   1888
Crawford, John M. Maud Anderson   1901
Crawford, John W. Elizabeth Ross Okey, Orvill, Ivan 1875
Crawford, Otis A. Lennie E. Deck Carl E., Sarah E. Crawford, mother 1875
Crawford, Wallace L. Leona Campbell Clara M., Walter S. 1889
Crawford, William L. Nancy J. Weed Chauncy M., Edith M. 1874
Crawford, W. S. Leona Campbell Clara, Walter 1889
Creasy, Calvert L. Lily L. Codington Guy, Ota, Resse 1891
Creath, Daniel L. Martha J. Campbell Frank, Nellie, Ray 1877
Crews, Henry C. Ada Coble Eula H. 1920
Crim, George A. Edna E. McNeal Lottie 1868
Crose, Atley Mary E. Darrough Earl D. 1860
Crose, Dwight H. Lola Conger Jean 1895
Crose, Mrs. Minnie   Haroldm., Edith, Rovene 1887
Crose, Walter F., Sr. Clara A. Mendenhall Lolita M., Walter F., Juanita A., Alice L. 1881
Crose, Willaim B. Lillie A. Foreman   1859
Crose, William G. Nannie Hamilton John O. 1875
Cross, Benjamin G. Mary E. Butner Carol B. 1891
Cross, George E. Ina A. Hodge
Paul F., Charles H., Walter N.,
Ollie H., Robert Eugene
Cross, John W. Eva L. Jacques Carl, Nellie, Vasa, Hershel, Ralph 1911
Crostreet, Ambrose F. Rachel M. Caldwell Carl B., Fredrick E., Thurman S. 1911
Crostreet, Anthony Lella L. Speagle Ray 1890
Crostreet, John W. Flora Woodard Joseph, Ruth 1876
Crostreet, Thruman A. Jessie E. Williams Donavan V., Elane M., Marrietta 1895
Crouch, Ollie H. Georgia Sims Edith, John 1915
Crouch, Warren E. Idona M. Sutton Allen E. 1910
Crowl, Frank Eva Daney Mattie 1902
Crubaugh, Allen S. Julia Cook Harry 1852
Cruse, Daniel B. Lucinda Brubler
Colver, Rollie, Minnie, Margaret,
Chester, Jennie, Glenn, Goldie
Cruse, Harry E. Bertha Rader   1916
Culley, Claude E. Maude Carr Vada P. 1908
Culley, Clyde Pearl Owens Ida 1899
Culver, Edward L. Emma Daugherty Eva 1890
Cummings, Thomas Linda Harris Vernon 1894
Cunningham, Bert Elizabeth E. Eckert   1875
Cunningham, George E. Elsie Hare   1905
Cunningham, Grover C. Dola M. Coons Dorothy, Donald, Myrtle May 1888
Cunningham, Hollis A. Effie Jones Lailon, John, Ruth, Louise Blank
Cunningham, Jacob R. Mary Vidito Marvin, Lewis 1880
Cunningham, James F. Elizabeth Caldwell Verda 1872
Cunningham, John H. Jessie E. Metzgar Virgil, Eulah 1874
Cunningham, Phillip Jessie Butler Carrie, Edna 1870
Cunningham, Sylvester Martha Kelley Cora, Vena, Bert, James, Buron 1850
Cunningham, William Jessie A. Hunnley Audrey M. 1872
Curnett, William R. Lelia F. Stulty Elsie F. 1890
Curtis, Jay L. Mattie L. Crowl Clyde C. 1918
Custer, David R. Mary Long   1895
Cutrell, William H. Mary E. Lockard James, Dorothy, Everett, Russell, Martha, Ruth 1915
Cutts, Silas M. Alice D. Murphy Wilbur, Geneva, Virgil, Bessie, Doras, Dewey 1870

Transcribed by: Jerry R. Hurley, 2001