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Prairie Farmer's Directory, 1920 - F

This database is a directory of farmers and their families in Boone County in 1920 and lists valuable information. In addition to providing the farmer's name, researchers will find his wife's name, children's names, and the time residence in the county. In some cases, this directory can be more informative than federal census records because it includes the wife's maiden name and how long they had lived in the area. To those seeking farming ancestors from Boone County Indiana, this can be a resourceful database for hundreds of individuals.

Source Citation:  Boone County, Indiana Farmer Directory, 1920 [database online] Boone County INGenWeb. 2001. <> Original data: Hurley, Jerry R., comp. "Prairie Farmer's Directory of Boone Co., Indiana." Chicago: Prairie Farmer Publishing Co., 1920.

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(maiden name)
(to Boone County)
Fairfield, Roy Veach, Bessie   1911
Fall, Dorman T. Ferguson, Frances Mabel, Elsie 1873
Fall, Mrs. Mary C.   Nina E., Joseph F., Dorothy R., Celia 1867
Fall, William G. Lane, Alma J. Ralph, Raymond, Aletha, Mary, Russell, Ruby, Ruth, Lucille 1879
Fancher, John A. Stephenson, Sarah L. Pearl, Edward, Mary 1850
Fancher, Levi M. Fancher, Laura E. Alva L., Deloris A. 1900
Fancher, William L. Quick, Alpha Charles L. 1900
Farrell, James Murphy, Winifred Lawrence I., Leo M., Vincent M. 1869
Farrow, John A. Emmert, Clarrisa E. George, William T., Hattie, Nora, Maude, Mervin, David J. 1880
Farwick, John B. Hamilton, Martha J. William R., Elizabeth, Henry, Clem, Taylor 1871
Farwick, Taylor M. Purdy, Goldie O. Martha E., Mary E., Velma J., Joseph B. 1880
Faulkenbury, A. E.     1885
Faulkner, John A.   Byron L., Mozelle D., Lula E. 1870
Fausset, Charles M. Graves, Bettie Florence E., Jesse L. 1862
Fendley, John T. Bowen, Lulu Dorothy 1867
Fendley, Mrs. Sarah A.   Susie, Maggie 1870
Ferguson, Bert L. Otenburg, Nora Ruth, Fuelma 1880
Ferguson, Carl L. Huckstep, Celia   1906
Ferguson, Carl M. Billingsly, Amy Ray, Freda 1882
Ferguson, Charles H. King, Edith M. Grace, Cleo, Imo, Irene, Olive, Lester, Louise, Doris, Ethel 1915
Ferguson, Earl Thompson, Palma I. Gerald 1918
Ferguson, Everett Stoops, Eva R.   1902
Ferguson, Harry L. Haller, Edith L. Harry L., Lloyd C. 1892
Ferguson, Jacob Reed, Lillie Abraham, Pearl, Everett, Paul, Mary 1902
Ferguson, Jacob R. Sweeney, Annie Frank, Paul R., EugeneH., Elosie 1895
Ferguson, James W. Knott, Amret L. Helen, Harry L. 1885
Ferguson, Robert J.   Mary J. and Eliza A. (Sisters) 1857
Ferguson, Robert M. Plew, Susan Bert L., Carl M., Lulu A. 1857
Ferguson, Samuel H. Snodgrass, Susan M. Vernon I., Leannah F. W. Bernice, Bernard R., Chester H. 1913
Ferrell, Seaton Pipes, Janey Benjamin H., Georgie V., Nannie A. 1898
Finch, Charles E. Albert, Dora B. Tess, Carl 1919
Finch, Roy C. Emmert, Stella A. Dorothy M., Doris H., Dennis S., Martha M. 1913
Fine, Alexander Wheeler, Cathryn Arthur, Herbert, Jessie, Thomas, Ethel, Elsie, Myram, Etta 1875
Fine, Daniel Hubert Rader, Goldie M. Lean M., Lester J., Versie M., John H. 1884
Fink, James H. Swindler, Ida Opal, Everett 1882
Fishback, John Dickerson, Minnie A.   1873
Fishback, Josiah Chambers, Lulu B. Robert W. 1875
Fishback, William H. Branch, Nancy Margaret E., Alvin B., Dora E., Josiah, Bessie E., John E. 1873
Fisher, Jacob H. Caterson, Ellen M. Oda 1919
Fisher, Walter Seymour, Annie William, Oscar, Eva M., Voil, Delbert, Ross 1912
Flaningan, Albert Clark, Sallie Forest, Fred 1889
Flaningan, Fred S. Beesley, Neva   1892
Flaningan, Lester Woody, Edith Lawrence W, Robert K., John T., Susanna 1899
Fleming, Everette Beck, Godie Marion, Foster, Kenneth 1913
Flowers, Leora Miller, Lillie Clarence, Velma, Ernest E. 1915
Fogle, Watt Raullin, Sarah E. Edith, Sarah 1911
Folk, Joseph E. M. Clark, Emma C. Homer C. 1853
Forbush, John H. Crawford, May Boyd, Paul, Mildred 1915
Ford, Emery Ray, Sarah E. Frieda L., Lela L. 1893
Ford, Roy Doyle, Elizabeth   1885
Ford, Thomas E. Heath, Mintie E. Alfred D., Fay H., Lowell A., Lena M., Hazel M., Ersie E., Amy R., Edna P., Mildred 1874
Fordyce, William E. Bamish, Opal   1920
Foreman, Victor A. Tolle, Laura   1873
Foster, George H. Fread, Isabelle Thelma, Flavia, George H., Harold 1920
Foutch, Obauin Reggan, Mary William H., Pearly M., John 1880
Fox, Andrew J. Staley, Susan I. Virginia, George, John A., Luella 1919
Frame, Charles W. Taylor, Etta Leota R., William T. 1914
Frank, John H. Garner, Margaret A. Otto, George, Dora 1871
Frazier, Joseph S. Justus, Ada Merrill, Kenneth 1897
Frazier, Samuel V. Praffitt, Victoria Joseph 1892
Frederick, Robert E. Catterlin, Rose Z. Artelha F., Leo 1903
Freeman, Samuel R. Milligan, Jane Eulalia, Earl, Blanche 1895
French, W. Smiley Caldwell, Edna E. Audra Jewel, Athel, James 1913
Fulwider, Lawrence G. James, Margaret B. Martha E., Emma J. 1883
Funkhouser, Brewer E. Leavitt, Verilla Evan 1900
Funkhouser, Charles A. Smith, Dora F. Herman C., Vernie O., Lola M. 1897
Funkhouser, Ivan   Ralph, Raymond, Aletha, Mary 1842
Funkhouser, Iverson I. Smith, Lula M. Mayme B., Brewer E., Doris E., Ralph O. 1870
Funkhouser, Lanna W. Whitehead, Ruth William F., Arnole 1905
Funkhouser, William M. Dulap, Flora William, Minnie 1905

Transcribed by: Jerry R. Hurley, 2001