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Business Directory 1874
Business Directory 1878-Pg 1
Business Directory 1878-Pg 2
Business Directory 1878-Pg 3
Farmer's Directory 1920 - A
Farmer's Directory 1920 - B
Farmer's Directory 1920 - C
Farmer's Directory 1920 - D
Farmer's Directory 1920 - E
Farmer's Directory 1920 - F
Farmer's Directory 1920 - G
Farner;s Directory 1920- H First Settlers

Business & Farmer Directories

Much valuable information can be gained for your Boone County ancestors in the following databases, including occupations, description of land, residence, names of family members, religious affiliation and the year of settlement in Boone County.

  • The People's Guide,  A Business, Political and Religious Directory of Boone County Indiana, 1874.

    First Settlers In Boone County - (added 9/24/2008)  NEW!

    Transcripts for Perry and Union Townships.

  • Combination Atlas Map of Boone County, Indiana, compiled, drawn and published from personal examinations and surveys, 1878.

    The townships included are: Center Township, Clinton Township, Eagle Township, Harrison Township, Jackson Township, Jefferson Township, Lebanon, Marion Township, Perry Township, Sugar Creek Township, Union Township, Washington Township and Worth Township:

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  • Prairie Farmer's Directory, 1920.

    This is a partial transcription covering all surnames "A" through "H" only.

    If anyone has access to this publication and would kindly transcribe the additional surnames to contribute to the web site, we would be thrilled!

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