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Excerpt from:
 "The People's Guide: A Business, Political and Religious Directory of Boone Co., Ind.," 1874.

Old Mother Howe and the Widow Cross came to the county in 1824 -- are now living in Zionsville. The Lane family, John Lowe, Frederick Lowe -- the first, John Lowe, was a trader among the Indians; Frederick Lowe was the Indian Agent. Jesse Lane settled in the year 1825, five years before the county was organized; he now lives in Eagle Creek township. John N. Fall settled in Washington township at a very early day. Robert Allen settled in Center township in 1832, two years after Boone became a county. Elisha Riley settled one year before the county was organized. James M. Smith was a settler in 1834 -- his post-office address is Lebanon. Daniel Hoover settled in Zionsville very early. Robert H. Thomas, one of the early settlers in Eagle township, Boone county, claims to have been one of the number composing the first jury made in Boone county, which was about October, 1832. Mr. Thomas is still living.

Benjamin Cox, another one of Boone county's first settlers, still remembers when it was necessary for him to go forty miles to get his milling done, requiring four to six days' time. Mr. Cox has not forgotten the time when the wheat market for Boone county was at Lafayette or Lawrenceburg. He hauled his wheat to the latter place, receiving only forty cents per bushel. With Mr. Cox's mule team it required from ten to twelve days to each trip. The roads at that time were full of brush, chunks, roots and stumps, besides many "sloughs" and pond-holes. Many a spring night has Mr. Cox had a free bullfrog serenade. Other early settlers encountered the same difficulties. It is very interesting to the young people of this day to hear such men as Mr. Cox relate their trials and triumphs in Boone county.


Transcribed by: T. Stover - September 24, 2008

Source Citation: Boone County Directories [database online] Boone County INGenWeb. 2008. <> Original data: Cline & McHaffie. "The People's Guide: A Business, Political and Religious Directory of Boone Co., Ind.", Indianapolis: Indianapolis Printing and Publishing House, 1874.