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Boone County Atlas - 1876


Below are images of each Boone County township printed in the 1876 edition of, "Illustrated historical atlas of the state of Indiana," and acquired from the David Rumsey Collection (source below). Many, but obviously not all Boone County landowners are shown on these atlas maps. I don't know the answer as to why some landowner's names aren't shown, but it may be that only large parcel landowners were included, or perhaps only those that wished to pay a fee to the publisher would be included in the Illustrated Atlas. So, just because your ancestor isn't listed, doesn't necessarily mean he didn't own land in a particular Boone County township in 1876. To obtain original Boone County land records for your ancestor, you should contact the Boone County Recorder.

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Boone County Map - 1876

All townships included on this map.

Center Twp.

Kersey, Henry, Small, Devol, Adair, Witt, Neal, Copeland, Buchanan, Wales, Campbell, Dampier, Robinson, McConaughy, Lane, Kelley, Stoops, Martin, Cavins.
Clinton Twp.

Everman, Ferguson, Burns, Pressly, Fitzpatrick, Weed, Stevenson, Breckenridge, Willis, Perkins, Carr, Roberts, Powell, Davidson, Mullikin, Brenton.
Eagle Twp.

(No landowners listed)

Harrison Twp.

Boyd, Shirley, Wilson, Woodward, Cook, Budge, Pearson, Smith Howell, Vest, Mann, Willis, Pinnell.
Jackson Twp.

(No landowners listed)


Scarry, Couch, Piersol, Lowry.
Jefferson Twp.

Denny, Vice, Taylor, Hollingsworth, Anderson, McKinsey, Bowen.

Klotz, Lane, Dickerson, Davis, Longley, Williamson, Hazlett, Evans, Bryan, McLaughlin, Spencer, Hedges, Ball, Kenworthy, Harris, Rose, Hall, Rickey.

Marion Twp.

Gillmore, McCoy, Padgett, Lane.

Perry Twp.

(No landowners listed)

Sugar Creek Twp.

Niven, Barker, Henry, Mills, Woody.


Cox, Hunt, Smith, Swift, Waring, Tolbert, Condra, Miller, Horner, West, Burk.

Union Twp.

(No landowners listed)

Washington Twp.

Moore, Allen, Ryan, Rickey, Haller, Jacquis, Warren, Phillips, Slocum, Board, Beck, Belles, Taylor, Hannah, Bush, Reese, Powell, Thompson, Vannice.


Witt, Trout, White, Neese, Buck.

Worth Twp.

Bauhard, Loid, Scott, Berkley, Gayer, Ray, Harman, Goodwin.


Cross, Oliver, Miller.

Source Citation: "Boone County Land Records," [online data] Boone County Genealogy, INGenWeb, 2007. <> Original data: The David Rumsey Map Collection, Cartography Associates. <>; "Illustrated historical atlas of the State of Indiana." Map of Boone County. Published by Baskin, Forster & Co. Lakeside Building Chicago, Ills. 1876. Engraved & Printed by Chas. Shober & Co. Props. of Chicago Lithographing Co.