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A Good Genealogy Tip!
When posting a query on a message board, and to garner the most success, try to be as concise as possible writing the subject line, while making sure to cover the all-important basics of who, when and where. A good example of an informative subject line would be: "William BROWN, born 1848, Boone County, Indiana." Avoid using all-purpose, non-informative subject lines that most readers will pass over, such as: "searching for family," "need help," "genealogy," etc.

Post and Read Boone County Queries
Read and post queries or request lookups on the Boone County Message Board at RootsWeb. When you post a new query, be sure and check the box "Send me an e-mail when anyone replies to this message." Do you need to update your email address on the Message Boards? You don't want to miss a reply!


Message Boards & Lists

You have your choice of several message boards and email lists for Boone County. For the best possibility of making a connection or receiving a reply to your query, use all of them. Make sure you always check off the box that says, "notify me when someone responds." You'll then receive an email notification when someone replies, even if it's months later. If your email address changes, make sure to update it on all the message boards and lists you've ever used, so you'll never miss a reply. Better yet, use a free email account such as Yahoo for genealogical purposes and you'll never have to remember to change your address with every list and mutual researcher you've corresponded with in the past, if your regular home email changes. Then your genealogy email address will never change, no matter how often your regular home address changes. Another plus - you'll receive a LOT less spam on your home email account!

Message Board

Go Directly to the Message Board on RootsWeb

Boone County Message Boards

  • Boone County Message Board - This is the main and most active message board for Boone County located on RootsWeb. If someone replies to your query, even months later, you'll be notified by email if you check off the "notify me" box when posting your message. You can also post your look-up requests on this board or the Email List.

  • Boone County Email List - This is the RootsWeb email list for Boone County that you can subscribe to. I suggest you join the List where many other helpful subscribers might have the answers you're looking for, or provide a look-up. You can also read and search the List Archives. This link will take you to a page where you can join the List or browse the Archives.

  • Boone County GenForum Message Board - This Boone County message board is located at where you can read previous messages and post a new query of your own. You also have the ability of receiving instant email notifications if someone responds to your message.

  • West Central Indiana Email List - NEW! A RootsWeb email list for West Central Indiana including the counties of Boone, Carroll, Clinton, Hamilton, Howard, Montgomery, Tippecanoe and Tipton Counties. A good list for your ancestors that moved around in neighboring counties.

  • Kentuckiana Genealogy Message Board - Another Boone County message board option. They also have a Boone County List you can join.