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The Decade Was 1840's

1842 - Godey's Lady's Book warns ladies attending summer resorts to guard against bare arms, which cause men to blush.

1842 - The University of Notre Dame is founded in South Bend.

1843 - Wagon trains begin to set out for Oregon each summer from settlements along the Missouri River.

1845 - Potato famine in Ireland brings great numbers of Irish immigrants.

1848 - John Sutter finds gold in them-thar' hills of California and the beginning of the 1849 Gold Rush follows.


The Decade Was - 1840's

Various newspaper items concerning Boone County and its residents in the 1840's. You'll find a bit of everything ... deaths, births, accidents, crime ... and even humor. All items are transcribed exactly as they appeared in the publication, so please bear in mind that it was a different time and sometimes those editors wrote with a bit of flair, and describing gory details seemed to be their specialty! Even if you don't find an ancestor or two among these pages, you'll still find it interesting to read the news of their day. And if you *do* find a relative in some of these news clips, you might turn up a real surprise or two!

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Potosi Republican
Potosi, Wisconsin
January 20, 1848

Plain Talk -- Mrs. Elizabeth Peters, of Boone county, Indiana, notices her absconding husband in the following terms: "Left my bed and board last fall, thereby rendering my expenses lighter, my legal husband, Peters, without cause or provocation. -- All the old maids and young girls, widows of every age and condition, are hereby forwarned [sic] against harboring or trusting him on my account, as I am determined not to be accountable for his debts, or more especially his misconduct, because he is a loafer, a drunkard, a gambler, a thief, and a liar."

Transcribed by: T. Stover - 8/11/2007