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Newspapers Index Transcripts 1869-1888

These are transcripts of Indianapolis Newspapers that were indexed by workers with the WPA during the late 1930's. This index covers the years 1869-1888 for Boone County, Indiana. This index includes the following Indianapolis newspapers:

  • Indianapolis Herald: abbreviated as H
  • Indianapolis Journal: abbreviated as J
  • Indianapolis News: abbreviated as N
  • Indianapolis Sentinel: abbreviated as S

The coverage includes Boone County accidents, churches, crime, deaths, and major events such as; murders, fires, etc.

Each entry will show the name of the person or the subject heading, the abbreviated name of the newspaper in which the article was located , the date of the article, and the page and column number for the article. For example:

Article Citation: HENRY, Henry Death of, J. 1-7-1860, p. 2, c. 2

In this case, Henry Henry's death is mentioned in the January 7, 1860 edition of the Indianapolis Journal on page 2, column 2.

Obtaining Copies of Full Articles

The Indiana State Library's Newspaper Collection has all of the necessary issues available on microfilm, for use within the library or available via interlibrary loan through your local library. You may also request the full article through their Ask a Librarian service. Fill out the form and include the complete copy of the transcription. Any copies made for patrons will result in an invoice of $.25 per page copied, plus postage for out-of-state requests. An invoice will be sent with your copies; do not send a check until you receive the invoice.

Source Citation: Stover, T., comp. "Newspapers Index Transcripts 1869-1888," [online database] Boone County INGenWeb. 2007. <> Original data: The Works Progress Administration (WPA). 1935-40. Indianapolis Newspapers Index, 1848-1888.

Newspapers Index Transcripts 1869-1888

BENNETT, George (of Lebanon) / Accidental death of, N. 7-24-1884. p 3, c 3.
FIRE / Whitestown / John W. Bowser flouring mill destroyed. N. 9-13-1884 p3 c4
Bray, William (of Lebanon) / Death of, N 10-22-1885 p3 c2
FIRE / Thorntown / Carson, H. & Co., chair factory completely burned. N. 3-11-1881 p2 c7
Cason, Samuel (Judge) / Death of, at Thorntown. J 8-8-1871 p5 c3
Cramble, Harry (of Whitestown) / Death by suicide, N. 12-29-1884 p2 c4
Cunningham, Mr. / Accidental death of, at Lebanon. N. 7-7-1886 p1 c4
Dale, James B, (Hon.) (of Boone County) / Death of, N. 3-16-1886 p3 c2
Davisson, Mrs. W. C. (of Zionsville) / Death of, N. 5-23-1884 p3 c3
CRIME / Assault / Boone Co. / Day, Cornelius, attacked by unknown ruffians and seriously beaten. J. 4-8-1871 p. 3, c. 1.
Dorsey, George T. (of New Ross) / Accidental death of, N. 10-20-1884 p2 c3
Fleming, J. W. / Death of, at Jamestown. N. 11-11-1885 p1 c3
HALL, Lincoln (of Lebanon) / Accidental death of, N. 10-31-1885. p 1, c 4.
Crime / Murder / Thorntown / Harris, William (colored) accused of killing Mrs. David Mitchell. (colored) N 7-2-1886 p-1-c-5
HENDERSON, Robert (of Boone Co.) / Death of, N. 3-19-1885. p 4, c 3.
CRIME / Murder / Lebanon / Hinton, Al, accused of killing Frank Kersey. N. 6-13-1884. p 2, c 2.
CHURCHES / Whitestown / Methodist Church dedicated. J. 11-16-1869. p 7, c 2.
NEWSPAPERS / Thorntown / "Thorntown Argus" purchased by Rev. C. B. Mock. N. 12-3-1883. p 3, c 4.
MORRIS, John (of New Ross) / Accidental death of, N. 5-26-1885. p 4, c 3.
CRIME / Murder / Jamestown / Parcells, Jacob accused of killing Thomas S. Staten N 1-26-1885. p 2, c 3.
Pau, Jesse of Sheridan / Death of, N. 4-30-1886 p 1, c 7.
Robinson, Dr. Elijah (of Lebanon) / Death of, N. 3-8-1886 p1 c7
Ross, Dr. J. T. / Death of, at Lebanon. N. 3-19-1885 p4 c3
Rous, Lucien (of Thorntown) / Death of, N. 2-20-1886 p3 c2
Simpkins, Oscar / Death of, at Lebanon. J. 5-20-1871 p5 c5
FIRE / Thorntown / Stove Factory, Sims and Neptune, complete loss. N. 3-3-1883 p2 c4
SWAN, Mrs. Nancy C. / Death of, in Boone Co. J. 5-8-1871. p 5, c 4.
CRIME / Murder / Lebanon / Todd, George and wife, killed by unknown assailant. J. 3-8-1869. p 8, c 2.
TUCKER, Lee (of Jamestown) / Death of, N. 6-24-1884. p 2, c 4.
Underwood, William (of Lebanon) / Accidental death of, N. 4-7-1884 p1 c4
Willis, Dan (of Lebanon) / Accidental death of, N. 5-24-1886 p1 c6
Wingate, George (of Thorntown) / Death by suicide. N. 2-25-1886 p1 c1
CRIME / Murder / Zionsville / Wood, Adolphus accused of killing Leland Tinsel, Jr. N . 1-10-1881. p 2, c 6.
Yount, Carrie / Death of, in Boone Co. J 8-9-1871 P-3-c-1