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Old News is Good News!
We all enjoy reading these old bits of news from Boone County's past, and we'd love to add more to the site. Do you have some old clippings in Grandma's scrapbook you could transcribe? We will always welcome volunteers that can visit the library and copy items from the old Boone County newspapers, also!

Newspaper Items

Below are links to various news and general interest items from Boone County history through the years. Hopefully you'll find a name you recognize or a family ancestor, and if not I'm sure you'll still find they are an interesting read of a time long past!

Check back often as this section is added to continuously!




Miami Burial Ground Kenworthy, Mills 10/9/2007
Higbee Family Reunion Higbee, Mullin, Lanham 3/25/2007
Dehorned Cattle West, Kise 8/2006
Shot In Cold Blood Martz, Conrad, White, Broughard 8/2006
Emmert Family Reunion 1916 Emmert, Wells, Dayton, Canada, Higgins, Ferguson, Whiteman, Shaw  
Emmert Family Reunion  1922 Emmert, Ferguson, Wells  
The Decade Was .. Many, many Boone County names! 8/2006 (ongoing)
A Country Correspondent Cohee, Click, Irwin, Owens, Pavey, Cory, Bratton  
After 40 Years Click, Pavey  
Religious Excitement Cohee  
Father Finds Son Smith, Emmert  
Dulin & Dale Wedding Dulin, Dale, Stevens, Heady  
Last of a Generation Beck, Sanford, Batiste, Stancel, Stephens, Evans 2001
Robert Sample Sample  
James Minor Barn Burns Minor  
Squire Thompson Thompson, Harrison  
Death of Judson McDaniel McDaniel, Cole, Oliphant, Daughtery  
Myers Family Myers, Hedge, Bowman  
J. F. Hall Hall, Darnell  
A. C. Gibson Gibson  
J. R. Clore Clore, Arshwilder, McClarey, Kessler  
Struck By Lightening Myers, Fisher, Baumgartner  
House Burned Cox, Gerkin, Blakemore  
Public Sale Notice Huffman, Groover, Lowery  
Candidates Flaningain, Brendel, Parr, Shelby, Billingsly, Ballard  
John W. Barber Barber  
George W. Scott Scott, Bounell  
Sandy's Luck Sandy, McDaniel, Caldwell  
Coughed the Pencil Up Kurtz, Henry  
A Bad Accident Cox, Bounell, Harlan  
About Funerals    
Advance Fire Smith  
A Peculiar Find Garrigus  
Carney Golden Anniversary Carney, Morris  
Church Etiquette Burrett  
Dale Accident Dale, Duncan, Shockley  
Davis Accident Davis  
Emmert & Somerville Wedding Emmert, Somerville, Ripptoe  
The Hat Courtesy    
Hickory Nuts Smith, Hendricks  
John Cross Cross  
Kiss The Bride McDuff, Talley, Porter  
Mastodon's Tooth Found Erganbright, Henry  
McDaniel & Son's Tonic McDaniel  
Miamis' Burial Ground Kenworthy, Mills  
George Wendell Piersol Piersol, Shockley, Roberts, Best  
Mr. Turkey Yelton, Scotton, Somerville  
The Porter Reunion Porter, Henry, Winter, Jesse, McLean  
Schools of Union Township Smith, Bell, Foote, Vance, Lewis, Miller, Gifford  
Shelley & Harshbarger Marriage Shelley, Harshbarger, Smith, Kent  
Sixty-Four Years in Thorntown Laverty, Gregory, Jackson, Truely, Coulson, Daley, Oldendorf  
Smith Marriage Smith, Bueraglin, Shelley, Darnell  
Williamson Anniversary Williamson, Gose  


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