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Where can I get a copy of an old obituary?
Check with the local libraries in the area where the person resided as they may have microfilms of the old newspapers. You'll find Boone County library information on our Research Resources Page. You can also check the online obituary database at the Guinn Genealogy Center at Thorntown Library.

Obituary Index

This index lists all obituaries posted on the site, both transcriptions and copies of original newspaper obituaries. By clicking on the name you will be taken to the page the obituary transcription is located on. If there is a copy of the actual obituary, you'll see a thumbnail image in the right column. You can also browse the individual pages with the links on the left side. The source of these Boone County related obituaries has been the thoughtful contributions of individual researchers, and the submissions from many generous volunteers who have extracted them from old newspaper files, etc. Please consider contributing old obituaries from your files to add to this data. Read the FAQ's for more information about submitting data for obituaries.

Special Appreciation: I'd like to send out a special big thank you to Karen Zach, Coordinator for our neighbor, Montgomery County INGenWeb. Karen has generously contributed many obituaries for Boone County, Indiana also ... thanks again, Karen!


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Date Posted

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ABBITT, America    
ABBITT, Chester C.    
ADAIR, Justin C. 8/2006  
AIRHART, Claude 3/17/2007  
AIRHART, Cornelius L. - (2nd obit added 3/17/2007) 3/17/2007  
ALBERT, Anna B. (Primmer) 7/16/2007  
ALLEN, Thomas F. 1/20/2007  
ANDERSON, Edwin Hatfield 11/4/2008  
APPLE, Lucinda Catherine (Young) 10/29/2007  
ARMSTRONG, Isaac    
ARMSTRONG, Thomas H.    
ARTMAN, Abraham    
ARTMAN, Ada A.    
ARTMAN, Mary    
ARTMAN, Roy    
ARTMAN, Samuel R.    
ARTMAN, Thomas    
ARTMAN, William A.    
ASHWELL, Mary E.    
ATKINSON, Solon    
AUSTIN, Catherine E.    
AUSTIN, F. H.    


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
BAIRD, John 1/2/2007  
BAKER, Martha    
BALDWIN, John    
BALLARD, Joseph 9/22/2008  
BARBER, Mrs. Susan    
BARINGER, Effie    
BARINGER, Esther M. 10/14/2007  
BARINGER, Mary Margaret 10/8/2007  
BARKER, Eliza 2/21/2007  
BEAMAN, Jesse    
BECK, Charles E.    
BECK, Donald    
BELL Benjamin T. 1/2/2007  
BELL, Charity 10/14/2007  
BELT, Joseph 10/29/2007  
BILBO, Barbara B. 10/2006  
BLACK, Clara    
BLAND, Frank 11/20/2006  
BLAND, Milton H. 12/7/2006  
BOHANNON, Floyd 9/22/2008  
BOHANNON, Thomas W. 9/7/2007  
BOONE, Andrew J. Boone 9/22/2008  
BOYD, Freddie    
BRADLEY, George L. 10/28/2007  
BRAGG, John M.    
BRAGG, Mahala (Gifford)    
BRESSLER, Louivina (Harrison) 3/13/2007  
BROWN, Georgia C.    
BRUSH, Elizabeth    
BUDD, Jennie (Harding) 3/30/2007  
BURHOP, Harriet (Norris)    
BURK, G. L.    
BURK, Ruth Jane    
BURNS, Harvey Elsworth 10/8/2007  
BURRIN, Thomas E.    
BUTCHER, Dollie E. (Swearingen) - (2nd obit. added 10/16/2007) 10/16/2007  
BYERLY, Jacob 3/19/2007  


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
CALDWELL, Elizabeth A. (Clark) 10/16/2007  
CALDWELL, John H. 10/16/2007  
CALDWELL, Martha (Creswell) 9/2006  
CALDWELL, Nathan    
CALDWELL, Nathaniel    
CAMPBELL, Nancy Meenach    
CAMPBELL, Sarah    
Campbell, Vern R. 3/18/2012  
CANADY / CANADA, Lewis A.    
CARR, Hannah    
CARR, James Madison    
CARR, Jane 12/23/2006  
CASON, Samuel L. 8/2006  
CASSADAY, Milton 10/29/2007  
CHARLES, Child of Mr. & Mrs. 10/28/2007  
CLICK James Quineon    
CLINE, Mary (Hale) 10/8/2007  
CLOUD, Julia  (2 obituaries) 9/20/2008  
COCHERELL, Andrew J. 10/8/2007  
COFFMAN, Elijah C.    
COFFMAN, John M. 10/27/2007  
COFFMAN, Sarah Adaline    
COGLE, John C. 11/21/2006  
COGLE, Nora (Rutan) 12/9/2006  
COLLINS, Elizabeth 8/2006  
CONNOR, Samuel    
COOK, Lester Wayne    
COPELAND, Martha Emeline (Vidito) 2/27/2007  
COPELAND, Millard F. (Jim) 2/27/2007  
CORNELIUS, Elmira Catherine (NATION) 10/9/2006

CORNELIUS, John Wesley 10/9/2006

CORY, Mary A.    
COVEY, Robert Dale Owen 10/29/2007  
COX, Henry C.    
COX, James Bert    
COX, James Newton    
CRAWFORD, "Grandpa" 10/28/2007  
CULLY, Clyde    
CUNDIFF, Harriett A.    
CURTIS, Dorcus M. (Brenton)    
CURTIS, Mary E. 3/20/2007  
CURTIS, Philander M.    


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
DALE, Ambrose D. 10/29/2007  
DAVIDSON, Eliza (Hicks) 10/28/2007  
DAVIS, Ephraim    
DAVIS, Grace Ethel    
DAVIS, Hannah Florence (Johnson)    
DAVIS, Infant    
DAVIS, Mary A. (Crutchfield) 10/2006  
DAVIS, Okea    
DAVIS, Samuel    
DAY, Nancy (Canada) 10/29/2007  
DICKSON, Jackson    
DIXON, George 9/22/2008  
DIXON, James C. 9/22/2008  
DIXON / DICKSON, Mary C. (DAY)    
DOLBY, Lillie L. 10/14/2007  
DOYAL, Sallie    
DUFFEE, William Taylor 1/2/2007  
DULIN, Dora I. (Dale) 10/8/2007  
DULIN, Mary Ann (Carr) 9/8/2007  
DULIN, Roy Edgar Sr. 8/20/2007  


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
EASTIN, Elizabeth (Fall) 8/20/2007  
EDWARDS, Adda Mahala    
ELDER, Samuel    
ELDER, William C.    
EMMERT, Henry Albert    
EMMERT, James Elby    
EMMERT, Martha J. (Klein)    
ENFIELD, Lieutisha A. (Wilcox) 10/27/2007  
Epperson, Herbert C.    
EVANS, George D. 1/12/2007  
EVANS, Israel 1/12/2007  
EVERETT, Bessie Funkhouser    


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
FALL, Jasper 10/28/2007  
FALL, Mrs. William    
FAUGHT, Sarah J.    
FAUSSET, Bettie (Graves) Smith 4/2/2007  
FENTON, William Taylor    
FINCH, Leander M.    
FISH, Joseph & Lucinda 10/8/2007  
FLANINGAN, Sarah A.    
FLEECE, Mrs. Sarah    
FLECHER, Carl G.    
FOOTE, Amos B. 9/25/2007  
FREEMAN, Frank    
FUNKHOUSER, Martin O.    


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
GIFFORD, Mahala (see Mahala Bragg)    
GILL, Fannie (Gibson) 10/29/2007  
GILLASPIE, John 10/28/2007  
GILLESPIE, Harry    
GILL, Thomas Franklin    
GIPSON, Isaac 10/29/2007  
GOODWIN, Seth 10/29/2007  
GOSSETT, Beatrice May    
GOTT, James W.    
GRAY, Rettie    
GRAVES, Eliza Bell (McCreight) 1/2/2007  
Graves, Emery 6/2/2012  
GRAVES, James Osborn 1/2/2007  
GRAVES, Joseph B. 2/24/2007  
GRAVES, Martha Ann (Ballard) 2/24/2007  
GREGORY, Mary    
GRIFFITH, W. C. 8/2006  
GRIMES, Vivian Honor 1/2/2007  


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
HALL, Crede (infant son of Mose & Margaret Hall) 10/29/2007  
HALL, J. F. 1/7/2007  
HAMILTON, Infant (child of D. H. & E. B. Hamilton) 10/8/2007  
HARDEN, Mary    
HARRIS, Mary A. 10/8/2007  
HARRISON, Josiah S. 9/22/2008  
HARTING, George H. 8/2006  
HARTNER, David    
HAUHN, Flora E. (Turpin)    
HAWKINS, Charles A.    
HAWKINS, Elmore E. 12/7/2006  
HAWKINS, Gregory Farmer    
HAWKINS, Henry Clay    
HAWKINS, John H. 12/7/2006  
HAWKINS, Martha E. (Perkins)    
HAWKINS, Dr. Thomas Hayden 4/14/2007  
HAWKINS, William M. 12/7/2006  
HAZELRIGG, Jesse    
HAZELRIGG, Joshua G.    
HAZELRIGG, Mrs. Nannie    
HEADY, Caroline (Gardner) 1/2/2007  
HEADY, Imri 10/28/2007  
HEADY, William Shields    
HECKATHORN, David H.    
HEDGE, Ann 10/29/2007  
HEDGE, Charles A. 11/3/2008  
HEDGE, Mary Frances (Evans) 10/14/2007  
HEDGE, William Gordon 10/8/2007  
HENDRICKS, James    
HENDRIX, Delilah Elizabeth 8/2006  
HEWITT, Ellen - (2nd obituary added 10/16/2007) 8/2006  
HICKS, Robert I. 12/26/2006  
IDA HILAND 6/02/2012  
HILAND, Martha L.    
HILAND, Phebe Ann    
HILAND, Samuel Johnson    
HILAND, Winfield Scott    
HILLOCK, Rilla    
HINES, James A. 10/3/2007  
HOBSON, Eb. 10/9/2007  
HOBSON, Nettie Alice (Aagie) 10/14/2007  
HOGAN, Orlando P. 8/2006  
HOLLINGSWORTH, Eugene 8/2006  
HOUK, Russell Leander    
HUDSON, Andrew 11/21/2006  
HUDSON, Mrs. Cantee    
HUDSON, William    
HUFFMAN, Allie    
HUNT, James    
HUNT, Marvin Wayne    
HURST, Meachum    
HURT, Fay H.    
HURT, John Henry    
HURT, Rev. Larkin 10/14/2007  
HURT, Luetta    


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
IMMEL, Nancy J. 10/14/2007  
IRWIN, Earl Dooley    


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
JACKSON, Emsley 1/12/2007  
JACKSON, George W. 1/2/2007  
JACKSON, William E. 4/1/2007  
JACKSON, Worner Frank 2/24/2007  
JOHNSON, Albert Newton    
JOHNSON, Amanda Jane (Abston)    
JOHNSON, Christena (Stoker)    
JOHNSON, Edna    
JOHNSON, George    
JOHNSON, George H.    
JOHNSON, Hannah (Clements)    
JOHNSON, Herbert Mason    
JOHNSON, James Franklin    
JOHNSON, John Clemen    
JOHNSON, Laura Etta (Faulkner)    
JOHNSON, Lenora Catherine (Schenck)    
JOHNSON, Lucinda (Keeney)    
JOHNSON, Margaret G. (Abston)    
JOHNSON, Martha Elizabeth (Bray)    
JOHNSON, Martha Jane (Duzan) Lydy    
JOHNSON, Martin Luther    
JOHNSON, Nancy Bell (Beckner) Pounds    
JOHNSON, Nancy Jane (Martin)    
JOHNSON, Olive (Dickerson) Harbison    
JOHNSON, Patrick    
JOHNSON, Willard Patrick    
JOHNSON, William Perry    
JOHNSON, Wilson Thompson    
JONES, W. W. 10/8/2007  


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
KELLY, Joann
KELLY, Vorey    
KEPNER, William    
KESSLER, Benjamine 10/14/2007  


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
LAFOE, Mary (Samuel) 10/14/2007  
LaFOLLETTE, Mary L.    
LaFOLLETTE, Sarah 10/21/2007  
LaFOLLETTE, Searle Milton    
LaFOLLETTE, William H.    
LAMAR, Clifford C.    
LANE, Levi (4 obituaries) 1/10/2007  
LANE, Milroy 1/8/2007  
LAWSON, Olive Pearl Brown 10/2006  
LEWIS, George 10/8/2007  
LEWIS, Irene Evageline    
LEWIS, Martha 10/28/2007  
LINN, Lester    
LOGAN, James 1/2/2007  
Long, William J. 06/23/2012  
LOOP, Daisy (see Henry or Jennie Loop)    
LOOP, Henry    
LOOP, Jennie (Amanda)    
LOOP, Malinda B.    
LOVIN, Pearl Elizabeth (Holman) 10/27/2007  
LUTZ, Payton J.    
LYDY, Martha Jane (Duzan) Johnson    


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
MAHAN, Woodson    
MANTOOTH, Carl Mitchell    
MANTOOTH, Flora Ellen    
MARK, Malissa E.    
MARSH, Martha 10/28/2007  
MARTIN, Eliza Jane (Murphy) 10/28/2007  
MARTIN, Elmore    
Martin, Lester J.    
MARTIN, Levi 10/14/2007  
MARTIN, Mary Ellen    
MARTIN, Mrs. R. S.    
MARTIN, Robert S.    
MATER, Addie M.    
MATTIX, E. A.    
MAUS, Lula 2/21/2007  
McBANE, Martha (Brown)    
McCOY, Isabell 5/2006  
McCREIGHT, Cyrus F. 1/2/2007  
McDANIEL, John 10/9/2007  
McDANIEL, Samuel    
McKENZIE, Eunice (Higgins) 10/27/2007  
McKEY, Mrs. Ben F. 10/29/2007  
McLEAN, Bessie S. 10/8/2007  
McLEAN, Maria (Jones) 10/28/2007  
McNORTON, John Franklin    
McNORTON, John J. 5/2006  
McREYNOLDS, Albert D. 10/9/2007  
McROBERTS, Benjamin B.    
McVEY, Myrtie May (Whitely) 10/9/2007  
METZGER, Sarah (Woodard) Rader Cunningham 2/24/2007  
MILLER, Mrs. John    
MILLS, Angeline (Dye) 10/2006  
MILLS, General Egan Anson 7/16/2007  
MILLS, Jonathan 10/2006  
MILLS, Louisa J. (Fouts) 1/3/2007  
MILLS, Maria / Mariah (Swaim) 12/11/2006  
MILLS, William J. 12/11/2006  
Milner, Joseph K. 2/29/12  
MITCHELL, Guy Edward 3/30/2007  
MALONE, Joshua B.    
MOFFITT, Martha 9/22/2008  
MOON, Merlin    
MOORE, Mahala (Howard)    
MOORE, Samuel M.    
MORRISON, Charles E.    
MOUNT, Elijah 10/29/2007  
MUSTON, Henry 12/7/2006  
MUSTON, Richard Jackson 12/7/2006  


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
NAY, James A. 10/29/2007  
NEAL, Stephen 9/17/2007  
NEESE, Allison Franklin 10/2006  
NEWMAN, Bert 4/12/2007  
NICHOLSON, Mary Elizabeth Watson 10/14/2007  
NICHOLSON, Mrs. John 10/28/2007  
NICHOLSON, Myrtle (May) 10/14/2007  
NICUM, Myrtle 12/7/2006  
NORRIS, Harriet    
NORTHCUTT, Riley    


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
O'NEAL, Ellen 10/29/2007  
OTTINGER, William (daughter) 5/2006  
Owens, Mrs. Irene


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
PARKS, Jesse C. 1/2/2007  
PARR, Ora 10/29/2007  
PARRIGEN, Sanford 2/2/2007  
PATTERSON, Alva (daughter)    
PATTERSON, Horace 2/15/2007  
PATTERSON, Lucinda    
PATTERSON, General Robert 10/8/2007  
PATTON, David M.    
PENRY, William Asbury    
PERKINS, Ira    
PERKINS, John W. 3/30/2007  
PERRILL, Nathan Anvil 10/27/2007  
PETERSON, Rebecca Virginia (Harris) Davis 10/14/2007  
PETTICORD, John E.    
PIERSOL, James    
PITTENGER, Henry M. 10/28/2007  
POLAND, John 10/9/2007  
POWELL, Thomas J. 2/21/2007  
PROCTOR, Mary    


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
RADER, Hiram 1/12/2007  
RADER, Perlina Belle    
RADER, Walter 2/24/2007  
RAGSDALE, George W. 10/2006  
RAGSDALE, Maggie E.    
RALPH, Mary C. 10/2006  
RALSTON, Samuel M.  2nd obit added 11/3/2008 8/16/2007  
RANDEL, John M.    
RANDEL, Louisa E.    
RAWLINGS, Albert H.    
REESE, Martha    
RICHEY, James 2/15/2007  
RILEY, Mary F. 7/16/2007  
RINEHART, Jess Wade    
RINEHART, Laura L.    
RINEHART, Nancy    
RINER, Carl 10/17/2006

RINER, Fred A. 10/19/2006

RINER, James Albert    
RINER, Marion P. 10/9/2006

RINER, Mary J. (MEEK) 10/9/2006

ROARK, Jesse    
ROBBINS, Frank A.    
ROBBINS, Sallie 8/2006  
ROBERTS, Leonard (child of Walter Roberts) 10/16/2007  
ROBERTS, William H. H. 9/2006  
ROBEY, William Thomas 11/20/2006  
ROGERS, Katie    
ROSE, Jonathan 10/30/2006  
ROUTH, John B. 10/2006  
RUEDE, Sadie 8/2006  


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
SANDERS, Barnabas    
SANFORD, Martha Beck    
SCAMAHORN, Elizabeth    
SCHUMAKE, Frank    
SCOTT, Elisha 10/25/2007  
SCOTT, James G.    
SCOTT, James Wesley 10/25/2007  
SEDWICK, Columbus    
SELLERS, Myrtle 8/2006  
SHANNAHAN, Patrick    
SHANNON, Esta G.    
SHANNON, Opal Irene    
SHANNON, William H.    
Shau, Clarence H 6/22/2012  
SHELLEY, John 3/30/2007  
SHERA, Caleb Franklin 2/27/2007  
SHERA, Icy May (Rader) 2/27/2007  
SHERRARD, Stella Ethel (Brown) 10/9/2007  
SHIRLEY, William    
SHOAF, Dora (Johnson) 1/12/2007  
SHOCKLEY, Infant (child of Charles Shockley)    
SHOCKLEY, Orpha Eldora 10/28/2007  
SHULSE, Mrs. John 10/8/2007  
SMILEY, J. P. 10/29/2007  
SMILEY, James Gaylord 10/8/2007  
SMITH, Cora E.    
SMITH, W. E. (Infant daughter of) 1/2/2007  
SMITH, Gideon    
SMITH, Mary E. 10/29/2007  
SOMMERVILLE, Elizabeth (Camplin) 10/14/2007  
SPRY, James H.    
STANTEL, John 2/15/2007  
STARK, Carl R.    
STARK, Frank    
STARK, Helen A.    
STARK, Nora    
ST. CLAIR, Virgil 10/30/2006  
ST. JOHN, Shirley G. 9/22/2008  
STEPHENSON, Ada Florence    
STEPHENSON, Harry B.    
STEPHENSON, Jane 4/26/2007  
STEWARD, Arthur    
STEWART, William D. 10/2006  
Stout, Lloyd 23/6/12  
STRAUGHAN, Hosea Harrison    
STRAUGHAN, Mildred A.    
SWINDLER, John H.    
SWINDLER, Mary A.    
SWINDLER, Ora Russell    


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
TAYLOR, Charles A. 7/16/2006  
TAYLOR, Effie (Booe) Adair 8/2006  
TAYLOR, John T.    
TAYLOR, Lydia Margaret    
TAYLOR, Margaret    
TAYLOR, Olin Russell 7/16/2007  
TAYLOR, Orville 7/16/2007  
THISTLEWAITE, Cyrus 3/30/2007  
THOMPSON, Cleveland 10/29/2007  
THOMPSON, Mollie    
THOMPSON, Nathan G.    
THORNBERRY, Margaret (Hewitt) 1/2/2007  
THRELKELD, George    
TIERNEY, Thomas 10/2006  
TINKHAM, Arthur Edward    
TOLEN, James R. 2/15/2007  
TOLEN, Jesse 2/15/2007  
TONEY, Elmer C. 3/11/2012  
TROUT, John D.    
TROUTMAN, James H.    
TROUTMAN, Jesse 10/17/2006  
TROUTMAN, John W.    
TROUTMAN, Mabelle (Cornelius) 10/9/2006

TURPIN, Permelia Frances    
TYSER, Oscar 10/8/2007  


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
VANALLEN, Harry P. 10/30/2006  
VANARSDALE, Fannie    
VAN NOTE, James 10/28/2007  
VEACH, Hazel    
VIDITO, Edwin David    
VIDITO, Edwin Jasper    
VIDITO, Elizabeth    
VIDITO, Emily Jane    
VIDITO, Maxine    
VIDITO, Una    
VIELEY, Elizabeth F. (Leak) 10/8/2007  
VOORHIS, Frances R.    


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
WAINSCOT, Rebecca Ann (Oxley) 10/29/2007  
WAINSCOTT, Orville    
WALDRON, Thomas J. 2/15/2007  
WALKER, Dorothy (Jennings) 2/27/2007  
WALL, Francis M.    
WARWICK, William 10/14/2007  
WASSON, William T. 1/28/2007  
WATSON, Bernice    
WEAVER, Mrs. James    
WEST, John  


WEST, Mary Jane (Shackelford) Martin, Chenoweth, Johnson 3/11/2007  
WILKINSON, Mrs. Elizabeth    
WILLETT, Mrs. Allie    
WILLIAMS, Mary Ann 10/14/2007  
WILLS, Amy Edith    
WILLS, Merle I.    
WILSON, Rufa W.    
WINTERS, Anna    
WITT, Martha E.    
WOLFENBARGER, Lloyd Lasate    
WOODARD, Marie May    
WOODCOCK, Mrs.    
WOODY, Thomas 10/12/2008  
WOOLRIDGE, Joseph 7/16/2007  
WRIGHT, David T. & Sarah J. 3/9/2007  
WRIGHT, Ferdinand Aubry    
WRIGHT, Francis Marion 2/24/2007  
WYNKOOP, Effie Jane (Jackson) 2/27/2007  


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
YARYAN, Dora May    
YELTON, Mrs. L. A.    
YOUNG, Isaac    
YOUNG, John 3/25/2007

YOUNG, Marion B.    
YOUNG, Nellie B.    
YOUNG, Otius Uriel    
YOUNGER, Child of Mr. & Mrs. 10/28/2007  
YOUNGER, Forest 10/28/2007  


Date Posted Image
(click to enlarge)
ZIMMERMAN, Mary E.    
ZIMMERMAN, Clora Jackson    
ZIMMERMAN, Mary E.    
ZION, James M.    

"Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)
U.S. novelist, journalist, river pilot
Cable to the Associated Press on learning that his obituary had been published.

"A man's death makes everything certain about him. Of course, secrets may die with him. And of course, a hundred years later somebody looking through some papers may discover a fact which throws a totally different light on his life and of which all the people who attended his funeral were ignorant. Death changes the facts qualitatively but not quantitatively. One does not know more facts about a man because he is dead. But what one already knows hardens and becomes definite. We cannot hope for ambiguities to be clarified, we cannot hope for further change, we cannot hope for more. We are now the protagonists and we have to make up our minds."

John Berger (1926 - )
English art critic, novelist, painter and author.
"Live so that when the final summons comes you will leave something more behind you than an epitaph on a tombstone or an obituary in a newspaper."
William Ashley 'Billy' Sunday (1862-1935) American Evangelist
"...After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure. You know, the Stone was not such a wonderful thing. As much money and life as you could want! The two things most human beings would choose above all -- the trouble is, humans do have a knack of choosing precisely those things that are worst for them."

Spoken by the character Albus Dumbledore in
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
“I wake up every morning at nine and grab for the morning paper. Then I look at the obituary page. If my name is not on it, I get up.”
Benjamin Franklin