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Look-up and Research Services

I'm attempting to start up a successful new look-up section for Boone County Genealogy. If you have anything to offer or more ideas, please let me know. If you are a member of one of the genealogical societies or affiliated with the local libraries, and would like me to spotlight your genealogy services or departments, I'd be happy to do so.

People in the same boat should help each other.

Chinese Proverb
Look-up Services

  • Guidelines:
    • Please respect the valuable time the Volunteer is offering you and refer to these guidelines before requesting look-ups.
    • Please be specific with your request, ie; type of record you're seeking; will, probate, obituary, etc.
    • Provide the full name, complete or approximate dates/timeframe, any other helpful information to help find the record.
    • Limit look-ups to one or two individuals per request, and not to include living individuals.
    • Volunteers are not expected to perform general lengthy genealogical research services, such as, "everything you can find on the Smith family," etc. However, these research services might be offered through some of the Genealogical Societies or private professional genealogists for a fee.
    • Look-up services are genealogical in nature, and generally do not include seeking information, data or records for living individuals.
    • Prepare to reimburse the Volunteer if copy or postage fees are necessary.
    • Put "Boone County Look-up Request" in your email header to avoid confusion.
    • Please remember to thank our volunteers for the generous service they provide!
    • Please note, this is a volunteer look-up service where Boone County Genealogy is only providing contact information for your convenience. All arrangements and agreements are made entirely between you and the Volunteer.

Look-Up Volunteers

  • Jeany Garrison Roark

    Jeany has graciously volunteered to do record look-ups at the Boone County Courthouse and digital photographs of Boone County cemetery headstones. She does request full name and complete dates if you require obituary look-ups, due to the difficulty and length of time it takes searching microfilm with no name indexes. She also requests that you please do not ask her to seek information or records for living individuals.

    Volunteer email registered December 7, 2006

  • We Need More Volunteers! We currently do not have any other look-up volunteers for Boone County INGenWeb. Unfortunately, all of our previous volunteers have changed their email addresses and have not updated their information with us, or didn't respond to my query in August 2006. If you are a former look-up volunteer and would like to continue, please send me your current contact information. If you would like to newly join us and generously volunteer your services, we'd be very happy to add your name on the list for this very popular service project. Individuals that own old Boone County reference books and materials that can do look-ups are very much needed. Please only use materials in a way that would not infringe on a copyright, or only use those that are in the public domain. This article also gives good information explaining copyrights and fair-use.

Gravestone Photographs

  • Jeany Garrison Roark

    Jeany has generously volunteered to take digital photographs of Boone County cemeteries, headstones, etc. Please provide her with complete name and burial location, if known. Please be aware that the weather in Indiana might make it impossible to photograph cemeteries at certain times of the year.

    Volunteer email registered December 7, 2006

  • More Volunteer Photographers Needed! Another very popular service that is very much appreciated by researchers, is having the ability to obtain a photograph of their ancestor's gravestone. Often descendants live a great distance from the graves of their ancestors and may never have the opportunity to visit the cemetery where they are buried. Do you live in or near Boone County? Can you donate an hour or two a month to take photographs of gravestones? Please consider volunteering! You could then provide one digital copy to the researcher, and a second copy could be posted here on the website in the new photo album. Of course your credits will be shown and remain with the photograph!

Look-Up Resource Links - Off-site

  • Genealogy Look Up Forum - Off-site - This website on RootsWeb provides a listing of volunteers nationwide who offer free look-up services for most genealogical requests. You can click a link for every state to find a volunteer in the area you seek information for. Currently (as of December, 2006) there weren't many volunteer look-up services being offered specifically for Boone County, Indiana. However, they urge researchers to check back often as new volunteers register frequently. (Link added 12/18/2006)

Research Services

  • Do you offer Boone County Research Services? If you offer research services in Boone County, Indiana and would like to have your contact information listed here, please drop me a line giving me your details. If you charge a fee for your services, or do it on a volunteer basis, please mention that so I can state it on the listing. However, all fee-for-service agreements are made strictly between the researcher and the research provider, and Boone County Genealogy, INGenWeb, makes no endorsement or guarantee for the services rendered.

Volunteer Information

  • Your Ideas Appreciated! Do you have other ideas or suggestions for these Look-up and Research Services? Would you like to offer something that is not mentioned here? Please drop me a line and tell me all about it ... I'd love to hear your ideas! I'll be happy to customize a personal look-up agreement for you, specifying your individual requirements and restrictions.