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Vol 20     Year 1998
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Issue : 74 Quarterly : 1

Bonbon Appetit (Washington Post), subm by Howard THOMAS 2
Of Lukken and Lukijzers, Gazette van Detroit 2
Northwest News 2
Of Giants and Dragons, Pierre and Leen INGHELS 3
Concerning Microfilming Process, Donald BARBEZAT 5
In Memoriam 5
News from Brussels and Belgium 6
Ohio Commemorates Centennial of Belgica, from "Belgium Today" 7
Mother Teresa - A Woman in Love, subm by Jean DUWEZ 8
Wisconsin Corner, Mary Ann Defnet, 9
Belfries in Flanders, J VAN REMOORTERE 10
Belgian-American Heritage Society of West Virginia, by Vickie 13
French Lake, MN, Jean DUCAT 13
Emigration Sheets from Jodoigne, Belgium, J J GAZIAUX 14
WWII Memories, subm. By Walt SONNEVILLE 16
Naturalization Records Greeley, CO , Evelyn SANTILLI 20
Rhode Island Federal Censuses, Micheline GAUDETTE 21

Issue : 75 Quarterly : 2

DEBISSCHOP Family Reunion, Howard DeBISSCHOP 2
Tchantches, Donald BARBEZAT 2
Belgian-American Heritage Society of WV, Vickie ZABEAU-BOWDEN 2
Processions and Pilgrimages, Leen INGHELS 3
L'Homme de Porquerolles, Micheline GAUDETTE 7
Belgian Residents in New Orleans, LA, Howard THOMAS 9
Wisconsin Corner, Mary Ann Defnet, 11
The Titanic Revisited, Pierre INGHELS 13
Northwest news, Leen INGHELS 14
Belgian Embassy News 15
In Search of Constant FORTEMPS, subm by Regine BRINDLE 17
The made America, transl. Pierre INGHELS 20
Grandma and the Family Tree, subm by Regine BRINDLE 21
Emigrants from Florenville and Herbeumont, Micheline GAUDETTE 22

Issue : 76 Quarterly : 3

A Summer-trip Discovery, Jack LECHIEN 2
BAHS- West Virginia, Vickie ZABEAU-BOWDEN 2
Northwest Corner, Leen INGHELS 2
Verviers, Micheline GAUDETTE 3
Emgrants from Verviers to America, Florence VANDERHAEGEN 4
Wisconsin Corner, Mary Ann Defnet, 5
Belgians on board the Titanic, Kassandra PICAVET 6
Gleanings 7
Susan DEOM-STILES Reminiscences, Susan STILES 7
The Priest with the "Midas Touch", subm by Dolores DE YOUNG-FALLON 9
Muskrats threaten Dikes, subm by Jean DUWEZ 10
Carnival and Ommegang, Leen INGHELS 11
In Memoriam 13
The Saga of Isadore De MAN, Alice DE MAN-HAWKINS 14
In Search of Constant FORTEMPS, subm by Regine BRINDLE 15
Important Websites for Genealogical Research 19
Allegheny Co Naturalizations, Charlotte ROGERS 20
List of Emigrants from Verviers, Florence VANDERHAEGEN 21

Issue : 76 Quarterly : 4

An often  asked Question, Pierre Inghels 3
BAHS- West Virginia, Vickie ZABEAU-BOWDEN 4
Belgian Tourist Office News 4
Felix-Felicii, Leen Inghels 5
Wisconsin Corner, Mary Ann Defnet, 6
Belgium Today, from the Belgian Embassy 9
Food and Folklore, Leen Inghels 11
New Books of Interest 15
Lukken-Galettes-Suikerwafeltjes recipe 15
Surgeon who don't have to scrub!, Antoni Bellavia 15
Shawnee KS - Pittem, subm by Paul Callens(Belgium) 17
Allegheny County Naturalizations, researched by Charlotte Rogers 20
Letters from Emigrants, J. Ducat/Brindle 21
Belgium-Roots Website 24

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