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Vol 21     Year 1999
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Issue : 78 Quarterly : 1

The Belgian Center Celebrates 35 years, Dorothy Buresh 2
West Virginia Corner, 2
Tiny Village of Brussels wins Distinction, Jack LeChien, 3
Wisconsin Corner, Mary Ann Defnet, 4
VILLIESSE Letter, Brian Gaber, 5
The Magic of Gas, excerpt from History of Marion Co., IN, 6
1900 US Census Extracts for Grant Co., IN - part 1, 7\,8\,9\,1
Glass Workers Union in Belgium and Emigration - 1882, Jean Ducat, 11
André WATERKEYN's Magic Cube, 12
Oscar Glas, Leen Inghels, 13
Walloon Miners in North America, Jean Ducat, 14
Map of Vermilion Co., IL coalmines, Debra Hittlet-Jones, 15
Letters from Emigrants, Gail Lindsey/J Ducat , 15
Coal Mining in Rich Hill, Missouri, Rich Hill Lions' Club, 16
Belgian Miners in Rich Hill, MO -part 1, Jean Ducat, 17-20
Victor VIFQUAIN and the American Civil War -part 1, Guy Gallez, 20-21
Oscar BLANCHAER, Marcel Blanchaer, 22
Luc LUYT: Creator of the Euro coins, backpag

Issue : 79 Quarterly : 2

Passenger Lists : Emigrants from Florenville Herbeumont; M GAUDETTE  H
Saive:A Brief History , by Micheline GAUDETTE, 26
Declarations Of Intention - Brown Co, WI, by MaryAnn DEFNET, 28
Lans For $1.25 an acre, by Mary Ann DEFNET, 28
Ellis Island Project, by Paul SIGRIST, 30
VanDycke, submitted by Leen INGHELS, 32
Belgium - Heart of Lace Country, submitted by Peg COUCKE, 33
Victor Vifquain, by Guy GALLEZ, 34
Belgium was my Home, by Leona LALONDE, 37
The Flamion Family, by Sue YAMTICH, 38
A Tornado through the Charleroi Area, submitted by Andre BODART, 41
More Names from Grant Co. IN, by Regine BRINDLE, 41
Belgian Miners in Rich Hill, by Jean DUCAT, 42
My Family, by Marilyn HOWE, 46
Area News, 47

Issue : 80 Quarterly : 3

An Adieu from your President, by Pierre Inghels 49
Interview with Alexander MACAUX, submitted by John MERTENS, 50
Declarations of Intention, by MaryAnn DEFNET, 51
1860 US Census - Audrain Co., MO, Régine BRINDLE, 53
Walloon Forefathers of the Glass Industry, René DOGNEAUX, sent by Lynn 54
Belgians found in the 1921 Vincennes, IN Directory, Lynn D RECKER 56
The ROUSSEAU Family, submitted by Raymond POPP 57
War Brides: Simone ANDERSEN, by Simone ANDERSEN 59
1895 US Census - Rice Co., MN, by Lisa McCORMICK 60
Leo BAEKLAND, submitted by Micheline GAUDETTE 63
The Waasland Corner, by Georges PICAVET 64
Concerning the VENESOEN Report, by Hughette DECLERCQ 67
1900 US Census, Cumberland Co. NJ, by Dan BRUYNELL 69
The Belgian Club of Superior, WI, by John BUYTAERT 70
Club News 71

Issue : 81 Quarterly : 4

Instructions from the Ohio Valley to French Emigrants, from Indiana Magazine 74
Belgian Families on the 1850 Perry Co., IN US Census, by Don GOFFINET 78
Declarations of Intention - Brown Co. WI, by Mary Ann DEFNET 79
How Hobby and Heritage Cross paths, by Linda SCONZERT-NORTON 80
Nethen Marriage Index 1800-1870, by Régine BRINDLE 82
Belgian Reunion, 1930, by Donna MARTINEZ 83
1900 Bates Co. MO Census, by Marilyn HOWE 84
Jumet, submitted by Etienne HERCOT 89
Belgian Glassworkers of Jeannette, PA, C.SCHMIDT/J.DUCAT/R BRINDLE 90
The textile Industry, submitted by Etienne HERCOT 92
Simone's War Brides: Jeanne Conn, by Jeanne CONN 93
Northwest Corner by Leen INGHELS 94
Special Feature: Bob Willemijns, submitted by Simone DE 94
Nebraska Corner, by Simone DE CEUNINCK-ANDERSON 95
Wisconsin Corner, by Mary Ann DEFNET 95
West Virginia Corner, by Vickie ZABEAU-BOWDEN 96

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