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November 2009:

We would like to recognize those of our members who have gone far beyond the call of duty to add to this site

1. Chuck Vanden Eeden: We appreciate his dedication to getting the Belgians extracted from a variety of records.  In the past 2 years, he has pulled the Belgians from

-        The WWI Draft Cards for many states including some where there was a heavy Belgian emigration: IA, IL, IN, MI, NE, NH, NJ, NY, OH, SC

-        The WWII Draft cards for the states with large Belgian population: NH, NJ, RI, VA and WV

-        The complete 1900 IL Census

-        The complete 1880 IL census

-        The Naturalizations for Juneau, Alaska Territory

-        The 1910 Cook, Kane and Bureau Co., IL census


2. Guy Gallez, our Webmaster, for his invaluable help with this site along with the work he has made available on his own website, also connected to ours where the researchers can find the product of the work he and Kathleen Race did with extracting the Belgian emigrants’ families

-        from the 1850, 1860 and 1870  US Census for all states

-        the complete listing – as complete as humanly possible at this time- of the ship passenger lists from 1821 to 1869 for

o  the Port of New Orleans

o  the Port of New York

-        from the Canadian census:

o  for 1851 Ontario and Quebec

o  for 1861 Ontario


We value no less the work of all other volunteers who also spent countless hours making this information available to all researchers freely: Theresa Aguirre, Lee Carrier, Glenn Cleereman, Jean Ducat, Micheline Gaudette, Ken Guilette, Victoria Hospodar-Valentine, Gene Jenkins, Linda Kincade, Margaret LaBenne, Regina Machado, Elaine Putman, Trina Rabida, Cindy Roberts, and Regine Brindle.


We are also grateful to the many site owners - in Belgium, France, Holland and Luxemburg - who have given us permission to connect our page to theirs so that more people may also take advantage of their work.


Recently uploaded:


To this site: the Belgian families found in

-        The Naturalizations for Juneau, Alaska territory

-        The complete 1880 US census for IL

-        The 1910 US census for Bartholomew, Benton, and Cass counties, IN 

-        Updates of Obituaries


To our site: membership in TBR required to access

-        The Volume 26 issues of Belgian Laces have been added to the past issues accessible for download.

-        Belgium Unlimited – Mar/Apr 2009 newsletter sent by the Belgian consulat (available in Dutch, English and French)

-        Déifferdang Magazin, local publication of Differdange, Luxemburg (mixed French and German) – includes the towns of Lasauvage, Niederkorn and Oberkorn available for free at

Older issues also found at

-        Flanders Today #105, also available for free at

-        Pictures of Thorembais, provided by André Bodart.

-        Belgian Laces #122 soon to be released


 It is amazing what people can accomplish when they combine efforts!

There is plenty of work still to be done and we welcome all willing hands.  We have all benefited from someone else’s work some time or other.  This is a way to give back. The reward you will receive is not one you can measure in terms of money but you will find great satisfaction in knowing you are helping other people find their ancestors.

To see what still needs attention, check the records page.

Guy Gallez is still working on this but he already has a lot done to show you how you can contribute.

For example: many states still have no information on the Belgian population in

-        the 1880 US census

-        the 1900 US census

-        the 1910 US census

-        the 1920 US census

-        the 1930 US census

-        the 1901 Canadian census

-        the 1906 Canadian census

-        the 1911 Canadian census

-        the 1891 British census

-        the 1901 British census and many more...


Then there is also the matter of finding the emigrants in the

-        Ship passenger lists in the other big ports: Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Galveston, Philadelphia, San Francisco

-        Ship passenger lists for Canada, Australia, England, South America and other places where Belgians also emigrated

-        Local obituaries for places where Belgians emigrated

-        Records of Belgians in Belgium, France, Holland, the British Isles, Canada, Australia and anywhere they can be located.


As you see there is plenty for everyone.  If you have time and feel so inclined, contact us and let us know how you are willing to help.

In the meantime, please feel free to use the site to its fullest.  That’s why we created it.  No strings attached!  Come and visit us every day!