Founded in 1976 by

Micheline Gaudette and Ardiena Stegen

Data Bases  now available :

- Belgian records :

Births, Deaths, Marriages records. Lists of emigrants by date and/or area. General information concerning Belgium, etc.  

- American  records :
Belgian families and individuals in the Federal Censuses, etc.

- Various records :
Concerning Belgians in other countries as France, Luxemburg, Holland, Mexico, Canada, South America, etc.

- Emigrants ships :
Belgians arrivals in US harbors

Important notice:
Over the past few years, Elaine Putman has sent many Canadian obituaries and memorial cards and other transcripts.  The bulk of them on those page on this site.  We will continue updating the files once a quarter or as the need increases according to your kind contributions.
The photo albums in Michigan contain the funeral cards sent by Nancy Klug and by Dixie Gardner. Thanks go to Catherine Davis for adding direct links to the photos in the Excel spreadsheet loaded in the Files. 
We have also added obituaries for several other states thanks to the help of several researchers: Vickie Hospodar Valentine, Dixie Gardner, Ron Flemal, Bob Palzer, ...
We are afraid over the years we have forgotten some names so would greatly appreciate your coming forward so we can properly credit the people who provided the information on our Rootsweb page.


World War Drafts

Obituaries :

  • USA & Canada:  (at our Yahoo site) with searchables indexes

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  those are photos of the original cards sorted by decades
with a searchable

1900-1909     1910-1919     1920-1929
1930-1939     1940-1949     1950-1959
1960-1969     1970-1979     1980-1989
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Family Stories :

Other files :