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"Our Annual Ice Cream Social freshly made by Eric & Judy Smith"

WHEN: Sunday, 13 September 2015 at 2:00 PM

WHERE: Vance Tousey House, home of Dearborn County Historical Society
508 West High St., Lawrenceburg, IN.


Pioneer Days Friday & Saturday, October 9 & 10, 2015

sponsored by Lawrenceburg Public Library, Genealogy Room,

and the Dearborn County Historical Society.

Registration will begin Friday at 9:00 AM

at the Vance Tousey House, 508 West High Street.

Chris McHenry will be "Researching Records,"

at the Vance Tousey House Friday at 10:00 AM.

Rita Kirchgassner will discuss "Semper Anticus," the story of her father's

military service during W W II. A book signing for Rita will follow,

At the library, 150 Mary Street. We will be meeting

in the Ewbank Room at 4:00 PM.

Dinner on Friday evening at 5:30 PM, also in the Ewbank Room,

we will have dinner catered by the Grubbs sisters, Betty & Patsy.

A chicken dinner is planned.


Drinks and snacks will be available.

On Saturday, October 10, Registration will be at the

Vance Tousey House at 9:00 AM.

Jenny Awad, our local publisher will speak about

"Aurora History," at the Vance Tousey House 10:00 AM.

There will be a cemetery tour at 1:00 PM Location will be announced.

We are hoping Riverview Cemetery or Greendale Cemetery.

At 2:30 PM, we are encouraging all to visit Verastau and City of Spires.

Verastau is $4.00 per adult and City of Spires is donations.

Hillforest is also in Aurora and will be open.

Reservations are appreciated for Verastau.

George W. Lane prepared a list of Dearborn County's 1812 soldiers. Comes from the History of Dearborn & Ohio Counties, Indiana, 1885 by Chicago, F. E. Weakley & Co. Publishers.

Jonathan Allee, Thomas Annis, William Ashby, Bayless Ashby, Enoch Blasdel, Aaron Bonham, Israel Bonham, James Boyd, Capt. Robert Brackenridge, J. Brackenridge, Major Thomas Brackenridge, James Bruce, John Burk, T. N. Burroughs, Jesse Calaway, William Caldwell, Noyes Canfield, Elial Chafin, Charles Clements, Edward Clements, James Cloud, Ira Cloud, James C. Cornelius, Thomas Covington, Aquila Cross, Decker Crozier, Joseph Daniels, James Dart, Abijah Decker, James Dill, John Durham, JamesEads, Elijah Eads, Thomas Ehler, Samuel Ewan, Michael Farran, Jacob Fielding, Samuel Frazier, Levi Garrison, William Green, Stephen Green, John Greenfield, George Greer, Robert Gullett, Thomas Hackelman, John Hall, Job Hayes, Ephraim Hollister, James Holmes Sr., Joseph Huston, Maston Isgrigg, Caleb Johnson, Casper Johnson, Major Jeremiah Johnson Sr., Jerry Johnson Jr.,Samuel Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Job Judd Jr., Joseph Judd, Finley Judd, Timothy Kimble, James King, William King, Thomas Kyle, William Lake, Matthew Lamdon, Valentine Lawrence, George Lewis, Major John Lewis, Jonathan Lewis, Nathan Lewis, John Lilly, John Majors, Robert Majors, William Majors, Dr. Samuel Martin, William Maserve, Daniel Mason, George Mason, John Mason, Nicholas Mason, Philip Mason, James McQuire, Col. Henry Miller, Joseph Morgan, James Ofield, Samuel Perry, Richard Pippin, Joseph Plummer, Luther Plummer, Thomas Porter, James Powell, Obediah Priest, Enoch Pugh, Isaac Randall, William Randall, Samuel Roberts, Caleb Roseberry, George Rudisal, Jacob Rudisal, Michael Rudisal, Jesse Sackett, Daniel Salmon, James Salmon, Justice Sortwell, Joshua Staples, Capt. Charles Stevens, Garrett Swallow, John Tanner, Isaac Taylor, Warren Tebbs, Willoby Tebbs, Stephen Thorn, Samuel Thornton, Nathaniel Tucker, Ferdinand Turner, Samuel C. Vance, Obediah Voshell, Johnson Watts, James W. Weaver, John Weaver, William Webb, John White, Ellis Williamson, James Withrow, Capt. Stephen Wood, Spencer Wyley, Joshua Yerkes

Others from now Ohio County that are buried in the Rising Sun Cemetery are Thomas Bradley, Matthew Caldwell, Jeremiah Clore, Robert E. Covington,Capt. John I. French, William Goldon, Gilbert Hall, George Hewett, Rev. James Jones, Thomas Jones, Thomas Lindsay, Sooter McAdams,Andrew Y. McComb, Robert McGriffin, Morris Merrell, Martin Mitchell, Benjamin Moulton, William O'Neal, William Padgett, Abel C. Pepper, Mr. Ricketts, Nathaniel L. Squibb, Daniel Taber, William Tilton, Levi Winters

Old Plates of Dearborn County's History
$10.00 each
We're sorry, but plates are sold for pickup only.

To contact us:
Phone: 812-537-4075
Address: 508 West High Street
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025
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