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This is an "every name" index of Will Books 1 & 2. The numbers after each name refer to the pages on which that name appears.

Page 1Abraham, George -- Blasdel, Nabby (Townsens)
Page 2Blasdel, Permelia (Nowlin) -- Chambers, J.
Page 3Chapman, Joseph -- Curtis, Israel C.
Page 4Curtis, Lucy M. -- Ewbank, Ann
Page 5Ewbank, Ann (Smith) -- Ewbank, William
Page 6Golding, George -- Herren, Elizabeth
Page 7Herren, Mary Ann -- Jones, James Jr.
Page 8Jones, Robertson -- Ludlow, Jane P.
Page 9Ludlow, Stephen -- Martin, William
Page 10Mason, Ann -- O’Connor, Mary (Myers)
Page 11O’Connor, Norah (Johnson) -- Record, William
Page 12Reed, Elizabeth -- Siedz, Eve Madelene
Page 13Siedz, John -- Thompson, James
Page 14Thompson, John -- Williams, James P.
Page 15Williams, Thomas N. -- Zimmerman, Margaret

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