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City of Auburn Business Directory

Auburn The, Hardware Co.
Auburn The Bicycle Works.
Bachter & Co, Billiards and Pool.
Bachtel I O, miller.
Bates Fred S, general mdse.
Baxter John W, attorney.
Berg John, saloon.
Bishop & Beidler, shoes.
Buckmaster W E, Manager Postal Telegraph, Agent Adams Express Co.
Campbell M F, insurance.
Casebeer E S, Insurance.
Clay E, General Merchandise, cor 7th. and Cedar.
Conrad A H, tin shop.
Courier Company, The, Publishers, Daily (established 1895) and Weekly (established 1871) Courier.
Crew & Koons, cigar.
Crothers & Bowers, second hand store.
Culbertson & Boland, hardware.
Davenport F E, druggist.
DeKalb Hardware Co, The, Stoves, Ranges and Plumbing, etc.
Depew Porter, sewing machine.
Eberle & Freygang, harness.
Eckhart The Carriage Co,
Eldridge Edw, saloon.
Ensley & Lehman, laundry.
Emaniial Chas E, lawyer.
Empire Steam Bakery.
Ford & Mader, feed.
Fox Edw, saloon, 9th.
Garrett M E, grocery.
Garwood D A, Attorney at Law.
Gilford C A, Pool and Billiards, W 7th.
Graham J E, dentist.
Hadermann D H, restaurant.
Handle Factory.
Hebel Bros, grocery. Main.
Holden Allen R, undertaker.
Hollister House.
Hoch Ed C, lunch.
Hodge D A, Jeweler.
Hoff Frank A, grocer.
Huffman F W, dentist.
Hoffman P V, attorney.
Hull & Hull, Cigar Manufacturers.
Jenner D W, hotel.
Jones M & Son, dry goods.
Kiblinger W H Co, carriages.
Klopfenstein & Son, agricultural implements, 9th.
Kuhlman Bros, lumber and builder.
Kruger John, grocery.
Link D M, lawyer.
Little E O, jeweler and confectioner.
Madden Bros, marble.
Matheny & Casebeer, Physicians.
McClellan Bank, The, D A Garwood, Pres.
McDowell Buggy Co, 9th.
McNabt W C, meat.
Medcalf D D & Son, Livery.
Model, The, Bakery, C L Bauer Prop.
Modern Buggy Co, 7th.
Moody D D, attorney.
Morr & Berry, implements.
Nebelung F J, general merchandise.
Nusbaum W N, physician.
Olds A B. notions.
Ryan W B, saloon.
Rhoads Willis, lawyer.
Rickle W, lawyer.
Rinehold Brothers, Photographers.
Rose's Law Office, Jas E Rose and Jas. N Rose.
Roby Frank S, lawyer.
Sackey G W, dry goods.
School & Murphy, furnishings.
Schermerhorns, The, Photographer, 7th St.
Schaab & Bro, dry goods.
Scuhlink J H, horse shoer.
Shaffer F F, Furniture.
Sheffer Wm & Co, harness.
Sheffer & Chanly, meat.
Shull R, shoes.
Snell C, Grocery.
Sommers Tom, saloon.
Sprott T H, real estate.
Staman Wm & Son, druggist.
Stamets Z H, physician.
Standard Mfg Co,
Swarts V M W, physician.
Swartz W W, physician.
Swartz D J, physician.
Swineford, The, Hotel, C H Rossington Prop.
Tefft R Dexter, lawyer.
Till J L, grocer.
Trentman H C, cigars.
Trout H E, Livery.
Walter C C, Justice of Peace, Real Estate, Loans and Collections.
Weaver H D, insurance.
Willis M B Jr, Bicycles and Sundries, Graphaphones and Sundries, also Cigars, Confectionery and Stationery.
Wilson A N, Shoes.
Zirwes ALBERT, Saloon.

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